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Hello, I recently purchased this template and I really like it. I would like to add a catchphrase to the bottom of the logo for SEO purposes . Is there any way I can achieve this?

Hi scirestudios,

You can customize logo section from ..wp-content/themes/thinker/header.php before <nav class=”top-menu line #39.

Use child theme for custom changes so it will not remove to replace current theme with latest version.

Thank you :)

Hi, I would appreciate, if it would be possible to style Testimonials as well. Mine are coming from LinkedIn Recommendations and I do not see a way on how to match the font style with the main theme in the extended footer of the theme. Would appreciate your help here. Thank you, D

Hi ssddgreg,

Please send us testimonials format you want for your website in footer widget area ( at email: softwebmedia[ at ]gmail[ dot ]com ) so we can check format and give you feedback.

Thank you :)

Hi! I’m in love with this theme! Wondering if there is any way to modify the size of the logo… I would like to have a longer (wider) area for a larger logo on the header. Anyway to modify this?

Many thanks!!!

Hi ariwinkle,

You can add large width logo but then you have to use less top menu tabs on right side to maintain alignment. Suggested width is 320px.

If you have good skill in css/html then you can do many custom changes in logo section like…logo center with large width and top menu center or logo left with large width and top menu left align in second row. Here is another example for logo section.

Thank you :)

Hello, The social media icons cannot be seen completely, just a quarter of the image. You can see in the live version of your template. http://thinker.premiumthemes.in/?page_id=330

How can I fix this problem?

Hello scirestudios,

Social media icons (size 16×16) in title section right side – beside search box – are 100% visible on our desktop and media devices. Please check in other computer or delete temp file, cookies to load page fast with all elements.

Thank you :)

Hello, I checked in different devices and I notice that I just have that problem devices with retina display (computers, tablets, and phones). It shows without any problem with all the non retina display devices.

Pleas send your website url from our profile page form so we can check and give you feedback.


I love the template, thank you very much. I have one problem on my portfolio-page. When i press ‘next’ or ‘2’ to go to the next selection of projects I get an 404 error. Can’t find the solution. Cant you help me?

Portfoliopage >> http://vanderveermedia.nl/portfolio/

Thank you.

Hi ruudvdveer,

Portfolio post type and portfolio page are same name which creates conflict in permalink structure. You can fix this issue by changing “Portfolio” page title or page slug name like ”../portfolios/”

http://vanderveermedia.nl/portfolios/ or

Page Slug Article – click here – and go to section “Post/page-specific permalink structures (slugs!)”

Thank you :)

Thanks, it worked. Really good service thank you

Hi, great theme! I use it for my LEGO DUPLO Promotional Brick website: http://www.promobricks.de. It’s not 100 percent ready, but I’m busy to finish it soon. I tried to edit the style-sheet css to change the link in my blog posts, but it doesn’t work. On pages links are underlined, in blog post you will only see the link if you move your mouse cursor over it. There is no underline and link color change.

Please, do you mind giving me some hint or solution? Thanks a lot.


Hi Michael,

You can display link text with different color with custom css style.

#content .blog_post_text a { 

Thank you :)

Hi, I want to use your theme for Russian WebSite and was wandering if Frontend and Backend could be translated in Russian language?

Hi SerNeo,

This theme supports 600+ google fonts so you can easily use Russian language compatible fonts from “Google Fonts”. You can translate theme backend with .po and .mo file for Russian language.

Thank you :)

Hi! I love this theme. I’m having some issues getting it to work correctly however since I have reinstalled to a new server. I can’t get the “Theme Options” background colors and color selections to display, all I get is a plain white background. Any ideas if I did a bad install or what may be the case? Thank you!

Thank you so much! :) I’m checking this out with my hosting provider now. (GoDaddy).

Another thing I’ve ran into – none of my shortcodes are loading. Is this a java issue? I’m using Google Chrome.

If shortcode popup box is not opening then you have to re-install WordPress to fix it because popup menu is using WordPress default admin files (it is possible if any core file(s) may be corrupt during installation or WordPress updation)

Thank you :)

All fixed. Thanks for all your help. Theme is amazing, support is even more amazing!


