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Hi, Check this demo: When I mouse hover slider, slider doesn’t work, ie: It doesn’t go to the next slide. When I move my mouse cursor to browser address, then it works. Is there a way to fix this ?

Hello yup on hover slider gets pause n when you mouse out its starts . Yup please see slider help thanks

How can I change the speed of the sliders?

Hello there is a silder setting code at the bottom of html page from where you can update speed of slider thanks

Thanks. And is there any way to change the speed of the Services section?

Please check js/custom.js. thanks

Great template!

Are you ready to joomla version or durpal version?


sent you email. Please check it soon

Hello replied. Thanks

Hey. The logo file, can it be up-sized to more than 24 pixel height ? I would like maybe 48 pixels to sharpen my logo. Best regards

please mail me your logo or page, alia.envato thanks

Mail sent.

I replied to your email thanks

Hello, thinking abou tbuying this template… However, I need to know of you can same the top picture slider smaller. It’s too big for me. Can you adjust it?

Hi yes we can make slider smaller thanks.

Ok, thank you. For example can I change it to a height of 350px approximately? Will it be fully responsive? Thank you.

Yes you can at the end of page you will find slider setting Change Fullscreen to fullwidth. Thanks


ndalama Purchased

The template has a problem with chrome. it doesn’t scroll anymore.

if you dont need smoothscroll, you can remove this from html page

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”js/SmoothScroll/SmoothScroll.js”></script>

try this link



ndalama Purchased

I just tried the above link also not working. it doesn’t scroll when you click on the links. video link below. please test this on the latest version of google chrome. version 61.0.3163.100. Link to video is:

Ok i will check. This is my email thanks

I just bought the html version, but I made a mistake thinking it was joomla due to a google search. Could you come out with a joomla version and switch mine to it? Or do you know of a way of converting it? If all answers are no, could I get a refund? Sorry, thank you.

Hello, can you just switch it over to wordpress on my account? How would I do that? Thank you

Actually, please just refund my money, I’ll buy the wordpress one if I decide not to use Joomla. Thank you.

Ok i have approved for refund. Thanks

it seems that smoothscroll didn’t worked anymore in chrome

hello its fixed thanks

Hey! I have used this theme for a site a long time ago and the scroll down from the menu isnt working anymore, what has changed? Dont wanna redo everything.

Hi removed smoothscroll js file. Updated js/custom.js file. Thanks


bubinoa Purchased

Is there a fix to Template doesn’t scroll in Chrome.? Thanks

Hello i fixed please download updated version. Thanks

Hello on our site is not opening youtube background video, the demo of yours is also not, how can we fix or see an extra solution?