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Hi, I just updated your Time theme on my site icsghana.org. I was using the Uber menu as I dont care for the sliding feature of the secondary menu on the Time theme. When I updated it the Uber menu disapeared. I put the Time themes menu in place for now but would like to know if you have a fix or know why the Uber menu disapeared.

Thank you

there were just WooCommerce related changes in a couple previous updates, so my guess is you’ve lost some of your modifications while replacing files. Please check if this is not the case.


we have TIME Theme (Version 4.1). The Slider doesn’t work anymore. Is there a generall problem or is it a custom problem for my prasentation?

Thanks for your help!

if you need technical support, please renew your support option.
Thank you

Hi, I’m using Time theme with Woo Commerce and have found that the Time theme is significantly slowing down my order processing. While most of my site is navigating fine and most of the woo commerce pages are likely nice and quite, the request to place an order takes up to 20s to process, nearly twice as long as for when I use either the default Twenty Sixteen theme or Woo Commerce’s Store Front theme.

I’m just wondering if there is any way to speed up this load time from the theme side of things.



20s, or even 10s with another theme means something is wrong on a different level, so I think it might not be a theme related issue. Anyway, can I see your site, please?

Hello, I’ve been using your TIME theme for a number of years, its a wonderful theme, and has been really consistent. The other day we noticed during a meeting that the mobile view on our site is mangled beyond belief. Look great on desktops and laptops, but not phone or tablet. I’m not even really sure where to begin to address this issue. I was hoping you could take a look, and maybe give me some suggestions. Could this maybe be a compatibility issue? I know we’ve updated the install of WP somewhat recently.

Either, I would really appreciate any guidance you could provide. Here is my site info:


as far as I can see, your site looks fine on mobiles too. Makes sure none of your browser extension is messing with it. if you need technical support, please renew your support option.
Thank you

Good day … tell me how to add vertical scrolling to the mobile menu http://state-express.ru/

There is no such option. However you can create separate menu for mobiles with different items to avoid such situations.

\time\data\js\time.js 259. bricksAllButton: ‘all’,

there is no possibility of translation :о(

You’re right. It will be fixed in the next version.

How do I remove the link on the logo in the top banner? I do not want it linking to the home page within the site.

This is creating a security problem with the WooCommerce page – my-account/lost-password. It is allowing non-members access to a member only site.

I don’t understand how do you see a security problem in a logo linking to a frontpage in any case. But if accessing your frontpage in fact causes security problems, I think you should solve it, rather then removing the link from the logo. Anyway there is no such built-in option, as this is a basic feature of almost any site.

Your answer did not answer the question.

The logo on the top banner is linking to an internal front page within a member site that is giving unatuthorized access to non-members that select the “Lost your Password?” link in the login page of wordpress. The WooCommerce page – “my-account/lost-password” is triggered rather than the regular lost password interface Wordpress would trigger. Your template advertises that it is compatible with WooCommerce. Right now the top navigation and the link on the logo can not be turned off on the WooCommerce page “my-account/lost-password” which gives access to the member only site.

Logo directs to a site frontpage (which you set in Settings / General), and it’s not related to WooCommerce. I think your site is not configured correctly if you have the problem you describe.
I’ve answered to your question in the last sentence of my previous comment,

How do we just have an image on the site without the image hover and styling you are doing? We are having serious compatibility issues with this as some plugins/jquery class point to the img tag. We have had workarounds like surrounding the images in div classes and rewriting plugins but this isn’t a good way to do things. Can you tell me how to disable this? On site options, under Images can you add “Do nothing” as a choice?

Even after disabling everything we get the image surrounded by a figure a div and figure tag. The figure tag really screws up the scripts.

Figure tag is a standard nowadays (even default WordPress themes us it). In your case a script editing or theme code modification would be needed. I can point you where nut but I can’t assist In it.

Ouch… Ok

Hi, how make fullscreen page like landscape? I tried with Visual Composer but still not woring.

