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Hi I’m really liking this so far. One issue I’m having now is I added Services to my home page at one-third width, and they are coming up as half stacked. Not sure how to fix this…

Your code is not visible in comment. Please send your website admin login details from our profile page form so we can check and help to fix the issue asap.

Thanks. I just sent it.

Problem is solved, please check it.

Is there a way to mass-upload photos? Or also to remove the name from the photos in the portfolio so only the category shows?

Hi JMure007,

Thank you for purchasing the theme :)

1. You can upload all photos from Admin > Media section and then call in portfolio or any section “Featured Image” > Popup – Media Library section

2. You can hide page title with below custom styles

.swm_portfolio_text .project_title a { display: none; }
.swm_portfolio_text small { margin-top: -3px; }

Hi Softwebmedia, thank you for replying.

I’ll reword my question, I think it was misunderstood.

Basically, is there a way to mass-upload photos to one portfolio rather than assigning one photo per portfolio one by one? As it takes a long time.

For #2, what i mean is the photo title, here is an example: http://ontoseo.com/toronto-wedding-photographer/

If you see, the name of the photo, is it possible for it to be hidden and only show category?

Thank you in advance.

Hi JMure007,

1. If you want to use portfolio style then you have add one photo per page but in photo gallery you can use mass upload style like this example : http://thinker.premiumthemes.in/?page_id=437

On hover, you can add or leave blank image caption section.

2. If image title is blank then wordpress automatically add title as per image name, remove image title to hide title on “popup” large image


Please use given solution (in previous reply) to hide portfolio item title.

Thank you :)

so it is possible to change the layout as shown on the image.



Hi mevsim,

This is possible and below are steps to make it like screenshot.


1. Add below custom styles in style.css or custom.css

.top-menu { border-top:1px dashed #ccc; padding-top: 23px;  }
.top-menu { float:none; clear:both; }
.top-menu>ul.sf-menu>li { height: 42px; }
.top-menu>ul.sf-menu>li>a>small { display: none; }

.small-top-menu { float:right; margin-top: 15px; }
.small-top-menu ul li { list-style: none; display: inline-block; margin-left: 10px; }
.small-top-menu ul li a { text-decoration: none; }
.small-top-menu ul li:before { content:'|'; margin: 0 10px 0 0; font-family: FontAwesome; font-size: 11px; color:#aaa;  }
.small-top-menu ul li:first-child:before { content:''; }

2. Open header.php file (..wp-content/themes/header.php) and find below code

<?php get_template_part( 'includes/logo' ); ?>

<nav class="top-menu">
<?php swm_display_topmenu(); ?>

3. Now add small right side menu between logo and main menu code like below code

<?php get_template_part( 'includes/logo' ); ?>

<div class="small-top-menu">
<li><a href="#">Link 1</a></li>
<li><a href="#">Link 2</a></li>
<li><a href="#">Link 3</a></li>

<nav class="top-menu">
<?php swm_display_topmenu(); ?>

Change new small menu link and name.

Done. :)

Thanks. Great Support!!!


Although I uncheck all discussion item, I always down the “comments are disable” page … How do you remove it for? Do you have a tutorial page? Excuse me for my english, I’m french … http://www.villa-sxm.co/

thank you

I found … thank you

Thank you jemid for your feedback :)


1. the arrows in the submenu missing -> see photo http://pangea-wettbewerb.eu/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/screen.png

2. there is the possibility to separate the logo area – see picture


Hi mevsim,

1. We found one little css mistake after adding WPML plugin styles.

You can fix arrow issue from plugin-fix.css file (../wp-content/themes/thinker/plugin-fix.css)

In this file go to line #86 – WPML Plugin and change

.top-menu ul.sf-menu li ul li a:before { content:''; margin-right:0; } 


.top-menu ul.sf-menu li.menu-item-language ul li a:before { content:''; margin-right:0; }

We will re-upload theme on themeforest after fixing this style issue soon.

