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Great template!

Are you ready to joomla version. We are joomla developer!


Hi again,

If you like Joomla version please let me know via my profile

Thanks you very much!

hello i sent mail, thanks

hello i sent mail, thanks

Hi! Awesome design, thanks.

I have one problem… I’m not getting the contactform to work… Can you help me with that?


Thanks for liking, contact form is in php it will work when you upload site on some server.


Hello! Lightbox isn’t working at all on this version. Help please.

Hi its ajax based portfolio details which will work when you upload site on server thanks

I would like to incorporate some very light files on local (server) video/flash.swf in portfolio. Not by vimeo or youture. My problem is that I have an error message in the popup window like this: Could not detect remote target type. Force the kind using data-type = “image | YouTube | Vimeo”

can you help me ?

thank geelinux

Hello please open this page “portfolio-pages/standard-page-1.html”, rightnow i used image on this standard on this page you can replace image with your flash.swf file. and this porfolio section will work when you upload files on server.

I tried here Please see last item under videos section in portfolio


big thank ! I will try it…


Dear AliA , Great great template. I just have an issue , I need to have more than one portfolio sections, and I can’t find the way that the thumbnails are arranged correctly. First section is always correct , the second is completely vertical , one thumbnail under the other.

Hope this have a easy fix !!!!

thanks in advance


Hello Oli

Thanks for liking, That is not available in this version. mail me your pages.


Oh thanks for answering , I was specking some kind of notification by email . Looks like I miss it , Here is the version im working on, is not finished , thanks

Please mail me your files, alia.envato[at]gmail com, thanks

Hello! How validate form data to prevent hacking my site? Thanks your help!

Hi you can add Captcha in form to prevent spammers/hackers . Thanks

Hello, We need your help. We have a problem with the site.

Open the link from the menu it in a new browser window –

Do not scroll to the correct section! Press “ENTER” in the address bar – then go to the section #about

Without slider (Slider Revolution Responsive jQuery Plugin) – works!

Your script calculates the height and position of the About section before the slider is loaded. It should wait till the slider (Slider Revolution Responsive jQuery Plugin) is loaded. It would be the same issue with any other dynamic content. The Scroll feature should check regulary the height and position of elements during the scroll to make sure that dynamic loaded content which may resize the height of the dom are also respected.

Please help us. Thank you!

Has the same problem :(

See here:

Search by post “Webobg”

There is a problem in theme. Here it is done. But I can not fix it :(

When will you fix it?

Hello! Great template! Just 2 questions before purchase: 1 – Is it easy to remove sections? I mean, the template has way more info than i would put, so i would need it to be “shorter”. 2 – If i by any chance click on any number of the “facts and numbers” section, the template goes crazy… can this be fixed? Curios people might just click on those numbers



thanks for liking.

- yes can remove any section or can change section order. - ok i will update facts & numbers carousel version.


Nice template Love it GLWS

If you like Joomla version please let me know via my profile


hi thanks for liking, send you email thanks

Hi, I noticed that behind safari and chrome browser sidebar there an unusual space . This in Safari and Chrome mobile creates a a bad visualization if you tap and scroll the template. That not happen on firefox. You have an idea to solve this? Thank’s

What’s new includes the latest update (6 November 15). Thanks!

Hello i fixed FunFacts Section, thanks

What exactly is the change? Can a little more information?


I am finding a solution for owl carousel. Example Team section. I would like to have only 3 images instead of 4. How do I change the width and vertical align to center?


please see this file “js/custom.js”, here you can find this ”$(”#our-team”).owlCarousel({”, in this block you can change item numbers.



i mailed you about my site but get the response to download it again. i already did. i use the light v2 fullscreen video themplate but when someone selects the text on the site it refreshes the page / go’s to the next slider.

how can i dissable this?..


I mailed you!

Hope you can help me!

Its fixed and i replied to your email, thanks

thanks for your replay, i will try now.

if it doesn’t work i will mail you again.

Thanks for providing an solution the same day!


The sample of the revolution slider line is using underscore. Could it use css to make it straight line without any breaking line?


hello yes you can do like following add this class “straightline” in underscore div and add following css class in your stylesheet file.

    border-top-width: 3px;
    border-top-style: solid;
    border-top-color: #FFF;


Hello thanks for the quick response. I have tried adding class to the div and adding the css. But the straight line wont appear in the slider after I have remove the underscore. If the underscore did not removed, the border css will appear. Any thoughts?

Hello please mail me your files if still problem. thanks

Hi Alia, i need a support to show&hide div, animate just like accordian & filter…Please answer soon…

Hello, Can you download and send me the latest version of Revolution slider on e-mail:

?hank you!

My only problem left is I want an item on the Nav bar to launch an External URL with a Left-Click…how can I do this ? Thanks for a very nice template :)

UPDATE: I fixed it myself…turns out the one page nav JS was pretty out of date.

Thanks again !!

hello ok great, will update as well thanks :)

Hello, We need to update Slider Revolution Responsive jQuery Plugin There are many newer version 5.2.4. There are many improvements. You can put them in the theme, the new version (5.2.4)? There is information on how to migrate from version to 4.x with 5.x …

Thank you!

Is there any way to pause the video when you choose Video Home Page?

Hello ok i check and ill reply to your email thanks

Great template! We’re almost ready to launch, but having issues with the parallax images not displaying at full width on larger screens (27”, 2560×1440). Please help!

Hello please try this in parallax img css background-size: cover; Let me know if you need more help Thanks

Worked perfectly! Thank you!

ok great, always welcome :)