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I think there is a error in the generel settings.

When I push light or dark setting is doesnt save it and jumps out to the generel settings again.

I cant save any changes at all.

Please help, thank you.

Hi jaysjay, thank you for purchasing and the first comment.

can you please PM your URL and WP user & password, we will check it.

thank you again

Hi again jaysjay,

we have checked your site and hasn’t seen any problem.

it was tested by us (hundreds of times :) ) and theme forest’s authors.

please let us know if you still have problems.

thank you

Ok, listen

When you press Apply and save settings, it jumps out to the generel settings menu.

In other words, its not saving any to Current Settings!

Also, if I use “save settings as” and type a name, it doesnt show anywhere.

While your first setup, you must choose a theme and click Apply & Save Settings..

Redirection problem might be browser spesific, please try with mozilla or chrome.

thank you

Hi there!

A quick question: Is there a maximum number of images that can be set as the background full screen?


Hi ldrogers,

there is not any limit for the BG images but we reccomend 25-30 img. for the site performance.

thank you for your interest.

aye, just tried mozilla and its working.

So no IE9 ?

IE :) we will check it again and we could email the revised version..

thank you

Diyecek birsey bulamamak bu olsa gerek, gercekten mukemmel, eline saglik hocam, iyi satislar..

Good luck with sales mate!

thank you themerazzi, so happy to hear this kind of nice comments..

sagol :)

Great Stuffs… good luck for sales!

Hi ThemeClan, thank you :)

Shame shame shame that your theme doesn’t work properly on iPad (the menu closed all the time without being able to choose something). Hope you can fix it soon so I’ll be able to buy your theme.

Cheers, Chris

Hi swimnews,

It is compatible with iPad but not perfect.

Thank you for your interest.

Hi, is it possible that the Background Images work without the Grid?

BR Drazen

Hi Lucky-69,

Yes it can work without the grid.

Thank you for your interest.

Hi, great template, 5/5!

My mini question: my server doesn’t support TimThumb script (security reason). Can I still use your theme, set and resize all thumbnails manually in my galleries and slideshows? Thanks for your hard work.

Hi flash_design,

Yes it’s possible but needs an update we can do it for you if you want.

Thank you for your interest.


Great Job!

One question: Is it possible that the Menu is fixed at one position?

Thanks a lot!!!

Hi 27, yes it is possible to fix the menu on vertical alignment.

thank you for your interest.

Hi – very creative theme…

My question is similar to “27” – can the menu be permanently extended so that it doesn’t hide automatically?


Hi jjaynel, thank you to nice comments..

there is not always opened option unfortunately..

thank you for your interest

hello would buy the template as it appears on ThemeForest? I do not understand is that right wordpress and he came in as ThemeForest I would only replace what I necessitase. thank you p

Hi paulokunha,

Sorry we couldn t understand. Can you explain a bit detailed?


Hi, great theme!

What can we do to use it without TimThumb? And could it work without the Grid?

Thanks & Best TF28

Hi TF28 ,

Grid (pattern) can be on/off in General Settings.

If you don’t want to use TimThumb, needs an update we can do it for you.


ONLY the homepage slideshow works with the iPad/iPhone. Do you guys have plan to fix the menu navigation? Otherwise, you can’t say it is compatible if it’s not working at all. Hope to hear from you soon, thanks!

Hi jinghorton,

It is compatible with iPad but not perfect. We’ll check again and improve it.


@ RenkliBeyaz Great news. What might it cost to update theme making it work without TimThumb?

Hi TF28 ,

we can publish an update in a week if you purchase the item.

thank you for your interest.

Hi, I’m having difficulties showing images. The background images do appear although not as thumbnails. Other images don’t appear. My folders are on 777. I was wondering which version of PHP is required and if that may be the problem?

Greetz BP

Hello brownpeacock,

Could you check permission of /includes/cache folder. This folder’s permission must be 777


Hi again,

I think I’ve got trouble with the TimThumb too…

Hi brownpeacock,

do you still have problems ?


wow this is just gorgeous…. taking WP to a whole new level.

& i have a question for you, from a potential client… he wants to know if it’s possible to tweak the Menu so it doesn’t move / float but stays in one position… most likely at the top left of the screen.

thank you! ~s

Hi wahkeenasitka,

I will do for you. Please send a PM when purchase it.


hi there! LOVE this template! great work! one issue i am having, is that its not showing blog posts in blog – not sure if there is some special thing i need to do – i am new to wordpress, so any assistance would be great!

OOPS – sorry, should read the documentation. Thats how easy your template was, i could set 90% of it up without looking at docs! lol THANKS !

Hi bhillsboyoz,

so nice to hearing that you found the template easy to customize..

by the way thank you for purchasing and don’t forget to rate it if you like..


Great theme, I really enjoyed it.

I have just a few questions:

1) Is it possible to have the menu fixed? It is a little annoying the menu going up and down.

2) On the blog post, is it possible to have the tags as links? I think tags that can’t be clicked useless.

3) Again, on blog post, is it possible to have a link to back to main blog page? Just thinking in usability, the user can get a little confused after reading the post and wants to back to the blog.

4) on the portfolio page is it possible to just open the photo, instead of to have a link to the portfolio? I’m a photographer and I would like to have only pictures on my portfolio, just like a gallery.

And again, the theme is really awesome, I really want to buy it. But I need those questions clarified before.

Thanks in advance. Julio

Hi jclimac, thank you for your interest..

your demands need a bit customization actually, there is not default support.