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Hello friend!

Congratulations for First Time Template!

I bought a while ago and now I’ll use …

But it has an error to be corrected:

In the area of logos on the index page-open.html, when you use the Chrome browser, there appears the arrows to scroll through the logos.

How to solve this problem?

thank you Raphael

I’m not sure if that’s what you mean, but these buttons with arrows are not a bug but a feature :) There are two types of this scroller – one auto-scrolling (sensitive for mouse position), second with buttons on it. Notice, both act as the second type on touch devices.

sorry for my english is that I’m Brazilian!

arrows are not appearing when used chrome, but in firefox is normal!

Could you please show me a screenshot, so I’m sure we’re talking about the same thing? Can I also see your site?

Hi there.. I have purchased this while ago, but on my other account that i dont have access to, even that mail is long gone…

Can you help me with this particular problem:

Out of the box, template is not working in Firefox browser.. Looks like it is not applying any css rules at all.. In chrome it works 100% perfect.. Even on other computers , it is not working in firefox… Any help ?

Thanks in advance

I provide support to direct buyers only, sorry.

Hi, I just wanted to point out to anyone else who made this obvious mistake that this is NOT the WordPress “Time” theme. Don’t accidentally shell out 15 bucks for this, and then spend several frustrating hours trying to upload it to WP. The WP version of this theme is here: http://themeforest.net/item/time-responsive-wordpress-theme/5736361

I’m assuming I can’t get a refund, but it was a dumb mistake on my part.

please contact ThemeForest support. They deal with that kind of issues.

Thanks, I will. I bought the wordpress theme, and it’s been great. Enthusiastic recommendation from me.

Hello! i would like to know how do i setup the slider to keep sliding without using the arrows, like a timer doing the thing… Thanks

Kuba, sorry man, i dont have the skills to do it. I really need to know step by step, i checked the chapter 3.1 looks like Russian for me. Please, could you help me to do it ?

You can find example in lines 29-31 of the index-5.html file. But as it’s a template, some basic skills to work with code are required.

YOU ROCK !!! thank you. very much!

help – small css icons not displaying see here www.premierdarlings.com … any idea what i have done wrongly ?

The data/css/style.min.css file seems corrupted. Did you modify it? Please reupload it.

Do you have e-commerce version of this template?

I’m working on a WooCommerce for WordPress version of Time.

I’d like to buy regular HTML version. We don’t use Wordpress unfortunately. I think you can have good sales with regular HTML.

I’ll think about that, thanks.

Can you post a dark themed demo of all the pages?

I don’t plan to do that, sorry.

Obviously it is your decision, but not having the ability to see the dark threme across pages like most of the themes here makes it an easy decision to not buy it.

Really want to purchase this but I need to know if there is a way to put a login box at the top menu through iFrame. My company is a financial institution and I would like customers to be able to log in to their internet banking .


Hi, We have purchased and used the HTML version of “time”. We are now trying to make the blog section be used as CMS Blog. Trying to set it up where I can give access to specific people to post blogs. What is the fastest way to accomplish this?

please write the comment from the account you’ve used to buy the theme. I provide support to direct buyers only.

ok apparently we have another account where this template was purchased. I will find out which account it was and get back with you. Thanks!

Hey Kuba Its me Jay I bought the wordpress version of this a while back..Does this slider in this one slide automatically? or nor?

yes it does, but if you ask for WordPress version, please write on the WordPress item comments page.

No, no I have the wordpress version I want to bu y this one to. I just wanted to know if the slider in this version was automatic? Cause Im on firefox web browser and the slider isnt sliding or i have to select the arrow.

You can set it automatic or not – it’s configurable.

Hello from Mexico If I want to build a custom template for include to your Time or Website themes, what framework do you use to build the interfase? I want to use the same html/css framework to don´t break the theme or include something that make it crash.


both are custom made. I didn’t use any framework for them.

hello, please can you tell me wick elements are included in gallery. What i need that gallery work corectly. (wich javascripts and css).. Thanks in advance.

By the way theme is great. Andrija.

thanks a lot, is it possible to remove white border when image is open in gallery? Thanks in advance

You need to adjust FancyBox configuration to achieve that. It’s described in chapter 3.1 of the template documentation (“fancyboxOptions” parameter).

thanks a lot :)

Very good job i love it;


Sorry, moved it to WP-version

Hey will you be able to provide a version with bootstrap and if possible angular js . I really need it. Hoping you are working and if so, then by when could it be launched.

I don’t have such plans.

Thanks for the great theme. However the frontpage slider is broken in firefox. Also the client list slider is broken in firefox as well. Any chance you have a fix.

Appreciate it! As the frontpage to my website is somewhat broken do you have an estimated timeframe? Is this a day, week, month kind of thing?

Sorry for trouble. It will take a few days.

Update is processing and should be available in a couple of hours. It brings a lot of changes, so I recommend you to download full package and have a look at chapter 7.1.1 of the documentation.

Hi! After update 2.0 the mobile menu does not work in safari and chrome on iPhone 6

please read chapter 7.1.1 of the template documentation.

I mean the problem is in your live demo

You’re right. I’ll take care of it as soon as possible. Thank you.

Hi ! I downloaded your Time Thème, but i can’t import it in a wordpress website. It says me that it miss a CSS Files. Can you help me ?

Thanks for all

the installation process is described in the theme documentation (which is part of the package). Please have a look at it.


tpuk Purchased

Fantastic theme, which we’re working through at the moment. Some of the documentation is a little too minimal though, especially with the Video & Audio extensions.

Is that mejs upgradable, if we go directly to that Extension’s author, or have you tied the theme to a specific version number of mejs api?

Also I’d be interested to know if you’ll be doing a version of “Time” that will allow us to upgrade to certain “AMP” pages (I realise these work best for article / info pages only) with as little work as possible down the line.

You can update it by yourself, just make sure you place the files in the correct folders. It will be updated in the next template version, but it will take some time.
I don’t plan to make changes in that matter in the template.
Thank you


tpuk Purchased

Thank you.

I assume FancyApps’ Fancybox API would be treated the same way now that it has progressed to v2.16, and that you’ve used it without any changes to the original author’s code, if we upgrade from your current implementation of v2.15?


Please contact my by email

I’ve answered to your email.