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Discussion on Tienda - eCommerce Joomla 4 Template with Page Builder

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logo is taking only in svg format even i selected in the backend it is not working www.krishnatemptation.com

i wanted to add in png format


Apparently you are selecting the logo only in the default template style, you have to select in all the ones you use, if you don’t know which one you are using, select the logo in all the styles.

For more information on template styles, read the documentation included in the package.


i got a problem

I want to host it but I have a problem.

Wed Sep 06 10:00:04.999245 2023 pid 32213:tid 139659862574848 AH01071: Got error ‘PHP message: PHP Warning: session_write_close(): Failed to write session data using user defined save handler. (session.save_path: /home/specs/tmp) in /home/specs/domains/specs-c.com/public_html/libraries/vendor/joomla/session/src/Storage/NativeStorage.php on line 114’


After you did what happened? What version of PHP? Is the problem with the quickstar or template?


I will edit offcanvas-menu.

” Address: Los Olivos Lima – Peru Phone: 51 000-0000 Mail: info@localhost.xyz Horary: Mon – Sat 9am to 8pm”

Where can I get it in this section?

Hi there, Go to: Administrator >> Content >> Site Modules >> filter by type UT Contac Pro, In the results, edit the module that is published in the offcanvas position


I can’t find how to change the background of “100% PRERUVIAN COTTON CLOTHES”, can you tell me where to edit it?

Edit the SP Page Builder section that to contain these text, in the style tab you can change image, color or disable


An error has occurred. 0 count(): Argument #1 ($value) must be of type Countable|array, null given

It is in shop menu

Here I cant add screenshots

Please change store owner, if it not solve your problem write us:

1. Go to: Users >> Manage >> Copy the id of the user that you want to be the owner of the store.

2. Go to: Components >> Viertumeart >> Configuration >> Shop tab >> Advanced Settings section >> select YES in Enable database Update tools >> Save (not Save & Close)

3. Click in circle and arrow icon (->) it is in left of Shop tab, it open Virtuemart Menu, got to: TOOLS >> Tools & Migration >> DB Tools tab >> paste user ID copied previously >> press button Set Store Owner.

To add screenshot you can upload to https://prnt.sc/ then share link here.


https://krishnatemptation.com logo to be aligned center in Menu box

Add custom.css in templates/ut_tienda/css/custom.css and add these code: .offcanvas-menu .d-flex.align-items-center.p-3.pt-4{justify-content:cener;}


Will you please share the slider documentation ? I am not able to change the text On the slider

Hi there. Slider is created with SP Page Builder Addon, but please edit in addon form options no directly in live text. Click in addon content >> click in fisrt option of showed toolbar >> Click in Add/Edit Items >> Click in item (slide) >> Click in item >> Content >> edit the text.



License code is above

Getting error in site https://krishnatemptation.com

Thank you

Now to update from virtuemart official site is need purchase support for 1 year. We released this template when Virtuemart was 100% free including updates.

You have 2 options to upgrade:

1. Pay for virtuemart updates on the official site.

2. We have created an unofficial package which is version 4.0.20, we are not sure if we will continue creating these packages because it is necessary for Virtuemart to release a quickstart. If you want we can send you that package.


Please share the download link

I give the template in my hosting company “easylogic” to upload and setting up, but they didn’t succeed. always something went wrong. Can you fix it? by payment of cource. i told you that because i like excessively the template .

Again let’s clear things up:

1. You said “I give the template in my hosting company “easylogic” to upload and setting up”. This is redistribution, now that you say you just gave it to a friend to install it for you, that’s off topic, but let’s leave it at that.

2. I have not threatened anyone, what I have explained are commercial processes according to the licenses.

3. To be honest, it didn’t bother me that you were giving it to your hosting company (you won’t anymore). What does bother me is that you give me 1 star and a harmful comment when you are benefiting in some way from the product, that is not to do, sir. If you hadn’t put that 1 star and the damaging comment and you had only asked for help, we wouldn’t even have talked about licenses or redistributions, because I know that my products are of quality and are redistributed pirated everywhere.

4. If you have decided not to use it, it is your decision, we are not telling you not to use it, because you paid for a license that allows you to use it on a site, either your or your client, and as professionals that we are, we will give the support and comply with the license if you decide to use it.


Again and for the last time i ll tell you that you are confused. Propably i m talking to a very young person.

