Discussion on Thoughtful - Clean & Minimal Blogger Template

Discussion on Thoughtful - Clean & Minimal Blogger Template

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Hi, does this blog have its own dashboard (text type, size, justification, etc)? For example, if I was a member of a private online group and I wanted to write down personal notes could I blog right from my personal page or would i need to go into wp admin area?

Also, would my posts go directly onto the same page underneath my writing area? Sorry for the confusion!

This is not a wordpress theme. It’s a blogger theme. It’s only for simple blogging and doesn’t have the features you mentioned.

Hello Salman!! So I searched high and low for a good template for writers and this is the best… I just don’t like anything else, even in the WP world :) I just wanted to add a few tweaks: 1) I’d like to show date under the title not the comments count. Possible? 2) Can I have comments on the bottom not on the right? 3) Where would the pages go? Can I add header with pages just like in John Doey? Or is there another option for pages?

1) Yes, after you purchase the template contact me through email. 2) Yes. Comments on the right are for large screens only. But we can easily move the comments to bottom for all screen sizes. 3) I’m not sure what you mean by “header with pages”.

Oh! Sorry. I meant a dropdown menu like in John Doey. Well, in general I was wondering where I would display pages, but I guess now I’ll just put them in the left tab for the clean design. OK. I’ll email you after purchase. Thank you!

Hello, before I purchase, I wonder that if we have any other option instead of infinite scroll in the main page. For example, like page numbers?

Thank you.

I will help you remove the infinite scroll and add page numbers. But this option is not included in the template. :)

Thank you for quick response. Easy readable for visiters, may be the best blogger template just for writing. Good job!

Does this support pages?

Hi there. The profile is not working for blogs with multiple contributors. Do you have a template for multiple contributors please? It looks terrible http://www.dabbycastro.com/

In this case there are two options.
First, you can use an image of your choice on the profile picture, instead of image from blogger or google+ profile.
Second option, is to remove the profile picture completely. Only blog title and description.

Choose the option you like and i will guide to do that.

Contact me through email, i will send you the modified template.

Great theme! Great support. Happy with purchase.

I want to reduce width of the body . can I do that?

Sure. I will guide you to do that.

thanks, and I have one more question. how is a quote style? I hope this style. https://farm3.staticflickr.com/2943/15366419846_a1503fa642.jpg

if I get the style, I`ll buy this theme. thanks. I`m sorry I can’t english well :-)

No Problem. I will customize the quote style for you. Email me after buying the template.

nice minimal theme. However your post to facebook, twitter, etc is not working on your LIVE site…

please let us know when this is updated

yes. Im seeing the sign in page not the post page. Seems there is some issue or misunderstanding about the left side sharing buttons.

I have used the official sharing tags provided by blogger without any tweaks or changes. I’m surprised it’s not working for you. Because it’s working perfect on my side, i can hardly do anything about it. :)

no worries. We’ll just have to look into other template options. Thanks again.

Don’t you provide it also just as HTML/CSS? Frankly I have no idea how to get it out from the Blogger package – if it is easy enough then no need for it.


This template can only be used on Blogger hosted blogs.

Sweet minimal theme!

I have 3 questions before I purchase.

1: Can larger images be posted, the small images posted in the preview look rather small in regard to the full width type, is there a fixed image size. I would need to use larger/wider images.

2: Is there a limit on tags used?

3: Can widgets be posted on the comment page, mainly a HTML/Java script widget?

I’m hoping yes is the answer to my questions, LOVE this theme.

1: Yes, you can post any size image. You can make use of the full available width.
2: No, there is no limit.
3: Although posting a widget on Post Pages is not included in the template, but i will help you add your widget above the social share buttons.

I appreciate the quick response.

Sounding good so far, although I’m having concerns with the infinite scroll “I have a blog with hundreds of post” and I wonder about slow loading speed!

My blog is called http://shadowhousecreations.blogspot.com and I offer freebies for creative viewers, but I depend on donations so I would need a widget to place a Paypal image/link “see my paypal link top right on my blog” which I would prefer it on every comment page preferably below the social share buttons if possible. Curious where it would be on smaller screens?

You state the background can be customized, does that include the post background, I would prefer it be white.

I appreciate your time and patience, hope all works out.



Infinite Scroll function loads only first page, like any other template. When a user scrolls to the bottom of the page, it again fires and loads next page. Like you would click Older Post Link and next pages will load. Here it automatically clicks and loads for you. No worries.

I will help you add Donation Button below social Share. And on small screen it will go below the posts just after the social share. Resize you window and see it yourself.

If you have more queries, please send me message via contact form on this page – http://themeforest.net/user/TemplatesZoo

I do not see the theme.zip file cannot get the style.css file. getting the “missing style.css” error on upload.

It’s not a wordpress theme, it’s a blogger template. The error you are telling is a common error shown for wordpress themes. This theme can only be used on blogger hosted blogs.

Great Work! GLWS! ;)

Nice design. GLWS :)

Nice work, GLWS o7


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