Is there anything in the works to add a captcha in the contact from widget?

Love the theme though btw, thanks!

Hello CapstoneCreations,

We want to add many elements in theme update so we are collecting all suggestions. It will take few weeks to release updated version with new elements.

Thank you :)

Hi, just purchased the theme. 2 questions:

- My shortcodes’s aren’t loading. I only see html codes when viewing the pages. - where do i find the ultra content elements?

tnx J.


Thank you for purchasing the theme :)

You have to activate main theme and install all plugin and then activate child theme for theme customization.

“Ultra Content Elements” plugin has shortcodes, widget and custom post type which is in built with the theme.

Please refer this video tutorial : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFdQoHDUdJM

Tnx for the mail. But i get an error installing the plugins, i know i have to install them. Is it because of using the childtheme?

Answer = yes. Plugins are in parentmap.

Yes, it is because of using the childtheme.

Please read previous comments answer from this page.

How do I add the icons into pages? I try to use shortcode with the icon name [icon-star], nothing shows up. Its probably really simple, but what am I doing wrong?

Hi ariwinkle,

You can add icon with below shortcode

[swm_icon icon_name="icon-star"]

Thank you :)

hello okay?

My nick is on Envato lucianoitape. I bought this theme and I wonder how do I diminiuir the total width of the theme, it should tar in 1150 and want to reduce to 950, how do?

The resolution of my user is low, so I need to use a lower resolution, can you help me?

Could you please post a support request with the envato user name you have bought the theme to verify your purchase.

Sorry, I wrote wrong. I have not bought this theme and I wonder if it is possible to disable responsive and leave him with the resolution of 950 fixed width? As possible I will make the purchase! I’m using the google translator ..

Yes, it is possible to make this theme with fixed width (non-responsive) with minor changes in css file.


I love the theme so far- just quick question I can’t seem to answer

On this page I have it set up as a gallery. For some reason the top row of images is displaying with staggered heights. Is there any way to fix this?

Hi adprints,

Thank you for purchasing the theme :)

We checked the page and tested same images with our localserver with gallery shortcode. This theme is using isotope script for portfolio and gallery thumbnails so images with different heights automatically adjust in column. You can view screenshot of our test from this URL.

You can set images in Adobe Photoshop with more which space around objects to make it more clean in gallery.

Hi there,

I really like this theme and I am interested in buying, however I have a few questions:-

1. Does a full width page exists so that I can write content without using shortcodes? 2. Am I am able to add a Twitter feed in the footer as a widget. I would also like to add social and follow buttons and newsletter sign-up form (Campaign Monitor).

Many thanks for your help.

Thanks, Sakis

Hi Sakis,

1. Full-Width template is added with the theme so you can add content without any sidebars.

2. Twitter and newsletter – you have to use any external plugin because both are not added in the theme.

3. Footer widget area compatibility of social media icon will added in next updated version (very soon). You can use social media icons in content and left/right sidebar.

Thank you :)

Thanks for the reply, my other question is: Would I be able to add a full width content block to the homepage for SEO purposes?

Cheers, Sakis

Hi there! I’m having an issue using the photo gallery on a Left-Side Bar template on a fixed-width layout display. All of the images are going over the fixed width table (1150px wide). Do I need to modify something in php so that the gallery will adjust to the size of the fixed width layout & accomodate for the left sidebar?

Thank you!

Set Gallery Items in sidebar template

Hi ariwinkle,

Full width template is used for photo gallery shortcodes so any other (left/right sidebar) template will not work.

You can set in sidebar template with below custom css – add below style in custom.css or child theme’s css file.

