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How can i make the Topic Text smaller? Too big.

Sure, you have to edit stylesheets/thinn.css line 322

Okay…. what must i change ?

I just added this option to the options panel, the best way is wait for the reviewers :bigwink:

you state IE7 compabability but the page layout looks crooked in my preview. just a bug?

well thanks, but your new update now looks messed up with my standard browser OSX Safari

OMG! haha I’m on it, thanks mate!

:stress: fixed and updated

To the Comment of in4fun: Same on Opera and IE old Versions. Seen by a Friend. Site looks crooked, too.

Thanks! just fixed and updated :bigwink:, thanks hornedry for let me know

Updatet mean that i must download it again? How i update it? When comes the Update?

right now :), just download again and upload the folder called thinn to your server

Hi, AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME THEME!!!! I need to add adds to it, can you help me?


Hi and thanks glad you liked! thanks for purchasing :bigsmile:.

Sure, what kind of ads?, you can use the Ads widget in ‘Appaerance / Widgets’.

was hoping for a mix between sponsor ads and google ads, also, question, what size images should i use for the feature? they tend to come up two small or cropped to large… thanks for all of your help

This widget only allows you to display sponsor ads images (115px x 155px) if its bigger it will be auto-resized.


:O no, just write me through my profile.

You are great :)

Why the Videos IN News are not good Resolution as cou can see here:

Fixed :) check your email.

After Update: Smileys dont work correct:

And the End of the Boxes are too long as you can see between the Share Boxes and the Comment Area. Too long.

And where can i change the Text Color? Grey Font on Grey Background – not the best.

Added and fixed, check your email :)

I am considering a purchase, wondering if a slider plugin (ie Revolution Slider) would work in your beautiful theme?

Also wondering if there are widgets on the homepage, besides the footer, that will allow text entry for a company description on the homepage.

Hi! tourej thanks! :)

Sorry to let you know that Revolution Slider does not work, yet.

About the company info, the only way to display it for now is the footer widgets.

Thanks for your interest, I’ll try to add some slider widget or at least support on the next version.

I am also considering purchase. I would like to know about the advertising widget. How does it work and where does it appear?

This is an awesome lovely theme and would very much love to have it.

Hi, SnowOkami thanks !.

The included ads widget consist in 2 custom fields where you put the ad image of 115px x 115px and your url to link to the image, this is displayed into the footer.

:) !

Hello Rey, Thanks – Just purchased.

Great theme though there are a couple of things that don’t work okay for my blog.

1. The WYSIWYG editor tray doesn’t show up when editing or creating a new post using visual editor, even the cursor won’t show up to allow one to type in the post body. This remains constant with WP’s text editor as well. The editor shows up some times but not enough for it to be usable. This issue is present in Chrome, Safari and Firefox while it works fine on IE.

2. When I first installed the theme, the blog name was showing up twice, one under the other. I changed the blog heading to an image and it somehow fixed itself.

3. The words and images just don’t seem to line up on the blog feed page, while it all works perfectly on the post page.

Need to mention that I use Chrome on Mac for putting out posts but points number 2 and 3 are across the board on all computer browsers(mobile browsers are fine)

Hi, thanks for purchasing my theme. Truly appreciated!

1- That’s weird, I recommend you download the item again.

2- Yup, it is now fixed into version 1.10.

3- You must use the tag <!more> into your post content, where you want to end the preview text of your post

Thanks for helping to improve. Cheers!


1. Mundo apologies. Problem turned out to be server-side and my hosting company owned up to it. This problem is NOT related to this theme in any way.

2. Downloaded and installed.

3. Thanks for the tip and the video. I also found that the WP site shows the use of the WYSIWYG/Visual editor to do the same, if other users so prefer:

Maybe somehow appending this to the Documentation as a requirement will help, as it may freak others out as it did with mgrimme and myself.

Thanks for the prompt reply! Keep up the good work!

Sure! :bigwink: thanks I will.

My blog text is running down past the boxes instead of just displaying a preview of the blog’s text to the visitor. How do I correct that? Otherwise I love the theme. See

Hi, thanks for purchasing my theme. Truly appreciated!

Mgrimme for that you must use the tag <!-more-> where you want to end the preview text of your post

Also be sure that the feature images for posts and pages are wider than 940px.

Thanks again!. Cheers.

Hi, I have one question: is it possible to view just the 2 newest posts on the homepage? I would need this for a project. thank you! best regards, Ileana

Hi Ileana,

Sure! you must go to “Settings > Reading” at the option “Blog pages show at most” change the value to 2.

The Video Issues must be fixed. This sucks really hard. In Mobile Device the Videos look so strange…

I’m on it :)

Thank you :)

Purchased your theme, but cannot figure out why de posts in the homepage do not shorten content. The text content is now ‘falling off’ the placeholders on homepage making it look bad, seems that the ‘read more’ is not showing. What can I do to prevent this? Should I use some other option in my post submit page. Please help…


Hi Simon, thanks for purchasing my theme. Truly appreciated!

You must use the tag <!more> into your post content, where you want to end the preview text of your post

Thanx man for the quick reply!

LOVE this theme :) Would be great to be able to create gallery slider posts – any plans to add this in the future?

Thanks :bigwink:! yup I’ve thought about it, maybe into the next update.

Hi, just purchased and installed this lovely template. I have an under construction page up while i do the conversion from the old template and my images are all out of sorts. How can i go and resize or optimize the images so that they look right in this template coming from the other template?

Hi, thanks for purchasing my theme. Truly appreciated!

I highly recommend, take the full size images (larger than 940px width – and more than 460px of height) upload it again, and set as featured images into each post. That’s beacause this theme use a custom size for the images displayed as featured and WordPress has to crop each image uploaded.

Thanks again :)

Thank you for the quick reply!

I am updating the image with a file that is 1000px wide by 667px high the the image is coming out of the post. Can you advise?

I mean only in the featre image that leads you into the post, the post images both top and bottom are fine. Havent figured out the image settings for the image next to the post title in the blog roll. Thanks!

Hi, Thank you for your input it helped solve my previous issue.

I have a weird thing happening on my blog roll, in between the posts there is a thumbnai hiding and it repeats between each post going down the blog roll with the thumbnail of the post above it. Can you avise?

Thanks !

Hi, sure.

Whoa that’s weird, I need to see it, can you please send me a link.


Whats you email? I will email you a link to log on and see it its on an offsite page for now while i’m optimising the site. you can email me at

ok, check your mail

Is Support over? The Video Issues must be fixed. This sucks really hard. In Mobile Device the Videos look so strange…


And how can i just change color of Links in Posts? The Color Options are not good.

Hi, I’m working on a site for a friend of mine who purchased this theme. I love the layout, nice work. I’m just hoping for a tweak possibility- is there a way that you can change the order of the posts on the homepage manually (without deleting and reposting for most recent to show up on top)? Or better yet, is there a way to get pages, not posts, to show up in that same way on the homepage?

I am hoping to have the main posts on the homepage link to a page, not a post.

Thanks for your help! Jenna

Hi, I would appreciate a response to the questions i sent to you a couple days ago. Thanks.