Throne - Personal Blog/Magazine WordPress Theme

Throne - Personal Blog/Magazine WordPress Theme

Throne is a responsive WordPress theme for personal blogs, magazines or marketing websites with a professional design edge. Make the right choice for your personal blog, niche blog, corporate blog, authority blog or any type of creative/editorial/magazine website.

It is highly customizable to match your personal taste, and can easily be converted into a multi-purpose theme to suit a wide range of needs. When it comes to developing a professional website, With over 2,000 satisfied customers you can rest assured Throne is the right choice!

Developed from the ground up with a modern responsive design, awesome typography and a strong focus on readability, Throne has also been developed with SEO in mind from the ground up. This means your new website has been optimized not only for fast page load times, but Security and Search as well..

Why not check the demo and explore all the features before you buy?

Responsive Design

Your website is guaranteed to look good on large screens as well as all of today’s modern devices including desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

With a 100% Responsive design that has been tested and developed to create a seamless user experience no matter what device your website is viewed on.

Responsive mode is optional of course, and it can be easily switched off through theme options dependant of your needs.

Advanced Theme Options Panel

Throne comes with an advanced, easy to use, theme options panel which will allow you to easily setup your website in no time at all with no coding required.

Unlimited Fonts & Colors

Throne provides the options for unlimited fonts and colors so that you can easily customize it to suit your website’s branding requirements. It has a dedicated section to upload your logo and icons making it a breeze to add your personal touch to your new website.

Multiple Layouts – 50 combinations!

Throne provides the option to display posts inside the Top Featured section with 12 different layouts available, combined with classic post listing below with four different layouts, which means incredible flexibility.

In all, this means you can choose from around 50 different layouts in total making your new website more you, more unique!

Flexible Header

Throne is complete with several header layouts to match your personal taste. Utilise a classic simple header with navigation, or something more complex such as a Mega Menu, or use a traditional news style and place your ads/banners neatly inside with minimal fuss.

Unlimited Sidebars + Sticky Sidebars

You can add as many sidebars as you require with unlimited possibility. Assign specific sidebars to any Post, Page or Category.

This includes Sticky Sidebars for each template which means that widgets will be always visible while you scroll through the website content.

Built-in Theme Translator

Throne includes .po and .mo language files which guarantees compatibility with standard WordPress translation and multilingual websites.

If you want modify or translate text on the Front-End, you can do it very easily via Theme Options Panel.

One Click Easy Updates

You can connect your website with Envato official API and be notified of future updates via your admin dashboard.

Every time a Throne update is released you will be notified and can update with a single click, just like you would for any other Theme hosted on the official WordPress repository. Hassle free!

Social Sharing Integrated

Allow visitors to quickly share your content on the world’s most popular social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more! With Social sharing baked into the core of Throne you can assign sharing icons to Posts or Pages as you need.

Additional Custom Widgets

  • Throne Adsense Widget – If you are using Google Adsense, simply add your script inside this widget. Compatible with almost any JavaScript related advertising service.
  • Throne Video – Easily display YouTube or Vimeo videos with this widget.
  • Throne Posts – Your posts shown in a stylish way, similar to standard WordPress post widget but with many more options.
  • Meks Easy Ads Widget – Great solution if you are using advertisement on your website allows you to include ads wherever you need them most with a simple Widget.
  • Meks Smart Social Widget – You can use this widget to display social icons just about anywhere on your website simply, and easily.
  • Meks Smart Author Widget – Use this widget to display user and author profile info.
  • Meks Simple Flickr Widget – You can display your Flickr photo-stream with this widget.
  • Meks Smart ThemeForest Widget – You can display your own, or other users ThemeForest items here, including affiliate links.


Add elegant elements to your content with 12 flexible shortcodes that have been designed and developed to suit your new website.

Columns, separators, highlights, dropcaps, buttons, pull quotes, progress bars, social icons, tabs, toggles, accordions…and more!

Post Formats Support

Besides standard posts, Throne also supports Video, Audio, Image and Gallery Post formats.

WordPress common embedding features are also supported so you can embed Facebook Updates, Tweets, Instagrams, Soundcloud audio tracks including podcasts, Youtube & Vimeo content all with a simple click and no coding required.

RTL Support

To make sure your new website is globally compatible, Throne includes a very simple option to alter the orientation for Right-To-Left reading audiences. Everything has been taken care of!

Full Documentation + Demo Content Included

We provide full documentation so you can learn how to setup this theme step by step, and use all of it’s options and features.

A demo content XML file is included in the package so you can get very similar content to our demo website quickly, then start tweaking from that point.

Dedicated Support

If you have any questions, issues, feature ideas, do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll try to respond ASAP and are always here to help you out!