I’m not sure what kind of a page do you mean. Could you show me an example of describe it in more details?

Hi, is it possible that this Theme isn´t compatible with W3 Total Cache? If i use Minify and only set it to combine i get a Mobile Version of my Site on my Desktop PC…..

I can understand you. But i hope you can understand me too: W3TC Minify is on “Manuell”, everything is just on combine and at the Moment i add the css/js from your Theme (in the head and on every Template) the Theme doesn´t work anymore as it should. Of course im thinking that it is a Theme issue….. <- This is not a way to get a hint or something from you; just my explination why i think that it is a theme issue.

Please decide if you need technical support or not.

I´ve already done it as you can read in my second last comment above and i´ve already found a new Theme that has no Problems (even with standard w3tc settings). :)

Why my background image looks blurry, How to fix it?

if you need technical support, please renew your support option.
Thank you

The size of the image is 1500×700

As i wrote before, your support expired, so if you want me to examine the case, please renew support.

hi. i’m trying to change the thumbnail column form 3 to 5. but not works. how to do that?


it works now. but the thumbnails seems blurry

You can set product images sizes in WooCommerce / Settings / Products / Display / Product images.
Remember to regenerate images afterwards so it takes effect on already uploaded images.

Thanks Kuba

Hello, I wonder if you can help me. I love the themes you have coded, and over time I have found they out perform many others – hence I have bought several copies. Recently I have been asked by a client to use Nextgen gallery but there seems to be a conflict with the Time theme – when displaying the images, each second image is a blank black. Is there any way I can easily remedy the conflict ? Your help is much appreciated. Best wishes, Alex

I’ve just tested it, and it works fine with the theme, so you can grant me an access to your admin area, so I could take a look at this at your site. Please check if you use the latest theme version, first. You can contact me directly using contact form on my profile page. Thank you for kind words.

Truly excellent support and insight. I am really impressed by the speed and clarity with which Kubasto has helped me with issues. High quality code which is dependable and makes me sleep well. I can only recommend you buy with the satisfaction that you get what you pay for !

There’s actually a review system, so you can rate the item with stars and a comment in your Downloads tab.
Thank you.

Product page – The magnifier – Is it only set for a click and then lightbox? Or is there an option of magnifier over the image.

yes, it’s for a click.

Other than WooCommerce Brands being part of the demo. What other plugins are used that are not included and would I get a list, when purchased?

Just Brands. All the rest is free and/or included to the package.

your demo instalation is not working anymore, just purchased the template and its useless : i keep getting this shit all over … Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting and so on

i’ve done it , installed the demo , but i still see the standard wordpress pages, so where i can find the demo content?

It seems you must have done something not right, Please have a look at the installation step-by-step guide form the theme documentation. If you still have problem, you can contact me directly using contact form on my profile page with an access to your server/database and I’ll assist.

just sent a pm to you with access to that :) , ty

[column width=”1/4”]

[post type=”post” id=”1023” taxonomy=”category”]


so this comes in the homepage, however my featured image is not shown as i want, what do i have to add in this code to force featured image to have the width and height i want ?

i did this: [column width=”1/4”]

[post type=”post” id=”1023” taxonomy=”category” size=”small-width”]

[/column] but its not working lol , can you paste exactly the code, thanks :P

Can I see your site, please?

fixed it ! , ;) thanks anyway :D

Hi, this theme support RTL languages such as Arabic ?

I’ve seen RTL sites on Time theme, so it’s doable, but it’s not officially supported.

Hi kubasto. I was looking in the documentation to find out how make excerpts. However, when I use a html code for an image there, it does not show a hover effect. What to do?

<a href="http://www.sitename.nl"><img src="http://sitename.nl/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/afstuderen-zomer-2016-header.jpg" width="1920" height="526" class="alignleft size-full wp-image-958" /></a>

if you need technical support, please renew your support option.
Thank you