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Very nice themes for baby store. Could you make this themes available for OpenCart or Wordpress? :)

I’m glad u like it, thanks! Yes, the open cart version will be available by the end of this month. Wordpress / WooCommerce not quite sure but I’ll think about it. ;)

awesome work buddy! Good luck :)

Thanks mate!

awesome page. Please think about wordpress

I’m glad you like it, thanks! And I think about it. :)

please send me an email when you will have the opencart version or wordpress

Of course i will!

Nice work, waiting for opencart version :)

Thanks, I’ll try my best to make it available till the end of this month. :)

Thank you, mate!

Hi, This is a very nice theme n all… but the css coding is not user friendly, the code does not allow for other pages without changing all of the css for it, then repeat it 4-5 times for each of the other css files.

IE i cannot just insert a h1 title tag and have text below it.

Also the same css code is repeated and repeated and repeated again and again for each page.

Looks like im going to have to get this recoded.


Hi SickyAz, thanks for purchasing my file! Yes, we’ve got some repeated css code for those different responsive versions in it. We have all in all 4 different responsive versions, thats why we need 4 css codes for some style definitions. But you’re right, some unnecessary codes have to be removed and there will be an update today or tomorrow.

You can download the latest, improved version now.

Thanks for this awesome work, mate!

Thanks, I’m glad u like it!

Hi, thank you for this beautiful work, man! What about the open cart version?

Hi swer-in, thanks for purchasing my files! The open cart version is currently in development and will be available probably be the end of january.

hey bro! when will be available the open cart version? Now is the end of january :)

Yeah, right, I’m sorry! But the Zen Cart version had to be done first, because of the contest… now open cart follows and it will be (hopefully) done till next week.

i am adding widgets from but they are not getting displayed. can you please help some css issue happens.

Hi, thanks for purchasing! I need some more detailed informations. OpenCart version, theme version, where to display addthis widgets… please contact me again via my profile page! Thanks!

Hello ! I just bought the HTML package, but cant find the logo.psd :/ Is there any ? Maybe in another package ?

nice work ! Is there any way to get the elements you used for the background ? (teddy bear, horse, balloon, ...)

You’ll find it inside of the PSD version of things for cuties.

Thank you ! Just bought it and got what i need. :)

Can I use this template with wordpress?

Unfortunately not. This is only a pure HTML template. But you can get the OpenCart version here: You’ll have a fully working, modern eCommerce solution then. :-)

This one is not what I was expected and I already purchased :(, is there any way I can get my money back?

No sorry. You’ve bought digital goods, which are not refundable. Furthermore this would be against the envato rules…

HI!!! I just bought yours “ThingsforCuties Responsive OpenCart Baby Template ” HTML package, but cant find the html files…. Why es that? No html files? pls HELP :( thanks a lot

Hi, you didn’t bought the HTML package, sorry. You’ve bought the ZenCart version of my theme, ten days ago. Neither in the Zen Cart nor in the OpenCart package are these HTML files included. You’ll have to buy it separately here: as mentioned in the themes description.

Hi, could you make this theme avaibable for Magento ? Thanks

Hi, currently I’m working on the WordPress version. After that, the Magento version will follow as soon as possible.


Me again. Did you start with magento version?


Unfortunately not, sorry…. Wordpress / WooCommerce version is still in the making.

Any deadline on the Wordpress version?? That is the one I want to purchase!!

Wordpress / WooCommerce version will be (hopefully) available by the end of next week.

What versions of OpenCart is this layout for?

One other thing: does the theme requires any extra OpenCart plugins?

If yes, what plugins should I have?

It works well on OpenCart systems 1.5.2 to 1.5.6. You do not need any third party extendtions, exept if you wanna use the blog or the OpenStock functions. Please read the item description for more informations!

I left a question on the support page- but not sure where to see the reply.

On Cuties- html version- I need to make the slider frame larger- I tried it in the CSS but only the image gets larger.

Hi, thanks for being patient (btw. it’s weekend and I have a live outside the envato world too ;) )! You can resize the slider by setting the with of “slider-warpper”. Find it around line 923 inside of the stylesheet.css. Don’t forget to shift-reload…

Thanks! Sorry- wasn’t meaning to be impatient! You rock

How do you add additional slide images?

Answered by email.

Do you have Wordpress/WooCommerce template? and also, which package do I need to buy if I want to make changes to “Things for Cuties” text; is it a text layer in the psd file?

The Wordpress / WooCommerce version is in the making and will be (hopefully) available by the end of november. Meanwhile you may look at the OpenCart version of this package? Texts in the logo package are text layers of course. :-)

Thanks for clarifying. One of your previous comment states that the logo in psd is included as flat bitmap only.

Hi there, is the contact form full working in this HTML version? I suppose is based on a PHP file but I don’t see PHP in the list of files included (ThemeForest Files Included: Layered PSD, HTML Files, CSS Files, JS Files, PSD). If I buy, will the PHP file be included? Thanks

I can provide some pice of code for contact forms, but why you don’t just use the fully working OpenCart version!?

HI thanks, I need just this HTML version, the only need is that the contact form is working. So if you include a simple PHP that fetch data from the inputs and send mail, I’ll buy it. Please let me know. Regards

Yes we can! ;-)