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I’m looking to purchase this for a motoring style store.

Would i be able to easily change the ‘wood effect’ image border for say ‘carbon fibre’?

Really nice looking theme btw.

All questions concerning our theme, please, put via our contact form on the site http://8theme.com/contacts Before making a reguest please check if it is on our blog http://8theme.com/blog/

Will do, but a simple yes or no here would have answered mine and any number of other peoples question without us all having to go down that route.

Sorry, but we do not understand your request. We need more details. Please, make the screenshot and connect us via contact form. Thank you.

I’ve purchased many Themeforest themes and do because I can get timely support. Many, including myself, are disappointed with the support on this theme. It’s such a cool theme, actually very simple to set up.

It seems like the designer picks and chooses which questions he/she wants to answer.

Does anyone know how Themeforest selects which themes to offer here? Do they have a vetting process?

I don’t think this designer has a support forum, but maybe that would be a good solution if they are too busy to reply. At least in forum we could help each other.

So 8theme… please post a link to your support page or look into creating one.

Any plans to make this a wordpress theme?

Unfortunately, we are not going to do this thing for Wordpress.

Hi 8theme,

When I finished all the setting and try to configure the general option.

It return 404 error page not found after saved.

I am using magento version.

Do you have any idea on this problem


Try to flush cache under System/Cache Management and reenter to your admin panel

One question.

I saw the template have image hover swap function and i activated it.

How can I use it in every single product? where can i set it?

Hi, guys i need some help, i just install tienta theme but i don’t have other pages, where can i get XML for other pages? they are not in PDF.

Hello i bought this templete and im having some problems with some item that are missing for example i missing banner were products page and im popular tags box. Also when i try to edit the about us and if its not as long as the writing that was ther before it brakes the front page and the images dont show. can you please help me fix this.?

Please, contact us via contact form.

I’ve always used WordPress but after looking at this theme I might have to learn Magento.

If I purchase this theme is there documentation showing how to install it to Magento? This will be my first Magento trial and error project lol… I just looked at the demo backend for Magento seems very similar to WordPress. I just might experiment with this….

No, but you could get instruction from official documentation.


First of all, congratulations for this great template.

I am just actually helping another customer to setup Tienda in a Magento installation (it´s all done). We have found an issue in the view product page (I guess it´s an issue regarding the view.phtml code): the attributes (size, color, whatever), the quantity and add to cart button are not shown inside the Quick View box as expected, but in the bottom of the product, before the tabs section.

Do you know how we could fix it up?


Go to your product settings, open Design tab and set display product options to product info column.
1. We have answered to pibo5 question above.
2. Please, write us via contact form on our site.
3. Unfortunately you can’t switch off zoom for particular products.
4. Please, describe what exact lightbox?

Hi again,

Regarding this issue, for your information I have noticed than in the browser inspector your Tienda demo store has the CSS id “container1 > product-options-wrapper” (product-options-wrapper contains the attributes, the quantity and the add to cart button in your demo store), but I have made a search of the term “product-options-wrapper” inside our tienda1.7 folder and it doesn´t exist in any file.

Maybe some files of the Tienda template are missing or changed by mistake. Could you check this out, please?



1. I am the @pibo5 colleague and I agree the question he posted yesterday regarding the attributes position in the product view, please let us know if you have a solution.

2. Also, we have found that in Products descriptions (WYSIWYG Editor), the list format, italic and some others styles we apply there are not shown in the frontend, just the font size is changed at the Short Description or the Description tab in the product view. How could we show i.e. a list with regular circle symbols as you have at the demo store?

3. Regarding the zoom: many of the images we are uploading are just 400×400 px (CD artworks) and some bigger images 800×800 px for clothes. Could we disable the zoom for some products or for images with a certain size? The zoom doesn´t make sense in smaller images than the box at the right in the product view.

4. Lightbox: which is the CSS class/id for opening images or HTML within a lightbox?

Thank you in advance

There seems to be a bug where at the top right hand corner it states “There are items in your cart. S$0.00”

Only after logging into an account, or adding and removing an item (as a guest) from the cart, does it read “There are 0 items in your cart. S$0.00”

Please advice thanks.

The theme is $75.

Fatal error: Call to a member function getUsername() on a non-object in /var/www/vhosts/gardorap.com/subdomains/magaza/httpdocs/magento/app/design/adminhtml/default/default/template/page/header.phtml on line 33

What is it problem?

There seem to be problems with your magento, not with our template.

Hi there,

I bought this theme. I have few questions.

Does that work on magento 1.7.1 Do i need to install sampe data when I upload magento so shoild i extract everything on root and keep everything inside magento folder.

www.website.com/magento/files….php or www.websites.com/files….....php


Yes, our theme is compatible with Magento version. Yes, to install Magento, you need to extract all its files into the root folder.

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Hi, I just installed Tienda, it’s a good template. I have one problem with the cloud zoom didn’t work correctly. Any idea ? Please help.

You`d better contact us in http://support.8theme.com and provide your admin panel. Thanks