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i tried to open in IE10. but i can’t open my website. ur sample website either. and i can open in crom. i don’t know why. url :

Hi cmook23, did you ask help from our support forum? Regards :)

i don’t understand. i can’t login forum site. what’s my id and pass?

I’m looking to purchase this new version and would like to know if the twitter feed widget can be replaced with a facebook “Like Box” with post stream, it’s base size is 587 pixels. Or if anyone has done this before, please post a link. I was looking for something like this screenshot. I found the “Twitter ID” in the CSS but not sure how to implement it. I cannot ask in the forums since I have not purchased this theme yet.

Hi again Mark44. Assuming you have the script of facebook side, there needs to be a simple div+css positinoning to put this widget. We can help over support forum if you buy the theme. Thank you for your interest :)

Thank you RenkliBeyaz, I do have the basic script, will be purchasing

You’re welcome Mark44 ;)

Hello there.

I’m looking to buy this theme or the cold fusion theme, however I have a few questions first. Will I be able to set the navigation menus to auto-hide, like those in your cold fusion theme? Or in the cold fusion theme, will I be able to hide the main menu at the top?

Thank you.

Hi skunkswithwings. Do you need to auto-hide “MENU >” image from This Way WP? If so, how would you open the menu without it? Can you explain it please? Thank you.

Hey, sorry, I should have been more clear. I would like the playlist menu in THIS WAY to act like that of the playlist menu in Cold Fusion, which opens upon hover. The MENU > image is fine and would not need to autohide.

Thank you for your interest skunkswithwings. This Way WP’s playlist is working on the background with just 3 buttons. We wanted it to be more clearer actually. Regards :)

hello. i don’t get password email. i tried to get password many times. my id is cmook23 and my email is so i writed here.

by the way My page is not open for twitter or facebook share. sample URL is “” maybe ”#!” is missing.

can u tell me what is something wrong.

Hi cmook23, check your mail please, i have sent your password manually. Thanks :)


I was wondering how I can get a refund for my purchase of this theme. I feel like it’s not working for me.

Hi again happyhabit. As my friend said we are not authorized to refund. You need to contact Theme Forest’s staff. Thank you.

Thanks for the quick reply. How do I contact them?

When I go the second page of my media section I get this screen:

Love the theme, it has done me well.

Pease move your question to our support forum. htpp://

Hey man, I have a problem, this might sound silly but I can’t make a page, I followed instruction to the letter and nothing comes up, I get a black line.!page/ like this!filmari-profesionale-nunti/ – this should be the contact page but renamed the perma link. I have wordpress 3.8 installed if you think this might be the problem.

Hi Leonard222, we have FAQ pages and support team at Please register. Thank you :)

why don’t u reply me?. when will u check erorr. i sent P M to u and i wrote at froum. but u did’t reply to me anymore.

Hi cmook23, we normally answer all the questions in 24 hours period but our friend has been ill for 2 days. I saw your topic and PM and they will be answered as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience. Regards

I just purchased your theme and installation was great until I activated the theme. Now there is this error ” escaped_fragment=?” and it won’t open the page.

Hi areeezzy, thank you for purchasing :) Go here and find “Redirection problem” subject. You will solve the problem then. Regards.

Hi there. Are there translations files to the theme or do i have to translate it manually on the codes?

Btw, i want to translate it to Brazilian Portuguese

Hi faraco, our support team can help you over Thank you :)

Hi RenkliBeyaz, I finally purchased and installed the theme, tried to register in the support for some stupid questions I know are easy but have not received n email back to finish the registration.

Hi Mark44, thank you for purchasing :) Is your mail username "tewalk7@********.*** ?

No sir, that last @*.* is much too long, I really need to get into the forum and get this figured out.

Ok, i know :) So, now i am sending your forum pass to your mail. Regards.

Hello Renkli!

Honestly I’m really nerved in the meantime with your support forum. I have asked very clear questions and to none of my post I get a reply! Others you reply within one hour, but mine not at all. That’s really annoying.

I also was kindly asking if I do something wrong, but also no reply.

Theme is optically nice, but has some tricky issues.

Username is the same like here and I hope to get soon a reaction.

BR, Petra

Hi redaktionbp, thank you for your feedback. I checked all your 7 topics in 4 day. Some of them are not answered but they will be answered soon. We answer all the question in 24 hours period if its not too complex. You can find some answers of your questions in Right Now FAQ topic (like appropriate image size). Regards

I updated but still cannot add a link to menu. What should i do?

Hi burakbirer, you can ask help over support forum. Our team will help you asap. Thank you :)

Great theme… but i have two problems wiht them:

1. I need to play a vimeo video on the background included the autostart. It works nice, but i can’t deactivate the loop.

2. When the video is playing on Ipad or other mobile devices the menu disapears.

Thanks for your support.

Hi pascalcattin, thank you for your nice comment :)

We have a support forum and our team can help you over there. Thank you.

Hi, thanks for your feedback. Yesterday i have registred on your forum. I wait since for the email-confirmation.

Please check your mail. I have sent your password. Thanks.


I want to buy and install this theme, but just wondering if it is compatible with WordPress 3.8.1

Thank you Stephen

Hi stephenadams, yes it is compatible with the latest version of the WP. Thanks :)

you can put in the description (caption below) html tags? It can be expected?

renk, your email? send me?

I would like to make a request for a fee …

Ok, i got the mail. Thank you :)

Hi there,

i just changed all the videos on my screen and i cant get the new ones to get full screen again.

Is there any specific width and height to set them full screen?


Hi faraco, we have a support forum at Our support team can help you asap. And you can also find all the help videos there. Check this Thank you :)

Hi! First, I want to thank you for the great work! Secondly, I have some questions: 1. I was wondering if is it possible to increase the size of the share icons/buttons? 2. Can I include other icons on the share bar? (instagram, vimeo, youtube) 3. Can I make the menu bar to stay open and not to move permanently?

Thank you again!

Hi tresrolos, thank you :) I think all of your needs are doable. Please go to and create your topic and ask help from our support team. They will help you asap. Regards.

purchased tried to figure most things out myself on forum. I need the linked in & twitter icons to go to my accounts. I was able to do Facebook but thing I did something wrong on twitter & linked in. can you copy and paste and show me where my user name would go? thanks

Hi scoularimage, i saw your forum post and our support team will help you as soon as possible. Regards.

this theme seems just what I am looking for. However is it possible to play an animated gif as a slider? and is it possible to play a different song per slide?

I need some sort of music controller as I am going to use it for an music artist. Please let me know.

Hi thanda, thank you for your interest. Yes you can add gif images for the background gallery. Music player works as standalone. Regards :)