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I bought your theme and It’s really awesome! :)

But I’ve one question, I bought WiLD Google Maps and want to implement it, but when I paste it to a page, it shows me a blank div.

I want this Plugin, cause it looks great!

My Website:

Thanks! Chri

Hi SCHMkom, thank you :) Please go to and ask help from our support team. They will try to help asap. Regards.

hi Ersen, how are you my friend? The work is amazing! Thanks to everyone and especially for his contribution to the realization of this fantastic theme. See you soon Nobodyridesforfree

Hi nobodyridesforfree, thank you for your nice comment. See you :)

I install the theme and it wont load at all….nothing. I watched the video 300 times on installation. first of all there is NO cache folder in the theme so I could not set permissions…please help

Hi gootz123, can you please login Theme Forest with your purchaser account?

it is not my theme i am helping a friend….he will log the same question to you with his purchase number please standy

Thank you gootz123. I suggest you to ask your question over and our support team will help you asap. Be sure that theme has not any bug on installation. Regards

How do I register a new account to the support forum? I can’t figure out where I need to enter my purchase code.

Hi there I would like to purchase your theme but before I do, could you answer these questions:

Q1: Can I use the videos from the portfolio in the slider - so that they can play in the background (without filter)? - can you make the videos flow into each other once one is finished?

Q2: can the menu stay fixed at the top?

Q3: can there be an image for the background and use the portfolio to play over? Yet the image is fixed.

I ask these as I plan not to have many options for the menu. And a web series for the videos so I would like them to be able to flow and the audience to choose the episode with the branding from the fixed background image.

Hi elliotdwennen, thank you for your interest. Can you please use this form to send your questions to our developer. He can explain better. Then please let me know after sending it. Thank you.

I have used the form on the profile page to send through my questions.

Ok elliotdwennen, thank you. We will let you know :)

great theme but because its not responsive and looks like also not translation ready I cant buy it so I have question: will you release some responsive and translation ready version of this template ? In todays world where most people use mobile devices for browsing web non-responsive themes are kinda showstopper to me …

Hi freakpower, thank you for your interest :) Most of our clients are using this theme as multi language. We chose to use adaptive layout approach with this theme. Same layout on all devices. Actually mobile devices are mostly used for reaching social sites. Regards

Hello,I am just about to buy your amazing template,I just had a couple of questions about the Blog section.

When you go to the blog section and you click the read more button, is there any way to navigate back to the blog section.It looks like you have to close the post and go back to the blog menu button.

Also how function is the blog, there seems to be tags there, but I can’t find anywhere to search on particular tags.

Really looking forward to your response.

Many thanks Arran

Hi nickvh1, thank you for your nice comment :) Yes, you can add a button with javascript to go back. Our support team can help you about this. Tags may help your google to crawl your site. Regards

Thank you so much for your quick response… So would I be able to update the template/blog I work with someone who is a wizard at JavaScript, Or would I have to get you guys to update things.

Really great templates!!!!

Hope to hear from you, Thanks again….

We have a support forum at Our friends can help you also :) Thanks

Hello, I recently bought this theme and I’m having trouble with the play/pause button on my video menu, as well as inserting photo galleries. I tried signing up for your forum, but when I copy/pasted my purchase code in the Registration window, I got an error message telling me to enter my email. I entered my e-mail, and it bounced me back to the purchase code page, and keeps going back and forth like that.

The problem I am having with the theme is that there are TWO play/pause menus for the slider on the front page (attached to the front page I am only playing a demo reel video and nothing else. the demo reel video is linked in from Vimeo). Both menus appear to work, but when you push the top menu’s play button, it does not play or pause. Then when you click the bottom menu’s play button, you have to do it twice to get it to pause. Even weirder, I can’t see the bottom play menu at all on a MacBook 13” (though I didn’t have this problem on a 21” iMac), which is really inconvenient, since that is the only menu that seems to control the video at all.

The second problem I am having is that when I insert a photo gallery into a page, I cannot use the “attachment page” feature to have my photos pop up separately. Instead, I just get a ‘Loading’ bar and the theme goes back to the home page.

What can I do to fix these problems and/or register for your forum? Thanks so much, I really like this theme otherwise!

(PS: if it helps I’ve tried troubleshooting on OS X using Chrome and Safari)

Hi akasbo, is it your mail [e-mail removed] ? I will help you to login our support forum. Thanks

Yes, that one. thank you

Ok akasbo, now your forum password is your email. Let me know if you have any problem. Thank you :)

How hard is it to customize the theme’s colors – if for instance, I wanted everything white instead of black (menu backgrounds, overlay, etc)?

Also, on the right side vertical menu, can I add both video and still images?

