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Very Good Job, I Like it, GLWS ;)

Very nice my friend! And already 2 sales woop woop! GLWS!

Awesome work. Good luck with your sales :):)

Awesome template :)

One of the best themes I have seen for some time and great support too! :)

I really appreciate your kind words and i’m happy to help!


In the “our work” section, when you click on the last image in row two (soul digital) which then displays the large image slider, the left and right manual controls do not work. Works fine for all the other items. The online demo has the same problem.

The new updates will be uploaded soon!


In Google Chrome (Version 32.0.1700.76 m) the parallax effect doesn’t work correctly, the image tiles. Displays correctly in IE and Firefox. Any chance of a fix?


no9 Purchased

The employee profile section doesn’t show up in safari – as well as the last right hand side footer section. Please advise a fix?

Please send me a screenshot via my profile and I’ll take a look!


Great template! one quick question, is it possible to add both Vimeo video and pictures to the portfolio project details?

Thanks, Dan


Yes it’s possible!


Could you send me a quick email at on how to? bit of novice is coding. The videos will scale with the responsive design too right?


The only thing that you need to do is upload the video to your website and link the video with the page and it’ll work perfectly fine for you!


Hi, how do I get this theme running in wordpress?


This is only a HTML version!


Hello, I’m using your template to create my site, but im having a problem… I need to add more projects, but I’m already stuck trying to add the 9th project.

If i just copy from other project, the thumb works perfectly, but once i click for the details, The project is appearing but the next and prev buttons to pass the images inside the slider, they are not working.

Please can you tell me how to fix it? I added the id “project 9” and i imagine maybe is related with this, but I don’t know where elseI should change it or added.

Let me know asap how to fix it please.

Thank you very much!!!!!

I got the solution! Thanks anyway! But I really need your help on something! I would like that when you are inside a work detail, if you click on the filter, the work close and the filter works…. is this possible?

Hi, i got a problem with this theme it’s impossible to install on Wordpress because there is no “style.css” and “index.php” in the file. Can you explain to me ?... Thanks !

This is only HTML version not WP :)

I purchased this template and when I view it on an iPhone 5s in safari the responsive layout leaves a part of the top parallax images down the right side. Has anyone else had this issue and is there an update or fix?


The homepage to slider only uses Slide 1 & 2. Even if you put files banner3 and banner 4 in the referenced folder. The Demo shows all 4 in use. How do you utilize all four?

Hmm, how come my wordpress says style.css is missing and cannot instal the theme?

Hi there – I have been using the Thor theme for the last several months – I love it!

I have an issue at the moment – when I first click a portfolio item, the window scrolls up to view the project automatically. However when I select more portfolio items, the window doesn’t move and I have to scroll manually.

Can you point me to where I have made this mistake or where I can fix it?

Many thanks :)