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i cant’ change hover color in nav menu (orange color). Please tell me how to change hover color?


And I can’t verify you’ve purchased my item. Hm…

Is the WordPress/Woo Commerce now available?

Not yet, sorry! Still some things to improve / change. Hopefully it’s done by the end of march.

Hi you may remember about a month ago I bought some of your stuff and asked if you would build a wordpress version. I was just wondering how your doing with it.

All the best James Caza

P.s just buying your email template version now :)

Oh yes, I remember… and a big sorry for these massive delays! It’s still not available because of to much other projects on my table… I’m working hard to publish it within the next weeks….

The template is nice but the logo is not included in the psd. The logo is integral to this design so should have been included. I apreciate you are trying to increase sales of the other “cuties” products but I already paid $17 for this product – so why should I have to pay again?

Not fair.

The editable logo file will never be part of any template here on the envato market, thats not correct, sorry! And as you can see in the item description, you’ll have to buy the stationery package, if you need the logo in vector and PSD format.

And sorry but $17 for a template and $11 for a complete stationery package including logo, letterhead, business cards, CD, envelope and folder is not fair!? What the hell is fair then in your opinion?!

“The editable logo file will never be part of any template here on the envato market.”

Your statement is just plain wrong (sorry!). I have used Envato for almost 5 years and purchased many templates. In my experience if the PSDs are included then so is the logo.

I don’t want any stationery. I just want to change the logo to suit my deployment. Do you think my site will be called “Things for Cuties”?!!

Relax and have a nice day!

Hi there! I would like to open an online baby store, and I like you design. But I do not know if I can add more pages and attach my own logo on your template later. And also, do you have shopping cart pages as well? Do I need purchase your product every year? In addition, do I need to purchase the ” Extended License”? Thanks.

Hi, please prefer to buy the OpenCart version instead of the HTML version (! You’ll get a fully working eCommerce system, easy to understand, to use and to modify. You just need to pay once and all updates are for free. If you don’t want to resell the modified and working project, you don’t have to purchase the extended license.

Thanks for your reply. So what I do is just choose the “Regular license” for $43 and make the payment? Is that all? Just want to make sure I choose the right product. ;)

Right. And of course you’ll need at least some basic knowledge about OpenCart and web development…

hello, nice themes, but I have one question, in category page, can you provide pagination?


Hi, thanks for purchasing! Please wait for the update, it’s almost done now. Finally. ;-)

thank you!!!

I’am very like your themes sir… can you estimate when update will arrive? Thanks..

It’s done but not available on TF yet. I’m working on the new theme manual and item description today and after that, I’ll upload it and it will be finally available by this week.

Thank you, can’t wait :D

If I have totally modified the html to work inside of textpattern how hard will it be to convert to the open cart.

What are the main differences if any besides add to cart tools is different from the html to the open cart?

P.S. I do love all the work you have put into this, even though the line placement of some parts of your html had me pulling my hair out for a few days till I started to get a feel for it.

forgot to hit the check box for email when reply

Hi, thanks for purchasing! I guess I’ll need to look inside your code for a proper answer. ;-)


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Have you worked with textpattern? Textpattern breaks off parts of the code and places them in files that are called upon by <txp:tags/> The home page after most of the separation looks something like the following:

<!DOCTYPE html> <html dir=”ltr” lang=”en”> <!- textpattern default page -> <head>

<txp:output_form form=”html-head” />



<txp:output_form form=”mobile-menu” />

<div id=”content-snap” class=”snap-content”> <div id=”pre-container”> <div id=”container”>

<txp:output_form form=”page-header” /> <txp:output_form form=”nav-bar” />

<div class=”clear”></div> <div id=”content”>

<txp:output_form form=”home-banner-scroller” /> <txp:output_form form=”home-page-right-banners” /> <txp:output_form form=”home-products” /> <txp:output_form form=”bottom-scroller” />

</div> </div>

<txp:output_form form=”footer” />

<div class=”snap-drawers”>

<txp:output_form form=”snap-drawer-left” /> <txp:output_form form=”snap-drawer-right” />

</div> </div>

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”js/plugins.min.js”></script> <script type=”text/JavaScript” src=”js/custom.js”></script> <!—[if lt IE 8]> <script src=””></script> <![endif]—> </body> </html>

I think my biggest questions are related to how the my acct. and shopping work, for example with an existing pay-pal acct etc

I currently have mostly decided to bypass all account features and on site shopping cart.

Unless I discover that your open cart theme can work for me, in which case it is just a matter of time and money before I purchase that package.

Ok, so now it’s your turn – just install OpenCart and buy a license of my theme for OC, if you need a fully working shopping cart solution… ;-)

Hi!Is the wordpress/woocommerce available?

No, sorry. Once it was planed but never released…

I have a ecwid account, is the the html compartible with ecwid e-commerce cart?

no, I guess not.


AiM2013 Purchased

Hi, I´d like to buy your template but will I be able to change the logo? Thanks

Uuups, sorry! Long time not logged in here… I guess I’ve answered via email, right?


AiM2013 Purchased

Also, would I be able to change (translate) the menu items and so on to another language? (Portuguese)

Uuups, sorry! Long time not logged in here… I guess I’ve answered via email, right?