I assume it’s easy to customize the color of the menu button and menu logo?

Can the opacity of the various overlay elements be adjusted easily?


Hi mmaddox, i think its easy to make some customization on styling. Our support team also can help you to do this. You need to make some css changes. Yes, you can mix the pictures with video files. Yes, you can edit the opacities on objects with css :) Thank you.

hi, I am trying to activate the blog on a separate page… I went to readings and it asks you to select the front page which would be home page but that is not showing up as an option. There is no home page in my pages list. Can you please help? I selected the post page to be “Blog” and left the front page selection blank for now. That causes an error on the site and it won’t load at all.

Hmm, so there there may be something wrong with your mail address. Please mail and i can fix your address. Let me know please :)

thanks! it works now… I posted a question here. Let me know if anyone can help :)

Nice :) Our support team will help you asap. Thanks

I just purchased thiswaywp theme and Im having trouble customizing it in wordpress. The tutorial video is showing a different version of word press. I need help. When I preview the page it shows loading but nothing more.

Hi iamthespotlight, first of all thank you for purchasing our theme :) We have a support forum at If you move your question there (with your URL) our support team will help you asap. Regards

Though this theme looks good, It has a lot of issue with the video background. It does not work in Safari browsers and a few others, If you are using a mac. The tech support is not helpful at all either. I wouldn’t recommend this theme to anything, the support section of their website is full of issues people are having with it.

Hi erecia, thank you for purchasing our theme. I am also a Mac user and we tested it for all the browsers. At our support forum we try to answer all question in 24 hours period if they are not so complex. Now i talked to my friend about your post and he will check your site. You can test our demo site with Safari and you can see it has not any problem with background videos. Regards

Hello, i’m having a problem with my website with this theme. It was all working well since last week when i updated the Wordpress and the theme itself. Now my pages dont load anymore. I think is something about the ajax load, i really dont have a clue. Can u help me?

My website is

Hi victorwesley, there might be a problem with the update process. Can you please move your question to I see that you have no membership. Check these links pls. and Thank you :)

This theme is really beautiful but to call it iphone compatible is a bit of an overstatement. Almost impossible to navigate on iphone 5.

Hi ironmountainfilms, thank you for purchasing our theme and for your nice comment. We chose to use adaptive style layout for the mobile devices because using different theme for the mobile may not reflect the same effect. By the way in case of a specific problem of your site please go to and we can check your site also. Thank you :)

Hi Ersen! I really like your theme and I bought it some time ago. Now I’ve a technical problem and I’ve tried to join the forum with my purchase code, but I don’t receive any mail with my password to log in. Thanks! Eva

Hi Evac3po, thank you for your nice comment :) I updated your forum password as your email. Please try and let me know if you have any problem. Regards.


Nice theme. I really want to use it but I have one hesitation, I am worried that a video background will take too long to load. The video you use on the preview loads in a respectable time. What video compression did you use to have it pixelated with black dots like that?


Hi chrislows, thank you for your interest :) We are using Youtube and Vimeo files for the background. This is why it is fast and you can choose the quality of the videos also. Its too easy to build a background gallery. You just need to paste the ids of the videos. Regards.

Cool thanks. But how did you get the video to be pixelated with that pattern of black dots? Is that another way to reduce the size?

That dots is a png file :) You can remove it if you want. But i think it helps low quality videos to be seen better.

hy, i buy you theme, but i don’t know how to make the music background stops when you what to see a video from my portfolio.he plays 2 music in the same time. If you what to wach a movie from my portfolio the music from background is not stoping.thx

Hi calinescustudioart, please login with your purchaser account and we would help you asap. Thanks.

hy, i buy you theme, but i don’t know how to make the music background stops when you what to see a video from my portfolio.he plays 2 music in the same time. If you what to wach a movie from my portfolio the music from background is not stoping. Thx

Hi dalizon, please move your question to and our team will help you asap. Thanks :)

something wrong … I’m not getting configure thema. In my theme folder says “version of avaliapção”. I bought the license. Where can I configure so that errors do not give the theme LICENSE CERTIFICATE:? Envato Marketplace Item

This document certifies the purchase of: ONE REGULAR LICENSE those defined in the standard terms and conditions on the Envato Marketplaces.

Licensor’s Author Username: RenkliBeyaz Licensee: Qix

For the item: This Way WP Full Video / Image Background with Audio errors: ? _escaped_fragment Et tested with only 1 installation, gave permissions. Please help me!

Hi, Qix, we visited your link and we didnt check any problem in this page. Please move your question to and our team will help you asap.

does it allow to share single image one by one?

jenan, can you email I will ask the developer of the theme and i will inform you detailed. Thanks.

email sent