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I would seriously subscribe for like 5 bucks a month for regular updates, I love the theme that much (another one with outdated woocommerce files).


I would prefer such payment model as well. If you like Time theme, I can recommend you Everything – it’s better, and it’s also better supported – I’m just preparing na update with fresh WooCommerce files).

Though I’ve checked remove top color bar, the color bar persists. I’m trying to start the design at the very top of the page, yet there is a black bar and a line thats called “headerimg” and “description” there. Those fields are empty. How can I get rid of this bar? Thanks!

if you need technical support, please renew your support option.
Thank you

Is this still supported?

Hi – We have used your theme for years and actually bought it twice. I will renew our tech support – no issues there but wondering if this theme is still fully supported because I have seen you mention your other theme as something that people should move to.

Our main issue is that your theme is breaking our biggest plugin – toolset. This plugin allows you to make front end forms and basically move admin to front end. When we installed 4.8 and the last two versions of the Time theme it broke the media upload path on our site – and switching to any other theme fixes this. With Time the saved path is just cat/post/filename when it should be wp-content/uploads/year/month/filename. I just want to make sure before we up that this is supported and if not we would move to another theme.

And you might want to take the 4.8 compatibility off this themes page. The issue was found that there is general conflict with 4.8 jquery and some of the Time jquery that caused some front end functionality (that most sites wouldn’t use) to fail.

I tried to pay for support but site won’t let me. But we found that there is a jquery conflict in time.js – not sure how that file is changing our front end upload path (when that path is set in db) but it is. As soon as we delete that js… everything works. We would gladly pay for support on this as I don’t expect you to work for free but would like to get this fixed until we migrate to new theme.

WordPress 4.8 uses the same jQuery branch as previous version. Time theme doesn’t have any issues related to this. If you experience any problems, you can report details using contact form on my profile page.

If you use many shortcodes, the least problematic migration to another theme would be to Everything, although there are some differences, so it might not all go smoothly.

Love the theme as well, will have to check out its replacement for my next project. Can you please provide any response to why the full screen gallery for the home page isn’t loading? I have a WP gallery surrounded by the slider shortcode with the full page page template but no luck. Thanks!

As I mentioned before, I recommend the Everything theme.
Don’t wrap it with a slider shortcode. Regular gallery plus template should do the trick.

dont you have new theme version updates

1. I don’t understand the problem. Please describe more clearly.
2. You can update theme and WP, but I recommend WC version 2.6.x.

it doesnt work banner options menu. It does not work as before. For example There are 16 categories. I prepared 16 slide. I would like to add different slides to each Woocommerce store category. But I can not do it exactly.

My exact problem -->The slides that I set up to the computer category do not appear here. It appears in a different category.

And other presentations (slide) also does not appear in the relevant category.

(My WC is 3.2.1 ) I should downgrade the previous version. WC version 2.6.x.

if necessary i can send my site pass and user to you .


Is it going to work with the last woocommerce update or is it maybe already working?

Thanks Feda

Hi Feda,
Time isn’t 100% compatible with the latest WooCommerce, and it’s not actively supported any more.