Easylogic is my hosting company and also my technicians for my site. They maintaince and refress the page. do you believe that everyone who buy a template knows who to install it?

This is NOT redistribution? THIS IS INSTALATION. You must clear it in your head.

Restribution is to give the tampate and the license to someone for copy and share the template and license.

If you have the balls make your reportand with my turh i’ll upload this conversation to figure out who is right. dont ever trheating me again with report. You are the person who i pay and i didn;t take the paied software in functional status.

Only in my first message did I mention the report because it is what the market requires of us in compliance with the license. Here I have not threatened anyone, I have explained the license and the procedures that the market requires of us and set an example according to what your first message says. Let’s leave that topic again.

The product is functional, nothing is sent here, they go through a control by Envato engineers, they have to pass 5 tests to be published.

You are right when you say that the product is not free, you have paid for it, so we are obliged to provide you with support and fix errors when you need it according to the license, as I have said in all my answers.


how can i enable php 8.0, hostgator said:it already got php 8

Simply select your image from the product tab, then press the Save button, because there is no button to just upload the image. If you upload your image by FTP visit YOURDOMAIN.com/tienda/administrator/index.php?option=com_virtuemart&view=updatesmigration and press the Synchronize media to VirtueMart option so that the images are seen in the virtuemart image browser when adding or edit products, you may need to activate “Enable database Update tools” in virtuemart settings in the Shop tab and Advanced section


Thanks, I choose using FTP to upload product images. However, there are some problem

1.  when I have clicked Synchronize media to VirtueMart  .. it also said that: 
  File for /home4/beautyl1/public_html/images/virtuemart/product/women_001_d.jpg is missing. I deleted all demo products as well as category, inventory, by admin web page. And I have typed some new categories. But, I have still seen their images in products and resized folder, I have deleted by FTP. How to really clean images after delete product?
2. In tab product images, if I clicked >> (the black button next of search image), the admin page show big table "all of images" and I cannot hide this fck table, because it covers 2/3 PC monitors.

Pls help,

Write me to info@unitemplates.com to coordinate a review


i ve just install first from fastbuild. After creating db and username, and config first state of web ..and system automatic delete installation folder (i guess) .. i run test my web .. and my web show error

Xin lỗi, đã xảy ra sự cố mà chúng tôi không thể khôi phục. The server returned a “500 – Whoops, looks like something went wrong.”

Giúp tôi giải quyết vấn đề này

http://beautylacevn.com/ i ve using hostgator

and .. when i goto administrator page .. it show:

An error has occurred. 0 Class ‘Joomla\Plugin\Behaviour\Taggable\Extension\Taggable’ not found


Hi, sorry for inconveniences. To solve, access by FTP ande delete file administrator/cache/autoload_psr4.php then refresh


I want to buy “Tienda – eCommerce Joomla 4 Template with Page Builder”. I have some question about your six months support:

1. is it support for mobile or ipad or something like that.

2. i am fashion designer, real newbie to joomla 4. If i want to customise your template (for example: remove this, remove that or main menu to be right side), could you support?

3. i really want my website to be e-commerce, that means, i get money as soon as possible when my customer submit her visa/master/etc. .. do you support?

Hello, 1. The template is Responsive, which means that it adapts to any device, phones, tablets, desktops. You can try in our demo.

2. We will answer all your questions so you can configure your site, if you want to remove some things we will also tell you how to do it, but the support does not include code customization (these are Envato Themeforest terms not ours), but if you know something about CSS and use the element inspector and you can understand instructions I think we can guide you so that you can put the sidebar on the right.

3. This template uses Virtuemart a powerful extension that has paid solutions from almost all countries. So that you can accept payments with credit or debit cards you can use Paypal or Stripe, they process payments from cards, now if you want to process them individually there are also payment plugins for that and the configuration instructions are given by the developer, maybe There are also payment plugins from your country that process cards. In summary, the payment plugin developer is the one that helps you configure them, we can advise you with Paypal, which is the payment plugin that comes with the template.


in working time, how can i chat with you, my supporter? I mean, chat or any messenger …

Hi there, The themeforest support system is here in the comments.


Hi, my site is https://www.prettypartyideas.com and would like some help with the below problems. Thank you in advance for your help.

1) I have set up VirtueMart one page check out and after add products to the cart and procced to complete the order I am directed to a 400 Bad Request in both languages ( eng/greek)

2) I would like to advice me how to turn the cart fields (name, address etc) translate to Greek

3) Email notifications to new registration users coming like below.

