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Hi, i’d like to know the best method of updating the theme. Currently I have v1.7.0 installed with Wordpress v4.7.2. And I’d like to update to v1.7.5 of ThisWay. Thanks


You can update to theme with FTP program. You find too many topic on our support page


Is it as easy as copying the new files into FTP and overwriting the old ones?

Yes it is.

I have tried to register to your support forum but is not working, I am not getting the email with password.

I need to know how to edit the social accounts at the footer area.

Hello, we sent your new password to edg.r@gon… mail address.


It’s been a long time since I bought the theme and couldn’t get to start with it until now. And it won’t work… can’t use any videos and cant use any images. Always get an error. Any ideas? Also “Select files” under images doesn’t work – moves me to media library to upload files and then when I select it I get error… Thank you very much…

Hello, in style_dark.php, please “find and replace” #ffcc00 ;)


Ok now everything works great. Only one thing to make it just perfect: how can I remove the “share” and “watch later” icons in the top right corner of the youtube embedded video in a blog or portfolio? I just need a clean video with no menu’s or buttons. Thnx very much.

Hello, Unfortunately you can not remove vimeo and youtube menu on videos. Thanks.

Sorry answered my own question. Still a great theme!

Hello, How can we help you?



fkorpe Purchased

Hello when the update is coming. Still no mobile compliance please take care

i cant use a video as background ! always error when trying to add the video, what a joke !

I requested a refund

Hello, We have a support forum page. Our support team will be help you if you move your question to there.

Thanks & have a nice day.

I have no question, nor will I register on another forum ! item is not working as described, so I requested a refund. end of story

Hello, We give a solution about this issue. It will work.


Any updates for 4.8.2?


ThisWay Theme compatible with latest version of WordPress.

Thanks & Have a nice day.

Artık mobil versiyon eklemen gerekiyor.

Merhaba MannyCalavera,

Onerinizi iletecegiz. Tesekkurler.

I want to return the product because the theme is not working, what other pages are on the homepage

Aldığım temayı iade etmek istiyorum, çünkü tema çalışmıyor, aldığıma çok pişmanım. Geri ödeme isteğinde bulundum ancak gerçekleşecek mi bilmiyorum. Lütfen ücretin iadesini sağlayın, teşekkürler

I want to return the theme, because the theme does not work, I regret taking it. I have been requesting a refund but I do not know if it will happen. Please provide the fee, thank you

Merhaba, Size temanın demo versiyonundaki gibi yuklemesini saglayabiliriz. sayfamızda kurulum ve diger videolara erisebilirsiniz. Ayrıca mail olarak bize url ve worpdress login bilgilerini paylasirsanız demo contenti sizin icin kurabiliriz.

Gec cevap icin ozur dileriz. iyi gunler.

helloo, presale… vidoe background is not responsible?

Hello ninanina, Yes, Theme does not support responsive.


Hello there! Currently I am doing some SEO improvements on a client site, where they are using your “ThisWay” theme.

How can I make the page accessible from external referrers? For example, when you browse to the blog will not pop up. instead user has to click the menu item “lbog” to get the popup to fire up and display blog page.

Any suggestions? This is really no good usability.

Hello slitweb,

Could you move your question to our support page please. Our team will be help you asap. Thanks.