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Hello Baires,

Great theme… I’m working on it right now and i need help with something.

How can i place a flash or html5 driven slideshow instead of the ipad image?

Thank you, Cem

You may need some knowledge about CSS /HMTL to do that


Purchased your theme yesterday. Need help with a few things. 1. Can you show me how to add an image inside the iPad psd or replace the iPad psd with another image. I know nothing about CSS or HTML and really assistance with this.

2. Is it possible to have a clickable link in the Legend image? If so, how?

3. How do you embed different social media icons instead of the existing ones?

Please can you help me with this.

Thanks A.

Cant install the theme… just get a “bear with me” box popping up… I followed all the instructions carefully…. quite a lot of times… Does it work? Seems there is an error…

I can’t seem to install the theme either. Help?

I just purchased this theme but my portfolio from VIMEO couldn’t be read by the theme… Every post i post on the blog, nothing seems to be shown on the full page. Like i never posted anything

Hi, I am having trouble finding the ‘Use Custom HTML ’ button on the new Tumblr layout, as it appears to have been updated since you wrote the instructions for upload. Help?!

I just downloaded the theme but I can’t find the instructions for installing, can you help please?

I am afraid this theme is a bust, or in the least something has gone wrong.

Hey great theme, easy to install. On some of my posts however, the images do not show up. What might be the cause of this?

Hi I just downloaded your theme but I have no idea how to apply it to my tumblr. can you help?

Okay so now my problem is the “bear with me” message that I get when pasting the html onto my tumblr. What should I do?


Is it possible to have two portfolios? (or 2 different pages, for dividing by categories) (or sub-menus)

Thank you for the information!

I’m very happy with this theme. 2 things however:

1- Script to display twitter follow (at the bottom) stopped working recently.

2- JS for link hover description works great on desktop but not online.

Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.

I´ve just purchased your theme time goes back for tumblr and when I install it I get a “bear with me” box popping up…

Can you fix it please?

Best regards

hello I bought this theme: and I wonder if you could explain to me how you managed to integrate your contact page because I want to put one on my blog thank you in advance

Hello I bought this theme a few days ago and its not working. Please help ?

Other wise I have wasted my money.

When I attempt to use this theme, I get stuck at the “Bear with me” screen. I tried three different browsers, in which this happens with all of them. Other users seem to be having the same issue. Is this theme no longer compatible with Tumblr? I feel like I might have just thrown $22 away…


Is this theme going to get an update?

live preview is not working