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Nice design, GLWS .

Looks like an OpenCart layout. Will you be making this an OC theme?

Thanks, SamuelNabz! Yes, there will be an opencart version of it in future, as well as an site template and maybe an prestashop version…

Great design, glws ssievert ;)

I’m glad you like it, thanks!

Looks great ! :)

Thanks Bedros!

Oh, finally you made it! :) Congrats!!!

Hi Kailoon, thanks for all your professional replies and help! You weren’t the last reviewer, right? Funny… :-)

Yup. But this look much better compare to the previous version. Great work! :)

... and that’s the way it should be. :-)

Great design. If zou will release an OpenCart theme I will definitely buy it. Good luck with sales!

Thank you, razvantoma! Yes, I am working on the open cart version as well as the site template (html) version.

Congrats! GLWS !

Thanks, Anps!

damn looks like envato staff kept denying you but when given a chance you make good amt of sales. :)

Hi DadoD1,

no, envato staff didn’t denying me. I started to work here in september this year. :) They gave me professional feedback (especially thanks goes to kailoon) to improve this item. And “incidentally” I had to work a lot different client projects. ;)


Excellent breadboard model. Can make to me a breadboard model of aviation club?

Yours faithfully to your experience, Staselko Michael.

Thanks, miwany! Please write me an email with all your detailed needs about your project via my profile page!

5 stars

Thanks a lot!!

hello is it possible that i can change most of the elements for a custom design.. for instance is the background image of the baby bits customizable via photoshop template … nice theme


Yes you can customize the most of it by using Photoshop or CSS. Some more complete Design Files you’ll find in the PSD package of Things for Cuties, also available on Themeforest.

Hi! In this archive I’ll find the logo file (.psd)? Thanks.

The logo is included as a one layer version. If you need to edit all elements of it (girls, cloud bg…), you need to purchase the stationery package, available for $11 only here: http://graphicriver.net/item/things-for-cuties-stationery-for-baby-related/3101899

There are so many version of the same files and is very confusing. Other template say it doesn’t include AI file which has logo in the vector format so you would be able to change so I bought this version and now finding that’s a bitmap format. How do I change the logo text?

I don’t need any of the items(business cards, letterhead) listed. Why would I buy a stationery package? In one of the earlier comment, you confirmed that the text in the logo is a text layer: http://themeforest.net/item/things-for-cuties-ecommerce-baby-shop-template/discussion/3819535#comment_5240954

I see it’s a flat bitmap in .psd file as well.

As you can probably see on graphicriver, logo licenses are more expensive than stationery packages. So please take it as a kind of “special offer” and not as an offense, ok? ;-)

In one of the early versions of PSD / HTML files, the logo PSD once was included, sure. But I had to remove it because of the rules and license regulations on the envato marketplaces…

I don’t know what’s the situation with themeforest licensing but as a customer it’s deceiving that you buy a product and then find out that you need to buy another product. May this is time for me to switch to another marketplace!

Hi I am trying to upload the theme on my wordpress and I am getting error, ;) can you help me with that? the error is “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. “

I can’t sell you the beta version, sorry!

Hi So what should I do in this case?

You could ask the envato stuff, if you wanna request a refund or you could wait until the WooCommerce version is out OR you could give the OpenCart version a chance…

after I uploaded gif file to small banner blue it doesn’t show animation?

only show as picture?

anything wrong? how to solve?

Maybe the gif has a error? It’s almost impossible to help without any further informations / link to your store…