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Awesome design gustavok, godd luck mate! ;)

Many thanks!!!

Great animation !

all the best with sales gustovok

Thank you, very much!!!


Care to tell me which font was used for the logo?

Hi WeNameIt Thanks for the buy!!! The font is “Charlemagne Std” (Bold). Please, If you liked the theme rate it. :) Don’t hesitate to ask for help. Regards gustavok

Like this one. Does the theme support e-mail newsletter?

Hi vanilla-man

You can collect the email address that the users leave in the subscription form.


So I can integrate MailChimp in there with no problems?

Yes, you must replace the destination URL of the form, with  your MailChimp account.


how can I add Instagram ico to the footer?

Hi gamemod

Download this Edit index.html, inside <footer class=”container”> create a new

  • with the instagram icon and a link to your instagram’s profile. Contact me by my profile email if you need more help. Regards gustavok
  • Excellent landing page. So, fancy and well spent effort.

    Thank you so much. :-)

    Thank you so much!


    It doesn’t count down in Chrome and in IE8 the hourglass is completely outlined to the right?

    Hi kellster, send me the url to my profile and i will take a look. Regards.

    I have sent you the test url, unfortunately I can’t show you the IE8 problem, because that came up in a secured network, where I actually wanted to use your countdown. :-( But on the test the animated part doesn’t seem to work in Chrome.

    Thanks btw :-)

    How to change the image of social networking?

    Hi, Gemorks

    To place the icon, locate the apropiate letter ( t = Twitter, f = Facebook, v = Vkontakte, l = Linked In, g = Google+, s = Skype, r = RSS, m = Vimeo, y = Youtube, k = Tumblr, z = Lettery, Q = Odnoklassniki, B = RSS). If you need more help, please contact me through my profile form. Regards


    I ask if you can have 10/20 countdown on the same page

    hi peppeweb

    The jQuery Countdown support multiple instances.

    Instance Settings A separate countdown instance is created for each targetted division or span:

    $(selector).countdown({until: liftoffTime});

    Each instance may have different settings, e.g.

    $(selector).countdown({until: liftoffTime, format: ‘HMS’});

    You can read full jQuery Countdown documentation at


    HI, nice looking website!

    I was just wondering, is it possible to use a full screen image as the background?

    thank you

    Yes, you can use a fullscreen slideshow or only one fullscreen image. Regards

    Hi, thanks for a great countdown-page! I only have one issue. It seems that the counter wont work on my iPhone 5S with iOS7. It just stands still in both Chrome and Safari. It works fine on my iPad 2 with iOS 6 and on my iPhone 5 with iOS 6.

    Thanks for any advice!

    Hi Dawidb

    Thanks for the purchase. You have to update the plugin the last version. Please send me your email so that i can explain it to you and can solve it right away. You can contact me at


    per-purchase question. If I have 500 unique subscribers in one day where do the 500 emails go! into a flat file, database or other places?

    Hi, they go to your email address, but you can easily integrate mailchimp to collect the emails…

    PRE-PURCHASE QUE: Can we add a background or image to this? I have to create a landing page that is branded, but we are looking to have a working hourglass

    Looks awesome!;