#content .custom_two_third .swm_custom_gallery { width:auto;}

#content .custom_two_third .projects_style3.column_4 .projects_style3_box { width:193px; }

/*large desktop*/
@media (min-width: 1200px) {  

    #content .custom_two_third .projects_style3.column_4 .projects_style3_box { width:227px; }


/*Tablet Portrait*/
@media only screen and (min-width: 768px) and (max-width: 979px) {

    #content .custom_two_third .projects_style3.column_4 .projects_style3_box { width:227px; }


/*Mobile Portrait*/
@media only screen and (max-width: 767px) { 

#content .custom_two_third .projects_style3.column_4 .projects_style3_box { width:241px; }


/*Mobile Landscape*/
@media only screen and (min-width: 480px) and (max-width: 767px) {

#content .custom_two_third .projects_style3.column_4 .projects_style3_box { width:199px; }



Enter “4” in gallery shortcodes “column” property [gallery columns="4" ........]

Template with sidebar has less width so it will display 3 columns instead of 4 column

Thank you :)

Wonderful. This worked perfectly. Thank you so much for your wonderful support!

Hi again. Where in the CSS do you make it so the menu has rounded edges on the border?

I modified the menu with the CSS like here: http://themeforest.net/item/thinker-retina-responsive-multipurpose-wp-theme/5562759/comments?filter=all&term=menu&utf8=%E2%9C%93# in order to put the navbar below the menu. However somewhere along the way I lost the rounded edges in the navigation that I love so much. Is there a way to add that back?

Thank you!

Hi ariwinkle

Below style code is making top menu tabs rounded. You can add in custom.css or check in style.css.

.top-menu > ul.sf-menu > li { border-radius:3px }

Thank you :)

Thank you!!

Hello, I was considering purchasing this theme but just wanted to know if you have a Wordpress upload or install video?

Thank you

Hello mikewood77,

You can view “Thinker” theme’s video tutorials from this page.

You can view WordPress installation videos from YouTube search like this page.

Thank you :)

Where can I translate the contact form shortcode (like ‘name’). Can’t find the php file :)

ok tnx. But the search options are not there. I also need tot translate ‘Type Keywords…’ hope you can help me out.

“Type Keywords…” – this words you have to change from two files.

1. general-functions.php

In this file, go to section #3 Display search bar and change words in line #88 and #102

2. theme-settings.js

In this file, go to “Search Form” section and change words in line #300,#306 and #311

Note: Type same words in both files otherwise when you will click on search box text, text will not hide to type search keywords.

you’re the best, merci :)

Hello, I want my icons colored red or green as here http://thinker.premiumthemes.in/?page_id=471 ... thank you for helping me

You can change all icons color from below css style code (example code has green color code)

[class^="icon-"]:before, [class*=" icon-"]:before {

We suggest you to use firebug plugin (Firefox plugin) to find page elements css style name quickly and this will help you to customize theme very fast.

Video tutorial : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0h9EWHdtcWc

Thank you very match it’s ok! You’re the best! Merci et joyeux noel…

Merry Christmas :)


1) Is there a way to get the [services_style3] images to be links instead of just the text/arrow linking to the page? I would like visitors to be able to click on the images as well as the text as links.

2) Is there a way to add additional links in the header like the logo? I was trying to use an Image Map on the header to link to an e-mail but with no success.

Thank you! Happy holidays!

Thank you!

I’m having trouble customizing the CSS for services style 3. I want it to have a black background behind the text with padding. However as you can see here, there’s a weird black line on the title and I can’t get rid of it: http://www.getaroundcostarica.com/costa-rica-national-parks/

Password to view the site is smellyscott. Do you know why it is doing that and how to fix it? Thank you!

It looks like it is “a” in the CSS, but I can’t find the settings for that. When I remove the padding (10px) on the services style 3 text that rectangle goes away, but I want the padded style on the text… THANK YOU so much!

Hi ariwinkle,

You can remove page title line with css style like

.heading_style1 { border-bottom:0; }

You can adjust padding with below style

.services_style3 .swm_services { padding:15px 0 0 0; }

You can hide arrow icon with below css style

.services_style3 span { display:none; }

We suggest you to use firebug plugin (Firefox plugin) to find page elements css style name quickly and this will help you to customize theme very fast.

Video tutorial : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0h9EWHdtcWc

Thank you :)