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Nice template & very clean. Good luck selling.

Thaanks :bigwink:

Glad you like it man! :bigsmile:

this is so nice and original! good luck!

Thanks mate! :smitten:

Brilliant. Simply brilliant.

Now just add a splash home and portfolio page and you’ll have what many are looking for.

:bigwink: I’ll do it ASAP, thanks!

Very nice template. Any chance you could get it to work with the WooCommerce pluggin? Im a but of a novice but I think its just tweaking the CSS to cater for it. I would then definitely buy it, its one of the nicest looking themes Ive come across.

Sure, I’ll work on that. Thanks man! :bigsmile:


Yes, Woo Commerce would be a nice addition.

Does Thinn include a provision or a shortcode for pricing tables?

Not now, but added to stuff-to-add

Two thumbs up for that!

Nice. Very original. :)

Thanks Henk! :bigwink:

Looks cool, good luck with sales!

Thanks AJ :bigwink:

Great work! Good luck

Thanks! :bigwink:

Wonderful theme, I haven’t seen anything else quite like this on ThemeForest, well done. Think this could work for a potential project I am working on too :D

Thanks! :bigwink:, glad you like it!

es posible cambiar el logo para el lado derecho?

Hola Carlos, no en esta versión pero considerare agregarlo para la próxima actualización.

very nice simplicity theme.

:bigwink: Thanks!

Great theme! Good luck :)

Thanks Louie :bigwink:

Very unique theme. GLWS

Thanks Ali :bigsmile:


Can i add the tag cloud on the bottom and category listing on top? How difficult modernize this theme?

What if i need to add the ads banners?

Thank you.

Hi! sure,

Tag Cloud widget and Categories widget are ready to use. About ads banners, is not available any widget now, but I can add a custom widget for that into the next update. It’s very easy to customize, I made it as simple as possible :) .


My god this is truly creative design! Thanks for providing something exiting to the Wordpress community! :) Love it! Best of luck with your sales mate.

Thanks man, for your kind words! :bigwink: Truly appreciated.

Hi, nice Theme. Is it possible to extend the Footer with more Widgets?

Unique and clean, elegant work here. Congrats!

:bigwink: Thanks Bedros.

Beautiful!!!!! ;) Wish you many sales…;)

Thanks mate :bigwink:

How (and where) in the css files do you tweak font colors, sizes, and even the height of the post containers that appear in the home page? I’d like to change that grey background, make the title font size smaller, and vertically shrink the post “bars” themselves vertically.


Hi, thanks for purchasing my theme. Truly appreciated!

1. Font colors are in stylesheets/thinn.css lines 185 to 235.

2. Font sizes in stylesheets/thinn.css lines 321 to 378.

3. Height of posts at home page stylesheets/thinn.css line 41.

4. Gray backgroung color of posts at home stylesheets/thinn.css line 167.

Thanks again :bigwink:.