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My Layerslider WP all of a sudden is not sizing correctly to the theme. My site is Beta.leanwerks.com If you look at the edge of the slider, it does not line up with the edge of the layout of the theme. No mater what I change the sizes to its always looks like this. anyone know why its doing this?

you can grant me an access to your admin area, so I could take a look at this. You can contact me directly using contact form on my profile page.

Can I link Gallery Pictures to email addresses?

currently, only links starting with http:// are detected. I’ll change that for the next theme version.

Subject: Last comments widget.


I have on my front page: http://www.mycreed.nl/. On the right side some of the last comments. My question is how can I edit the code? What I want is make not only the » click able also the whole line.

Can you tell me witch file I need to edit this one? Or is it not possible?

Regards, Michael

it’s a WordPress widget, not theme’s. It’s not really a theme related issue. I don’t think I can help you with that.

Hey Kubasto,

Is there an option to show tags for news items? I don’t see them, even when I use them for posts.

I would also like to know if it is possible to put the information (category, post date) above the news item instead of below?


you can set content of the meta in Theme Options / Posts / Meta. There is no option to display it above.

Hi, why is update not available thru WP administration? Thanks.

there might be two reasons:
1. Updater didn’t catch the update yet – it might take several hours.
2. You have theme version 2.0 and didn’t paste purchase code in Theme Options / System.

What’s new in 2.2? I wish there was an update history somewhere here on the site.

There is – at the bottom of item descriptions page. Also, full changelog is in the theme documentation.

Could we customize the “author” page slug? something like – http://themes.kubasto.com/time/member/john/ instead of http://themes.kubasto.com/time/author/john/

it’s a WordPress thing, not really theme’s. There might be some plugins do dealt with that, bit I don’t know any to recommend.

“Beim Aktualisieren von Time trat ein Fehler auf: Update-Paket nicht verfügbar.”

Update-Package not availible?! Geting this Error when trying to Update the Theme in Wordpress.

Thanks. It should be fine now, please check.

Now it works. Thank you! What was the problem?

It was a small bug in updates server, not in the theme itself. Thank you.

Hi there, great theme!

I see an option to remove the top color bar, but I don’t see one to remove the color bar from the bottom of the site. Is there an option for that?

If not, what code should I use to either remove the bar, or to match the color to my footer?

Thanks in advance.

I added the paragraph after the slider to give space between the slider and the footer. I’m looking to reduce the space between the header and the slider.

Paste the following code to the Custom CSS field in Theme Options / Advanced:
.logo { padding-bottom: 0; }

Ahh, thank you, that’s perfect.

Hi does the new version 2.2 support drop down menu feature, on the secondary menu please ?

thank you.

Not yet. You can see theme’s changelog on it’s description site.

Hi !

Im having a hard time making the supertabs work.

I followed the steps in the documentation butim not sure im not understanding correctly

1 I Create a gallery with the images going to be used in the supertabs.

2 Use the super tabs code where Im going to put it , this case Index Page.

In my Index Page I tried the following : [super_tabs] GalleryNAme /super_tabs http://linktogallery [/super_tabs]

Do I need to make a supertabs code for each image , or the full gallery ?

id=”totalcare”]/super_tabs gallery id=’totalcare’ [/super_tabs]

Don’t wrap any link, but a gallery. If you don’t know how to create gallery – there is a Add Media button above content editor for that.

Got it, sorry, thought it needed to be coded , not visually. Thank you very much !

Hi. Where can I change the font color in the bottom line (copyright)? I tried everything. http://ofen-stutz.ch.fahrenheit.sui-inter.net/


Sorry. It doesn’t change nothing. I need the color #ffffff

I use the child theme. Could this be the problem?

It shouldn’t be the problem. Anyway, if you already use child theme, it’s a good idea to add this kind of code to child theme style file. You can grant me an access to your admin area, so I could take a look at this. You can contact me directly using contact form on my profile page.

Are you planning to add a “load more” feature for posts’??? thanks.

I doubt that.

Hi Kubasto, i would like to know how to show 2 posts from the same category in 2 columns (the last 2 posts of the category), one next to the other. I’ve tried to use the orderby but i don’t know how to make it to show 2 posts rather than only one.

Thanks for your answer Massimo

The home page of the site is this one http://www.movimentomosessualesardo.org/wp/

and the thumbnail “ls-thumbnail” (the only one which crop to the same size) don’t look very sharp. Can i fix that?

please have a look at Shortcodes chapter in the theme documentation. The shortcode I recommend for that is [posts] and the size for images “small-width”. Make sure you use the latest theme version, too.

How can I add fonts to the drop downs… Both Google fonts and standard web fonts?

define custom font in Theme Options / Fonts / Custom font. From now on it will be available as an option in shortcodes dropdown.

I see that… but it does not let me bring in a new font that isn’t already there. Let’s say that I want to add a Google font that is not listed or another web font that is not listed. How do I add it and upload it and all of that so that it is available?

Adding additional fonts is described in the theme documentation, please have a look at it.

How do you apply a background color to a whole


Found it!

[section background="#f0f0f0"]

I cannot get the Blog page to include a sidebar.

I have the blog page selected under Settings -> Reading. I have a sidebar selected on the blog page Sidebar -> Custom—Alpha. I have the alpha widget populated and saved.

I can get the sidebar to show up on other pages, but not the blog page. Please tell me how to do this.

Specify sidebar for that page in Theme Options / Sidebars / On blog / archive

Oh, I see… I missed that. Thank you.

How do I remove the Featured Image so that it does NOT automatically appear in a post?

You can set it in Theme Options / Format posts / Standard post / Show featured image

I missed that as well. Thanks!

Hi Kubasto,

Can you tell me how I can add a previous/next option to my gallery (inside the lightbox)? I created a page by using the galleries page, but I see no buttons.

For example, like this page when clicking on a smaller picture, there’s a previous/next button on left and right side: http://themes.kubasto.com/time/gallery/micro/


Thanks for checking. It doesn’t happen all the time, just very random. I will try it on other pc’s as well.

I checked it on other pc’s, as well on school. It happens on my website, but also on your demo social media page: http://themes.kubasto.com/time/features/social-media/

It happens when I click a page/news item, and when I go back by pressing the back button in the browser, it’s like the picture I showed you earlier.

For example, when you click a news item at the homepage of my website (http://tinyurl.com/qj7yjgk), once you go back to the homepage by pressing the back button, it’s wrong.

PS. Is it possible to delete/change my earlier message of yesterday with my website url? I don’t want it to be online with my username next to it. I wasn’t aware of that it wasn’t possible to no delete it.

I’ve tried, but I can’t replicate the error you describe. It’s hard to diagnose the problem if I can’t make it happen..