2. This options is possible but it requires good skill in html and css.

Thank you :)

Buenas Tardes, estoy interesado en el tema Thinker pero quisiera saber como hago para que aparezca la opción de “Boxes and with layout” en el Live preview. la verdad necesito esto lo antes posible para hoy mismo hacer la compra del tema. Gracias.

Hi DiegoDuranJoa,

Please send your comment in English language. We did Google translation of above comment but it is looking difficult to understand…

”....I would like to know how to bring up the option to “Boxes and with layout” in the Live preview…..”

Thank you :)

You constantly updated template?. This template can cover 100% of the screen? You give technical support on this template? you give some instruction manual template? Got some mail or chat where we can talk and ask some other questions?

Thank you!

Hi DiegoDuranJoa,

We constantly update our themes as per WordPress updates.

If you set “Wide” mode of this theme then it covers full size of the screen (we can send you home page screenshot to get idea how “Wide” mode looks with 1920px resolution) and in “Boxed” mode it covers 1150px.

We only give basic support for theme related issues and do not give code customization or external plugins issues support.

This theme has well documented instruction file (HTML format) with video tutorials.

You can contact us via our profile page form for more discussion.

Thank you :)

Hi, may I know is it possible to make the menu button clickable? Right now only when clicking on the words of the menu buttons navigates the page. I would like to enable the navigation from the entire button itself, i.e a hotspot that covers the entire button, not just the words.

Thanks! and this is a great elegant theme! :)

Yes, in latest version you don’t need to use padding extra style because we modified main style sheet with padding property.

We also fixed space issue on hover top menu without sub text and upoaded theme files which will be live in a day after approval from review team.

Four eyes see more than two…thank you for your feedback on hover menu without sub text space issue :)

Hi, I have installed the latest update by replacing the theme files. However, I still see no changes to the hover menu space without sub text.

And I had Envato Wordpress Tool kit installed too. Before I update manually, it is not seeing 1.07 as the latest version and the appearance of the option to update.


Please send your website admin login details from our profile page form so we can check the custom changes because top menu without sub-text works fine here.

Automatic updated function we will add in next updated version so you can easily update from admin without replacing the theme.

Hi, is it also possible to disable the responsive behaviour in admin panel?

And, maybe you did test the theme with qTranslate plugin? Any issues with that?

Thank you!

Hi lookat,

Disable responsive behavior option is not available in admin panel to avoid style conflict with plugins but you can make theme non-responsivle by removing few styles in responsive.css file.

We didn’t test “qTranslate” plugin. WPML plugin is very popular so we added WPML plugin compatibility with theme.

Thank you :)

as I can change the icons of the services of this template [ http://premiumthemes.in/preview/?theme=thinker ] without losing the style, all you want is for example, change the icon “laptop” by an image personalized. thanks

Hello DiegoDuranJoa,

You can select icons from font awesome 360+ icons but image icon is not possible with shortcodes because services shortcode is created with icon style.

Thank you :)


We purchased this theme and we really love it.

I am having some issues though and need some help.

Mainly on the portfolio section with the sorting navigation does not all display and some images are not showing up in the section they are supposed to be in or not at all.

The options area looks like it works but when you change options it says the changes are saved but nothing actually gets changed.

And I dont know how to get the updates. Please advise.

You can send a message to the email on this account which is my client but it if you can please CC me at djdaddy916@gmail.com.

Thank you! J

Hello zoofab69,

Thank you for purchasing the theme :)

Please check you have uploaded only “thinker.zip” file from admin’s theme section. If you have saved main downloaded zip file then any settings will not save the data.

Please send your admin login details from our profile page form so we can check portfolio image issue.

Hi I am having the same problem as above. I would like to remove the “Comments are disabled” text from my pages. Please advise on how to do this. Thank you.

You can disable comments section from all pages from

Admin > Appearance > Theme Options > General > Display Page Comments – Set to “OFF” mode

Thank you very much.

Thank you for your fast and helpful response. I would also like to change the site color (currently white) to a light blue and do not see an option for it. Can you please tell how to change the white color on the site. I would like to change it to HEX #b0c4de.

