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I love it! Can I use a video header?

Totally, the video header option works using bigvideo.js so you’ll need to use self hosted video, or there’s mention at the bottom of this page of using vimeo to generate the video also;

Cheers! :)

Looks wonderful as always. Wish you the best with this one , Thomus.

Kind Regards,

Cheers mate! :)

Jesus! This is gorgeous!!! Good luck with sales not that you need luck!

Haha, cheers mate! :)

Another gorgeous template :D

Nice work mate! Good luck with sales!

Cheers dude!

Another awesome single page template! Keep up the good work!

Cheers mate! :)

Hi, Is there a way to preview what this looks like on other devices?

Hey there,

Yeah! I just updated the demo link to include my usual preview bar which includes responsive buttons, check it out! :)

excellent! Thank you!

Lovely stuff! Look forward to next week’s installment/file/theme! ;-)

Haha, cheers mate :) Just in time for the UK meet up hopefully :)

Awesome work, as always. A few Q’s:

- Is it possible to add a page for the portfolio? - Is it possible to link portfolio items to lightbox instead of loading a post with AJAX? I’m looking to use this for a photography site and I want the ability to use arrow keys to step through photos.

Oh wait, I just saw this wasn’t a WP theme… will you make it into one? :-)

Hey there,

Only HTML at the moment :)

1. Yes, there will be dedicated Portfolio archives in the WP Version.

2. I’ll make a note to look into that for the WP version, cheers! :)

WP Version will likely be along sometime in December or early January, I’m in the process of building a Knowledgebase for my themes at the moment, so development slowing down a little bit for the moment :)

First of all looks great! But is it possible to change from one to a multi page website?

Hey there,

Well it’s only HTML so you’ll be modifying everything by hand anyway, I might add a multipage version in there for good measure as well :)

If you choose to buy tides and struggle with multi paging anything, let me know and I’ll help :)


Hi Tom, Thnx for the info… I just bought the template and will see how far I will come, otherwise I will send you an email ;). Cheersss


Total Badass! Please let me know when you get the wordpress version

Cheers mate :) Will do!

the our work div under the video header overflows into the video header when you resize the browser small in an upward position.

Hey there,

Thanks, I’ll look into this.


Hi mate! I’m going to buy this theme but when i visualize it on my iPhone it has lots of problems… the video stops lots of time and it has lots of layout problems. Can you check and fix it? If you fix these bus i’ll buy it! Thanks.

Hey there,

Are you looking at the demo with the theme forest bar still active? You may want to check the demo directly;


Hi, just purchased, thank you, im trying to change my background moving video using a vimeo link, ive found the file in the code for the default one, tried pasting my vimeo link over it but it doesnt work? any idea how i can add it to the background? thanks in advance!

Hey there,

IT’s a HTML template so you can do whatever you want, just remember that you’ll likely need to adjust CSS to suit.


thanks for the reply!! one last thing….whereabouts do i put my email address in to make the email form work?

Put it in the marked area in contact.php :)


Hey, I purchased the theme and I’m getting along setting it all up nicely, but I’m trying to set up some video portfolio pages, however when I replace the original surfing video with my own embed code from vimeo, it doesn’t work. It’s a similar looking embed code that the original video had so I can’t work it out?

This is the code I’m trying to work with:

<iframe src=”//” width=”500” height=”281” frameborder=”0” webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>

And some others that are similar. They don’t work when I open up the project.html file in dreamweaver and when I preview the site on chrome the project pages won’t work at all. Is this something that will be straightened out once my site it ‘officially’ online?


Hey there,

Chrome won’t open the project pages when you’re working locally because of AJAX restrictions, you should upload to your site and you’ll see this all working nicely :)

As for Vimeo codes, they should work perfectly straight from the site, but you could always try adding http: to the src=”” since it appears to be missing.


Awesome, thank you very much!

The video does not play on iPad or mobile (tested on an Android phone). Not even on your demo site at

Yep, that’s by design, mobile devices do not allow auto play of HTML5 video, with that in mind (and for increased performance) a full width cover image is used instead on mobile devices.


Why not design something alternative for mobile? For example a play button option.

Be that as it may, even your cover image version is breaking the layout on iPad. It bleeds into the gallery below it.

Hey there,

1. Yes this is something I have considered for an update.

2. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I’ll take a look into it.


Regarding the previous comment – How do you change the full width cover image then? as ive changed my video, but the still image on android phone is of the blue default backgorund? where in the code is it to change the image?? thanks

Hey there,

At the bottom of index.html, check this out;

if ((/iPhone|iPod|iPad|Android|BlackBerry/).test(navigator.userAgent)) {

cover.png in the /img/ folder is the current fallback image for mobiles, change to your needs :)


Hi there

I just purchased and downloaded your tide theme but wordpress does not accept it. This is what happens when I upload the zip file:

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Hey there,

Tides is a HTML template, not a WordPress theme.

If you need to contact Envato about your purchase you can do so here:

Cheers! :)

hehe. Yes I just realized that after I commented. Can you think of a wordpress website that includes a video at the frontpage and smaller videos underneath (like a portfolio)? If you click on the smaller videos (or still shots of videos) they would take you to a page with more information about the video. Hahaha… I realize it’s a big favour but if anything comes to mind ;)

No problem,

This would probably be a good place to start;

Cheers :)

Hi again,

My site it now live and all the videos and project pages are working fine which is good!

But I was wondering how I’d go about changing the favicon? At the moment it’s the logo of my hosting site, is this something I can change in the theme or is it something I have to do with my host?


Thank you!

Hi. On my iPhone, the image header page doesn’t show or scale the background correctly. I only see a blue image, which may or may not be part of my background as I am using the image with the sky. Please let me know how to fix this. Also when I checked the site on Firefox on Windows 7, the image header page’s background didn’t appear correctly. I also checked it with IE and the result was the same. With Firefox on Mac the page seems to be fine. Thanks.

Hey there,

Please forward all support requests with your site URL for us to take a look at to our ticket service:

Where we can assist more easily :)