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Beautiful design – What about OpenCart version?

Thank you. It will be available in opencart soon..

This looks awesome. Too bad currently I don’t have a need for this template. The price of $80 doesn’t do justice to this theme, I mean it should be way more. I would personally charge over 1500.00 for this.

Once again great work.

Thank you!)

I just love it! Great job

Thank you.)

i am very interested in purchasing this theme.

i am new to this….

1. could i have new in items, sale items and featured items on the home page as sliders?

2. in addition, you have a ‘new’ overlay image, is this possible for featured and sale items?

3. also is it possible to setup the mega menu to display these as pages

thank you


This can be done individually for you. Please contact us via contact form.

thank you

Awesome theme here. Is it possible to have a different background and different border color? For example, I’d like to have a white background instead of the ivory color currently there and I’d also like to have a lighter border as opposed to the brown one you currently have

Yes, you can do it in css. We can help you, please contact us via contact form.

I would love to purchase asap and have this done. Can’t find the contact form


Contact via ‘Email 8theme’

Just did – awaiting your response

Awesome theme. Not familiar with Magento but am with Wordpress. Any WP in the future for this?

Wordpress is not considered, but may be))...

awesome theme :)

thank you :)

Great theme. Doing some magento research, Does this work with ‘Magento go’ edition? Thank You

Thank you. No, unfortunately it does not working with ‘Magento go’. regards

This is a great theme!!

Any ETA on availability for OpenCart?


Thank you. It will be available in opencart soon..

Beautiful design!! Good luck with sales :)

Thank you :)


I can’t find your contact details, need to ask a few questions.


Hi, I like your theme very much. I just wanted to kno whether it is compatible with magento (Stable – 21 October 2011). Thanks.

Hi, thank you. Yes it is compatible with magento Regards


I want to add featured products on Homepage. I dont want them to be in the slider the way they are right now but I want to display them. Also, Can I display left column with Brands and Categories?

Please let me know asap

Yes, it can be done through Javascript and CSS . For more information please contact us.

Very nice theme. Will you make a theme like this for website (html/wordpress). I am looking for vintage/retro theme which is pretty popular now despite few available on themeforest.


Wordpress is not considered now. But we can help you with this. Please contact us via contact form. Regards

Hi, we have Purchased the theme and doing our modifications before getting you to do the changes we requested through email.

I have a couple of questions:

1. Where do I change cart text to bag in the Ajax add to cart lightbox as it errors when I put it into edit mode.

2. How do I get filter in side bar to be automatically open/ visible?

3. How do I add currency in header and remove/replace language

Thank you


Hi, if you give us your ftp you will help you to do that. Regards

Been following and working with magento on and off for 5 years now. Great platform (well, except that its speed is wanting, but thats’s a different tale for another time!). my point here is: this is the most well thought out and complete theme I have seen so far. I have looked at hundreds of magento theme but nothing this accomplished…and those are the cold hard facts!

Many thanks :-)

I would like to say thank you for designing such a good theme.

I would like to mention to potential buyers that 8themes support is very quick and quality!

this aside, i need to ask a few questions. I have done alot of changes to the site since you logged in.

1. I am trying to edit the homepage ‘new’ slider as i want to adjust the width of image and remove the buy now. tienda/template/catalog/product/new.phtml but when i edit the image width nothing happend

i thought the file to edit was:

2. if you do a search for ‘computer’ you will see that it is displaying wierd… is this something that i have done? or does it divide the searchs by category?

Thank you


Thank you very much for your letter. Can you please write to us via contact form and we will be able to respond to your query in greater details.

also, where do i edit the width of the image zoom in product description? i want to make it more width


Hi, it´s possible to introduce selfhosted-Video at Item Details? Thank! Nice thing :-)

We can help you, please contact us via contact form thanks