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Freakin’ amazing!!!!!!

As I was going through the demo, I had to check whether it truly was HTML :) This looks and feels like WP all over the place. What a great job.

Which brings me to the obvious question: WP when? (because for lots of content I wouldn’t want to edit HTML all the time :)

Thanks and Congrats! Tom

it’s to soon to answer that question.

I understand :) Fortunately your other themes have been WP, so I guess I’ll be patient then ;)

Thanks, Tom

Clean! Good luck :)

You absolutely killed it. That’s really all I can say. Amazing work. If I can find an application for this, I’m definitely purchasing.

Only ONE thing missing…how about a login module!? Not every site allows member registration, but with all of the bells and whistles, would you consider adding that to the first update of this template? I always have trouble tossing together a responsive login module.

OK, I’ll add that.

Okay awesome! I’m actually thinking about putting it in the main menu area, so when you’re on mobile and click on the menu dropdown, the panel drops down with the login module inside of it. I think that would be perfect.

Obviously my site revolves around the users, so I just gotta make some profile pages now.

Any pricing table in this theme? :)

I think this theme is more to magazine / news style ..

Too “big” for a creative portfolio and personal blog.

Don’t you think so, Kubasto?


Not really. Actually it’s in the Corporate \ Business category, but I see no problem in using it even as a simple, single-page portfolio.

Okay, I see.. I got your point.. ;)

Very nice template! “-))

I already bought another template from you, but that needs a 777 permission, so was not usable for me.

So I only have one question: Needs this template 777 permission or not?

Yes, you don’t need 777 permission.
Yes, the contact form works out-of-the-box (it’s the only PHP file).
Yes, you can edit it in your editor.

Ok! I believe you! :-))

I published – works perfect – 5 stars! :-))

Only ONE thing missing…how about a login module!?

Can you please let me know when this is done? I too would like to see this implemented.

Thank you for a great product.

It shouldn’t take me long to add this feature, but I can’t promise any date yet.

Wow!, just WOW!..

Amazing to see a HTML template with so much options!

Great JOB! GLWS…

Gonne purchase this afternoon :)

You got my 5 stars!

Really clean code! and loads of options! :), clear documentation etc. etc. etc.

You really aim for everything in your mission statement ;)

What makes it special is focus on details: the highest quality code, extended documentation and top notch support. These are the reasons why users come back for my templates.

Great job!, Keep up the good work!

OMG!!! This template is Freaking Amazing!!! I love it… all the sections, wow, very very nice work… I will sure buy this template for my future projects. Good luck with sales.

Hello friend!

I bought the template, but where are the pictures that were in the demo?


Most of the demo pictures are replaced with dummy images in the download package due to license limits. You can download images from the demo site if you want to play with them, though.

Fantastic touches here, this will be a seller for sure.
Wish you the best with this one !

AWESOME! The only thing that I think should be there and is not, is an effect while the menu items open, right now it opens suddenly, why not some jquery effects there? I will definitely use this for one of my projects… . Thanks

I don’t really like this kind of effects on menu, but I can add that feature if there is a demand. I’ll see.

Very solid and robust design with lot’s of awesome features! Wish you lots of sales man! :)

I’ll be waiting for the WP version!

Fantastic! I wanna buy this theme but one question: Can u put an ‘auto’ slider to the first site “Frontpage 1”?

Yes, sure. It’s a parameter of every slider to auto start, or not.

Really cool theme, best of luck with sales :)

Hi, I just bought the theme and I have problem to install. When upload the theme I get a message that says: Stylesheet is missing.

I will appreciate any help.

it’s not a WordPress theme.


Good Stuff!