Hi Stephanie253,

You can change background color in all or individual pages but white background color of logo and content section is not recommended because all elements are set with white backgrounds.

You can try custom style like

#logo_header,#container { background:#b0c4de }

Required Plugins: Ultra Content Elements Plugin ?

Where does one download that from? It doesn’t appear to be available on the Codex.

Required Plugins: Multiple Sidebars Plugin This doesn’t support WP v3.6.1 or WP v3.7.0

Please Advise,


Further to my post above, after further investigation I discovered the Ultra-Content-Elements plugins contained in the theme archive had not installed during theme installation:


I decided to install this plugin separately via network dashboard and activate on the relevant site.

That did it! All the content from your Demo is now displayed as you intended. Hooray :)

Why that plugin and the other two in the same directory had failed to install remains a mystery.

I can now begin to get to know ‘Thinker’ at last.

With Thanks,


Hi Lillian,

Thank you for your feedback :)

After your feedback we did re-testing “Thinker” theme with WordPress 3.6 and 3.7 and it works fine with plugin installation in Multi-site networks.

(Why that plugin and the other two in the same directory had failed to install remains a mystery. << Sometime due to internet speed fluctuation, this happens during installation.)

Thats Good To Know, Thank you.

Hello, is it possible to change the width of the logos in the logo slider? I would like my logo is 250px wide by 125px high.

Thank you!

When I try to include icons whose name contains a ”-” in style services 6 it does not appear? EX: [services_style6 title = “Services” link = “http://www.aeahbv.com/” icon = “icon-thumb-tack”]

Font Awesome has done major changes in latest version like using “fa-iconname” instead of “icon-iconname” and many old icon names are changed. “thumb tack” icon’s old name is “pushpin”

please refer preview site for icon names : http://thinker.premiumthemes.in/?page_id=475

so use icon="icon-pushpin" for service icon

how to use the slider to 100% of the web browser? I can use that code, and that file is?

The template not buy with my username, I am the site administrator user and template.

Please ask buyer to send conformation message here or from our profile page form for “DiegoDuranJoa’ username so we can give you free support.

Hi there, beautiful theme. I am possibly going to purchase but wanted to check the wordpress compatibility of the theme with wordpress version 3.7?

I would hate to purchase and find it doesn’t work with 3.7, let me know when you can. Thanks!

- Logan

Hi Logan,

This theme is compatible with WordPress version 3.7.

Thanks in advance for purchasing the theme :)

Hi, am I able to use the images included with the dummy content xml on my finished website? They are unwatermarked. I can’t find anything in the licensing about them. Thank you

Hi wynnemedia,

You can only use materials which are included with main downloaded zip file. You can find preview site “note” in theme details page before theme update section at bottom. You have to replace preview site images with your licensed images after importing xml demo content.

We had purchased preview site images for theme preview purpose and that’s why those images are unwatermarked.

Thank you :)

Hi, I have problem accessing the gallery through iPad. It does not respond to tap. No caption comes up and hence it does not allow the expansion of the photos.

It works on other mobile devices like smartphones, although that is an android platform. Please advice?


Hi icecap,

Thank you for your feedback regarding gallery issue. We also found same issue with preview site and fixed with below script.

jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
    $(".pf_sort").imagesLoaded( function() {
        itemSelector: '.pf_isotope',
        masonry: {
            //custom addition

You can add it to theme-settings.js (..wp-content/themes/thinker/js/theme-settings.js) file at bottom. OR you can wait for next updated version which we will upload in a day so only need to replace old version with latest version to fix the issue.

As always, glad to hear that! Thumbs up for the swift response! Thanks! :D

Hi Softwebmedia, thanks a lot for this awesome theme! But i have more or less two questions about how to do something. The first question i have is: Who do i avoid that everything is in a new line? I want my page to look like “Homepage 2”, but “Who we are” and “Why choose us?” are in different lines.

And my second question is can i customize the contact form? And if i can, how?

Thanks a lot for your time!

Hi aiirm4x,

Thank you for purchasing the theme and your positive feedback :)

Please send your website URL so we can check and give you quick solution.