WordPress Simple Portfolio  Contact Us for Support


= 1.7.1 =

* Fixed: Problem with load more and infinite scroll on Layouts C and D
* Fixed: Couple of minor styling issues
= 1.7 =

* Added: Options for Load More and Infinite Scroll pagination ( Theme Options -> General)
* Added: Authors Page Template which lists all blog authors
* Added: Option to choose Featured Layout for Pages, and override that option on specific page ( Theme Options -> Page Templates )
* Added: Option to enable content image(s) open in pop-up ( Theme Options -> General )
* Improved: Excerpt character limitation now works better for languages with special characters
* Fixed: Some minor bugs and styling issues in various browsers as well as in responsive mode
= 1.6.1 =
* Improved: RTL stylings
* Fixed: Video post format not displaying title (in 1.6)
* Fixed: Layout C and D styling bugs on specific resolutions
= 1.6 =
* Added: Full "Related posts" functionality for single posts (Theme Options -> Single Post)
* Fixed: Some minor bugs and styling issues which are reported by users in various browsers as well as in responsive mode
= 1.5.1 =
* Fixed: Throne widgets throwing notices in WordPress 4.3 if WP_DEBUG mode is enabled
= 1.5 =

* Added: Support for Entry Views WordPress Plugin, now you can display number of views for your posts as well as order posts by number of views on home page
* Added: Option to display reading time for your posts meta data (Theme Options -> Main Layouts)
* Added: Option to select multiple categories (Throne Posts Widget)
* Added: Option to filter posts by tags (Throne Posts Widget)
* Added: Option to pick posts manually (Throne Posts Widget)
= 1.4.1 =

* Added: Security update - Redux options panel and TGM plugin installer (as suggested by Envato), now you are 100% safe
* Added: New demo importer for easier setup
* Added: New support for title tag (since WP 4.1) for better compatibility with plugins
* Fixed: Live preview not working in some cases
* Fixed: Some minor bugs and styling issues which are reported by users in various browsers as well as in responsive mode
= 1.4 =
* Added: Option to set number of posts per page for each layout (Theme Options -> Main Layouts)
* Added: Option to make share buttons always visible (Theme Options -> Main Layouts)
* Added: Option to display content images in pop-up (Theme Options -> Single Post)
* Added: Another (fallback) option to manually pick posts/pages on home page (Theme Options -> Home Page)
* Added: Support for Google structured data (updated and hcard fields issues fixed)
* Added: Caption display for image/gallery in pop-up mode
* Added: Options to display meta data (Throne Posts Widget)
* Improved: Support to display videos on SSL websites as well (Throne Video Widget)
* Fixed: Issue with Optimize Press WordPress plugin
* Fixed: Minor CSS fixes and improvements for reported issues
* Fixed: Manual posts picker in theme options not working properly in wp 4.1
= 1.3 = 
* Added: Throne Adsense Widget - option to expand widget width to fit 300px wide ads
* Added: Throne Posts widget - option to filter posts by time period
* Added: Header Styling - option to upload logo for devices which support retina displays
* Added: Header Styling - option to upload another logo for sticky header only
* Added: Header Styling - option to specify after how many px of scrolling sticky header appears
* Added: Header Styling - option to add custom url to your logo/website title
* Added: Content Styling - option to change color for archive titles (category title, tag title, etc...)
* Added: Single Post - option to on/off tags
* Added: Single Post - option to display caption for featured images
* Added: Single Post - option to on/off lightbox(pop-up) for galleries and image post format
* Added: Page template - option to on/off featured image
* Added: Page Template - option to hide comments
* Added: Home Page - option to on/off main post listing (if you wan to show featured area only)
* Added: Translation strings for comments form
* Added: Support for Internet Explorer 8
* Improved: Layout A - display featured images with post format icons for all post formats if content option is set to "excerpt" 
* Improved: Sidebars - theme options will now recognize all other custom created sidebars added by other sidebar generator plugins you may want to use
* Improved: All widgets fully supports new customizer in WP 3.9+
* Improved: Access of google webfonts file due to permission problems on some specific server configurations
* Improved: Responsive menu - navigation will close when you click anywhere outside of it
* Fixed: Problem with reading .po and .mo files properly when used for manual translation
* Fixed: Minor CSS fixes and improvements for reported issues
= 1.2 = 
* Added: Option to manage home page main posts listing the same way as for featured area (filter by categories, tags, manually pick posts, etc...)
* Added: Option to position "welcome area" above or below featured area
* Added: Support to display pages inside featured area on home page (in manual pick mode)
* Added: Support for paginated content on pages using <!--nextpage--> tag
* Added: Support for manual excerpts in posts
* Fixed: Problem with loading Google Fonts on websites using SSL
* Fixed: Issue with native fonts in Theme Options
* Fixed: Display past comments if comments are closed for particular post
* Fixed: Minor CSS fixes and improvements for reported issues
= 1.1 = 
* Added: Option to limit/unlimit characters in Posts Widget
* Added: Option to display "ago" word before time/date
* Added: Option to hide featured area on home page pagination
* Added: Option to hide welcome area on home page pagination
* Improved: Responsive navigation/menu
* Fixed: Wrong accent color on archive titles
* Fixed: Missing URLs in Posts Widget
* Fixed: Missing image for pinterest share
* Fixed: Several reported CSS issues in both standard and responsive mode
= 1.0 =
* Initial release 

Sources and credits





Images used on the demo website are either purchased from ShutterStock or downloaded from Unsplash, and they are all credited to their respective creators/owners. These images are not included in the theme package.


Some example patterns on the demo website come from Subtle Patterns