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Hi, thank you for your great work. Could you please help me with this Flexslider issue: (jQuery FlexSlider v2.1, @package Time_Template * @since Time 1.0) When using YouTube video, the PrevNextNav arrows are invisible in MSIE and FF. Any advice?

Thanks a lot

try adding &wmode=opaque to the URL

Great, that works! :-) Cheers

Need some help How and where can I change the pictures on this slider and where can I find the icons (next/before) in this page; http://themes.kubasto.com/template/time/example-food.html


I found where to change the pictures, but I cannot find the little arrows in the sides (next/before) thanks

you need to modify lines 790 and 791 of the data/js/time.js file.

Hi Kubasto

I want to remove the Retina feature (images too big) what is the best way to do this. If it is to remove the JS where is it and what is the description? Thank You John

just don’t add the data-2x=”...” parameter to images.

Hi Kubasto

I’ve bought your template a couple of weeks ago to build a new website for a client of mine, and I’ve been very pleased with it so far. However, in final testing stage, I decided to go ahead and test the website in IE8, just to be sure it works in that browser too, and I was a little disappointed to find out that it doesn’t work as well in IE8 as in other more modern browsers. A couple of things I noticed on first glance: page background images (as seen in examples Frontpage 1 & 5) don’t seem to work, the FAQ page is a huge mess, the upper red bar all the way in the top of the page is not visible and the menu does not have any outer borders. Can you please look into these things? This shameful edition of IE is still ignorantly being used by about 10% of the internet’s users.



There is jQuery 2.0 used, which doesn’t support IE8. I should an will change it in the next template version. You can downgrade it by yourself to 1.x version: download http://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.10.1.min.js i zastapic plik data/js/jquery.min.js and replace the data/js/jquery.min.js file with it.

Hi kubasto,

Thanks, it helped fix the javascript errors. The background image problem is not solved by this however, so the site still looks pretty awful in IE8. Any hint on how to fix this?


Internet Explorer8 doesn’t support bacground cover/fit type. There is nothing we can do about that. If it’s important, I suggest to use standard background method.

How can I get the updates? Thanks

Re-download the template from ThemeForest. It’s always the recent version. Changelog is at the bottom of item page and in the documentation.

One more question (sorry) How can I change the twitter username? And, how the ‘Templates” work? Reading everything. Love it . . . If I can make this work for me (still learning css) I’m going to be a pro :-) Thank you

You can read about template structure and implementing Twitter in the template documentation.

On this page: http://themes.kubasto.com/template/time/index-4.html

How do I get the slider to move automatically?

Please read about configuring flex slider in chapter 3.1 of the template configuration.

Hi, I got your template yesterday and it is great work! Thanks a lot. I have one question though, where I can’t find the right line on the .css-files: Where can I take out the background-color of the #bottom? When scrolling up it should be transparent over the background like #top and its .outer-container.

I would appreciate your hint. - Simone

Oh I found my mistake! I am so sorry for bothering :bashful: -Simone

When it will be released for wordpress? :)

I plan to release it in July.

Great template, easy to customize and very versatile. thanks for your work … it’s appreciated – jeff

Thanks a lot.

Is there a conversion for WP?

I’m working on it. Stay tuned.

Thanks, it’s a great theme.

I’m really disappointed… Considering the fact that this is NOT the first version and there are still some bugs in JS & CSS. To be exactly – “index-4.html” We should see
in the background, and what we got instead? undefined JS error. Here’s the background div, which should display background images (well, according to your docs!), but it just displays this: <div style="background-image: url(http://themes.kubasto.com/template/time/undefined); background-attachment: scroll;" data-bg-2x="content/bg/strato@2x.jpg" />

Second, not all images are retina ready. hmm, strange, I think I read somewhere that it’s retina ready… /s

Anyway, dude better fix these bugs, this is your 3rd revision and it’s still not working as you presented. Have a nice day

1. Demo site and the item you get is the same version, and as you can see on index-4 page, there are no errors and no problems with background, so it seems something went wrong on your site. Please check your modifications.

2. Which exactly images, do you think, are not Retina ready?

Hi, I purchased this template, and it’s really great. I have a question on the backgrounds. When I load index.html the slider background is blue, not the beautiful picture of the alps that I see on the demo page. Viewing all of the images in content/bg, they are all very fuzzy, which explains why the alps.jpg displays as just blue and not the crisp picture in the demo. How do I get the nice crisp images that you have in the demo?

thx, rich

most of demo images are replaced with dummy images in the template package because of license limits. Sources of these images are listed on the Credits page (link in the demo footer). You can download the Alps image directly from my demo site if you need it.


Hi, I purchased this template, and it’s really great. In the header, the search field is in the right I would put the search field left but it is impossible ! How shall we do it? please it’s important for me

you can have it on the left side of the main menu (it’s part of the menu) but there is no option to have the menu on the left of the logo.

How do you enable languages?

Hello Kubasto, This is an extraordinary, exquisitely detailed and well-planned template. For example, your portfolio complexities and choices. I image putting this into WP will be a challenge! But I hope you succeed and I will we waiting. To clarify my question: I am planning on using it for non-profit and noticed that on you demo that the language menu does not activate a change in languages. I do not see it on the description / instruction page. If it were a WP theme, there is a plugin for that. But do you have some guidelines / instructions for your HTML template? Also, are the menus Ajax enabled or are they manually repeated on every page. Cheers, Liz

1. As it’s a template, there are no built-in features to handle languages. It depends what system you use.
2. I’m not sure what you as for, but yes – menu is repeated on every page.

OK I found what i was looking for here: http://www.jquery4u.com/plugins/10-jquery-translator-plugins/

As far as the menu, its OK..I will use an include file.

Let me know when yo have the the WP version. I will be buying your Fab template this Wednesday. Thanks for your beautiful work!! Hope I can modify the menu to make a little more “fat finger” friendly for mobile, if not is great the way it is!!

Just writing to let you know it’s really impressive and I’m waiting for the Wordpress version.

Thank you.

hi – can you help me set up the twitter feed on my website ? http://www.premiertots.com/

Did you read chapter 4.14 of the theme documentation about Twitter widget configuration?

yes – and i could not get it to work – but i managed to get a similar result using a twitter widget – so its sorted now

I’m having issues getting the Flexslider to work on mobile (Iphone, Ipad). It doesn’t fully load then disappears; the controls show at the top but images don’t load. This is happening with both my site content, as well as your demo site on Iphone & Ipad. Any advice?

I’ve answered your email.

Thanks, really looking forward to your template update… bummer that the flexslider can’t be functional on mobile until the update is released.

I’ve tested many mobiles devices and it works fine, As I can’t test all, it might happen. I;m not sure when I will release the update, yet.