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I just want to say the support for this item is very unsatisfactory so far. The videos for the theme are out of date as it seems the theme has been updated since the videos were made (over 1 year) and following install steps is impossible as the files you need to install in WP don’t exist in the DL.

The “support” team on the forums aren’t the developers, so getting them to fix something is slow and frustrating.

I’m hoping to get answers soon or I am going to be getting a refund.

Hi dozeoneuk, thank you for your feedback. We just zipped the theme file, thats all. I can say that Installing the theme takes just 5 minutes if you do the right steps. Now i will check your forum post and we will let you know asap. Regards.

Very nice design! But why do you sound like? Very annoying! I know it can be turned off, but it should never be done in a sound website!

Sorry, I am using Google Translate.

Hi creativenetkft, thanks for your interest and for the feedback :)

problem with the background video is not full screen, why? before changing the type of style (light or dark) yes it worked perfect.

Hi yimmyHdez, can you please login with your Purchaser account? Thanks.

Hey love this theme its amazing and is my current website! only thing i couldn’t figure out is when you open a video from the portfolio how do you make the background video pause? Right now both just play at the same time unless you pause the background manually before clicking in the portfolio,which is a bit undesirable.

Hi JamieBowen, thank you for your nice comments :) We have a support forum at Regards.

hi – how do i update the theme to the latest version without loosing content, settings etc?

Hi bhillsboyoz, download the latest version from Downloads tab then go to and our friends will help you asap. Thanks :)

Hi…..I have 10 HTML5 games that I would like to feature using this template. Can you please confirm the following:

1- I see you are using images and videos in your templates. But will HTML5 pages show in the main container as well?

2- Is the size of the main container adjustable to accommodate the games I have games are 800X600?

Thank you

Hi souagague, i think you need to make some modification on the theme to show your html5 games. Regards

I have a background with video and audio when I click portfolio to see other videos, audio background does not stop.


Hi betopicha, can you please login with your Purchaser account? Thanks.

redirect problem. Fatal error: Cannot redeclare acp_initialize() How do I fix this? I only get this problem with your theme I just purchased.

Hi rick005, please check this page and find “Redirection problem”. Regards :)

hi m8 love this theme so far. Can you send how google crawls the website so taht I can tell my SEO manager? We checked the google documentation but we’d like some more info.

Thanks in advance

Hi Moister, We’ll be happy to help your all questions. Please move your questions to our forum page.

I’ve checked on the forums and I see that the theme is not SEO friendly at all according to your replies to some posts there. Are you gonna make it SEO friendly soon or I’ll have to change the theme for my website?

Hi again Moister, we have followed Google’s Ajax documentation for Search Engine Optimization.

Hi! I need to create a image gallery page with different galleries. I use the plugin NextGEN (in many site) that use lightbox, but it doesn’t work! When I click on the thumbs the lightbox doesn’t work! I tried any other plugin with lightbox and doesn’t work…. I don’t understand…. Any help??

Great theme!!!!

Hi ilpega, thank you for your nice comment :) Please go and our support team will help you asap. Regards.

How do you log into your support forum. It does not allow you to register. what username and password do we use?


Could you help us out with this problem:!beautycases/

If we go from page 1 to 2, we end up in a odd looking page, what could be the problem?

Thanks Renske

Hi renske, please login with your Purchaser account to get help. Regards.

I am trying to create a post with a link to a youtube video (made by me) but I have this serious problem and I don’t know how to fix it: Warning: file_get_contents( [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.0 403 Forbidden in /membri/wonderabout/wp-content/themes/ThisWay/index.php on line 113

Hi, I am sorry, but the link you send me has not been heplful, you just replied “Could you communicate with your server about file get content function support” and I don’t know what does it mean, I didn’t understand what is the problem and why every link to youtube I post is not showing on my website.

Our support team can help you over support forum if you move your problem there. They will explain what you should do step by step. Please tell them that you saw above link. Regards.

This theme is giving me a “redirect loop”, and i can’t figure out how to get support!

-Freaking out tbh

Hi hblount, check this please “Redirection problem” Regards :)

Hi guys,

the hover/rollover and icons on gallery images/portfolio stop working on my site.

can you please get back to me so I can send you the URL to check

many thanks

Hi troon107, our support team can help you over Please add your URL also. Thanks

How can I get support, I’ve registered but have not had a user name or password via email..

Could you send us your e-mail address please.

We sent infos to Thanks

Hi! I’m considering buying your theme. A few questions though.

1. Is it possible to make titles, on the background slider, active links? So i.e. I have a video-backstage or single photo from my photoshoot and I want it to be a link to a gallery with photos from that certain photoshoot.

2. Is it possible to mix video portfolio with the regular photo portfolio? So, inside certain portfolio I would have as well my videobackstage as my photos from the photoshoot?

Thanks for answers in advance :)

Hi kosafwc, thank you for your interest in our theme. 1. I think it needs some code modification on your side. 2. Yes, you can mix the video and photo files. Regards :)

Ok thanks for quick answer. As for 1 – at first I thought that it could be a simple permalink instruction, but on the second hand there is no field for na url in the admin panel. So I don’t have any clue how to do that :) You should think about that kind of option. It would make theme even more effective. As for now slider is just a display module :)

Thank you for your suggestion kosafwc :)

I am being told by my client that their site isnt loading properly in Safari on the Mac:

I also am having trouble pulling it up on IE as well.

Any ideas?

Thank you,


Check your mail pls.

Thank you so much!

You’re welcome johnworfin.


Can I share my Dailymotion videos too or just YouTube and Vimeo?

Best rgds,


Hi laaksoar, This Way WP supports Youtube and Vimeo and Right Now WP has also local video support. It may need some code customization for Dailymotion videos. Thank you :)

Ok, so I’ve bought the theme and there is a problem. My photos in the background aren’t zooming like in the live demo. How can I set it up? There seems to be none option for that in the admin panel.

Hi kosafwc, thank you for buying our theme :) We have a support forum that you can find short how to videos from installation to managing audio files. And you can also ask help from support team and they will help you asap. Regards.

Ok i figured it out. Shame on me, the photos were just to small for script to zoom in them :) As I understand to make it working photos should be bigger than my current screen resolution :)

Nice to hear that you figured it our kosafwc :) Thank you for the feedback.