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Dear RenkliBeyaz,

Is it possible to load videos in 360p and not in HD? Which version of the WP page-navi themes uses?

Best regards, Robert

Hi guga 99, your comment is duplicated, i am going to answer the last one :) Thanks


Having just a slight issue with the audio controller not disappearing and the Twitter widget failing to pull in recent Tweets. Anyone else having these tech bugs?


Hi thekidflames, we have a support forum at Please move your question there and our support team will help you asap. Thank you.

Thank you so much! Wonderful theme, by the way! Really fantastic!

What a nice words :) Thank you thekidflames.

Hi! Hey can I add a countdown timer & rsvp to this theme?

Hi faronbi, we have a support forum at Our support team will help you asap. Thanks :)

Hello, i want to buy the theme and need to know if there is a model to download exactly like the preview theme site. Thanks

Hi hcporto, can you please login with your purchaser account which have a “purchased” flag next to your username. Thanks

Oh, i have solved it. The account that bought the theme is from my boss. I will ask him if i need it again. Thanks.

Ok, thank you.

Hey Buddy. A simple question that will make me decide on buying or not:

Can you in a menu item, once loaded, clear out the movies and post a single Image?

I would need that badly!! BTW congrats on the site!


Hi EmotionDesign :) Can you please explain a bit more?

Hey Renk :) !

So it’s like this. I have the Menu from the left that comes in. As we all know, we can go to the theme and put images and videos from youtube or vimeo, the question is: (!!!!)

- When I click on a certain menu item, from the menu, I want a Picture to fullscreen, and appear the page I want.

When you are in any other item, or click in any menu item, the videos or images keep cycling. What I would like it, is for it to disappear entirelly and appear an image of my own choice, without the sidebar and all. Hope I got myself clear, and that the text well, remains the one I put on the page.

Can you do that ?

Regards! :)

Hi EmotionDesign, i have replied another comment of you. Thanks

If you need a printscreen I can show you Renk. Please send me your mail. The Client who bought this Theme needs it to be like this (the way I told you), before buying, although I prefer the way you made it!!

Hi EmotionDesign, what is the purchase code of your site?

Hello RenkliBeyaz! I don’t have any code. Like I said earlier, my friend is in need of a site which yours is perfect for him as he is a photographer, and brought me a beta version (those around the net), for me to see if he could do what I told you. I put it in my server, therefore the questions, and the email to you, and showed him how to edit it. BUT, there came the question :| !! I even asked buddy bradgriffin below a little help, but we couldn’t find a way to solve it, as if it is not possible, he has to go another way.

Hope this helps buddy!


Replied your mail, thanks.

Lemme try to help Emotion a little bit. On this page:!?page_id=136

How did the background become one image?

I’m logged into his site as well, and I don’t see anywhere to make the background one image. What are we missing?

Hi bradgriffin, i have his mail and will back asap. Thanks

Are there any step by step video’s showing us how to set-up our sites using the theme…?

Hi rndyjodoin, yes. You can find it in the zip file or our support forum. And you can get help from our support team. Thank you :)

Is it possible, or could you make me this: I would like to have music playlist in the full-size background player (video) it is about 1000 songs, and I think the loading with this would take ages. So could you make that then you scroll down with thumbnails over the playlist it would load more and more items on the playlist. So that then you come to website it would loud first 10 and then after all ten played another ten. Is it possible to load these videos on 360p from youtube and not in HD? How to do it?

Hi guga99, if you use this form our developer will let you know about the technical details Let me know when you sent. Thanks

Filled the form

Ok, thank you.

Hi there, i purchased the theme few days ago and tried to set up an account on the forum but i cant get the password i enter my purchase code then it asks for my email after i enter my email it brings me back to verify the purchase code again please help, i have couple of questions i want to change the size of the Caption/Description text on front page for images and videos. I also wanted to set up two front pages one with images and one with video (like two separate pages) is this posible? Thank you

Hi divanic, check your mail please, i have sent your forum pass. Thank you :)

thnk you

You’re welcome :)

Hello, i have update my Wordpress to 3.8 and the theme doesent work, can you help?


Hi Krisipage, we have updated the theme for WP 3.8. Please login and our support team will help you asap. Thank you :)

Hello team,

Can you advise how to make the background pictures move like in the demo? I have tried setting My Way settings, but none of them seem to make the photos move.

Hi EliSimone, please move your question to and our support team will help you asap. Thanks :)

Hi!! Does it have a good relashinship with woocommerce?? :) Regards!

Hi oncepuntodos, please ask your question over this form and our developer will answer it directly. Let me know after sending it. Thanks.


We are unable to display image in pretty photo at once the page is loaded and the image will appears once we refresh the page.

also some times lightbox not opening properly eg: if we click on all category it will display all the images n light box works properly but once we click on single category to view product then its not displaying image on lightbox

Hi Hitesh2416, we have a support forum at You can ask help from our support team. Thank you :)

still i have not got my username & pass then how can i use support..??

is that your mail username “prakashpeshwa”?

It`s a great theme , i love this theme ! How can i found how to change background picture and more info that i didn`t found on the theme settings ? With all respect Luca Paul

Hi Luca, there are help videos and support by our team at Thank you :)

Hi, Help Documentation don’t included some files and don’t work

Hi gdislam, i saw your forum posts and our support team will answer your questions as soon as possible. Thank you :)

I have asked you developer another question.

Best regards

Hi guga99, ok thank you. We will let you know.

The theme is very good, easy to install and use but support is very bad. The theme didn’t include support file and support forum work very slow. 4 STARS

Hi gdislam, you can find the help files in downloaded zip file. Or you can watch them over our support forum We try to answer all questions in 24 hours period and i couldn’t see any unresolved topic of you. Anlayisiniz icin tesekkur ederiz.

Just tried to install the theme and it says “install failed”, theme is missing style.css How can a theme I just purchased and downloaded be missing it's style.css file?

Hi masterbeat. I think you have a problem with the installation. Please go and watch installation help video. Then you can ask help from our support team also. Thank you :)