Hello {NAME},

Thank you for registering at {SITENAME}. Your account is created and must be activated before you can use it. To activate the account select the following link or copy-paste it in your browser: {ACTIVATE}

After activation you may login to {SITEURL} using the following username and password:

Username: {USERNAME} Password: {PASSWORD_CLEAR}

1,2) I Download the Greek language pack from the official VirtueMart site and install it on my site solved some issues and 400 bad request but at the one page check out some titles of the fields are still in english. 3) i checked everything at mail templates and new user but the email notification has the tags {} as sent you previous and not the url activation/username/password, name etch 4)Why at registration form and at one pagecheckout have both register and shopper info table fields for user to complete?

Thank you for your help.

Forget 1,2 and 4 i found the problem (i disable in shopper field some Field types)...please advice regarding email notification how can work correctly

You asked about the Joomla registration notification email, all Joomla email templates are edited where I mentioned above, if the notification link is not in the template, it may be because it is generated from PHP code.

Now if the user records are being handled by Virtuemart then you have to create overrides for User and Invoice, this is created inside the template from: System >> Templates >> Site Templates >> Ut Store >> Overrides >> Com_virtuemart, then you have have to edit those files to customize them.


I didn’t get drag and drop and content edit functionality. Can you please help

If you using Page builder 4, it works in frontend no more backend, read documentation regards

Hi, I’ve a problem with product with variant. When I switch to product parent, the image slide on the product not work. I need to refresh and restart.

Share link

The website is in a staging area. Can I share with you the link in private message?

Please disregard previous message. Added user with id 588 directly in dbase and can now access the page without error.

This can work, as long as you use the user ID 588 to manage the store. I left the correct solution in my previous answer.


Hi. I keep receiving the following error when trying to access “Shop” (in components): Unable to find a user with the ID: 588 An error has occurred. 0 count(): Argument #1 ($value) must be of type Countable|array, null given

Any help in resolving this is very much appreciated.

It is because you need add Store Owner, plese follow steps to solve:
1. Go to: Users >> Manage >> Copy the id of the user that you want to be the owner of the store.

2. Go to: Components >> Viertumeart >> Configuration >> Shop tab >> Advanced Settings section >> select YES in Enable database Update tools >> Save (not Save & Close)

3. Click in circle and arrow icon (->) it is in left of Shop tab, it open Virtuemart Menu, got to: TOOLS >> Tools & Migration >> DB Tools tab >> paste user ID copied previously >> press button Set Store Owner.


Hello, after upgrading to Joomla 4 I get this error when I try to access products in VirtueMart or try to add a new product: “An error has occurred. 500 behavior::modal not found”. What could this mean?

Yes, I’ve updated to version 2.2.0 and virtuemart to 4.0.12 10777. Everything else works just fine except for Virtuemart and I can’t figure out why.

I’ve figured it out. There seems like there was a conflict with another extension. It works now after removing the extension. Thanks for responding though.


Hello, I really like the functionality of this theme and I’ll buy it. Is it suitable for selling IPTV subscriptions? Thanks.

I understand that there are plugins for virtuemart that allow you to sell digital products (which can work as services) but we have never used it. If you have used virtuemart and you think it can help you, you can do it.



klieck Purchased

Hello, there is any plugin installed with template to zoom on the pictures of products?

No, at the time of creating we have not seen any compatible with Virtuemart 4 and joomla 4. You can check, maybe there is one now


klieck Purchased

hello, I have an issue with the menu using ut_tienda – Home 4. the icons are not displayed correctly.As you see in this page. https://suenos.cloudaccess.host/index.php/maquillage/teint/fond-de-teint/results,1-0?clearCart=0

The social icons and login,cart.. icons are all not correctly displayed. but are good in homepage. How can I fix this problem please?



klieck Purchased

it’s the same template style assigned to the both pages. in homepage is correctly displayed but in all others pages no

Just enable font awesome on all template styles. because when I check your site on that page it doesn’t load fontawesome and the only one that activates or deactivates that is the option that I tell you to activate.

PS: Clear your browser’s cache after activation and reload again.


klieck Purchased

yes, you are right. now it’s perfect. Thanks for your help

Hello, what does it mean if my front end just shows “Class ‘HelixUltimateFeaturePreloader’ not found”?

Please remove file administrator/cache/autoload_psr4.php then refresh.


Thank you.


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