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It’s looking this this does not support WP MultiSite. After installing and setting up content, I see no way to administer the theme options. Any suggestions?

EDIT: Looks like “Options Framework” is required to edit the Theme Options.

Can you please guide us on how to add meta description & keywords for this theme? There is no option at all. Please do mail me at

Hi, I LOVE the look of the Time Travel team and I have purchased and installed it. I do have a few questions: 1) Is this theme compatible with newer versions of Visual Composer? 2) I’m new to WordPress, and the visual composer. I can’t seem to get the composer to work properly. I have the grid option, but what I’m seeing on screen, looks nothing like the preview of the template prior to my purchasing it. 3) I can’t figure out how to create “sidebars” which is what the theme seems to be demonstrating in preview mode. 4) Is there any documentation available for how to work with the theme? I’m aware I’m asking lots of questions. I appreciate any help you can offer.

Hi igotabeme, there are several screencast videos including installation and setup your theme demo content. It’s located in in documentation folder

I’m the first to admit that I am no Wordpress guru, but I am finding it hard to believe I am the only person having this problem. I am trying to get accustomed to this theme, and playing with images sizes, etc. I have been putting in dummy text and though this new text shows up when I click on and expand the associated post to “read more” it is NOT updating within the post summaries. I have tried EVERYTHING I can think of to update the summary text and nothing works. What am I doing wrong? Please help, my current site goes offline in 3 days and I REALLY need to get this new site up and running.

Hello, is anyone able to help with this? None of the posts will update with the revised content. I have the round posts set for 225 characters, and they still show the Lorem Ipsum from the templates.

After reading all 263 comments (searching for tips on how to use this poorly documented but beautiful theme) so many people have asked about just displaying the year but the closest answer to that Q has been “Please check EnvStudio replay” whatever that means. Can that answer please show up here publicly?

After three days of experimenting I’ve been able to add posts with some images and view them through the categories timeline, but still don’t know how to make them appear in the home page or how to build a home page, post by post.

Also, I am having trouble with image sizes, as the auto cropping is producing off center or overly zoomed results. I would expect I’m doing something wrong with aspect ratio but trying two images of different scales but the same aspect ratio doesn’t work. (meaning an image at 574×300 appears correctly (all visible) in a left or right boxed post, but using a 1148×600 of the same image appears zoomed (only seeing the center of the image). using the smaller size means that when the post is clicked it blows up the small and looks blurry. I haven’t had any luck getting things working with large images, like in the preview.

Where is the documentation (other than that very short installation instruction followed but ‘experiment with all the combinations’? Where is “Let’s make a home page with this and that on it: first start here….”

Lastly, 3 years ago a ‘big update’ was on its way, and again was mentioned a year ago and then a month… is it ever coming?

Loving the promise of this, but frustrated at the hours I’m pouring in trying to figure it out due to lack of docs.

Thank you for your reply. I have seen a total of 4 videos. the first shows the plugins required and I’ve done that. The theme works as intended, I can go back and forth through the posts (when viewing a category). But sticky posts – no posts at all – appear on the home page, and none of the videos/docs that I can find take you through setting up a functioning home page with posts/pages.

my issues that I’ve been struggling with for days are still present (also described above):

1. image sizing: a) I want a logo 1:1 as the first post – centered. but no matter what size/ratio I make the image it is both blown up and cut off – only displaying properly 1:1 when clicking the magnifying glass b) on square posts, I took a screen cap to get the proper ratio and made images to that ratio – and when I use the featured image at that size and ratio (600×313) they display properly – but when ‘read more’ is clicked, they enlarge and look fuzzy (because a small image is blown up). If I try to use a larger image there (1149×600) so that it looks pretty when fullsize, the smaller boxed version crops it instead of scaling it. c) other images: I would like to show several images in the timeline, 1:1, centered, but I’ll need to understand this scaling methodology first.

2. I’ve watched the video on home page timeline set up and I set it to MAX, as suggested in the video, but instead of displaying all the sticky notes it only showed 2 (one i made and then another that was a centered piece of code which included “[vc_cta_button call_text=”Are you ready to purchase Time Travel?” title=....). So I tried to set it to 1, and now I see all the sticky notes. I don’t understand the logic of this at all, but at least it’s working.

3. DATE: I reiterate the same question that several have – can the year be displayed only – or could this whole widget be customized to suit many peoples uses. I’m doing a classic games history and I’d personally like it to just display 3 characters ie. ‘84, ‘81, ‘96, and not change on rollover. or even text in there like “NOW” for present-day stuff. – actually, I’d love to put a little round graphic in there behind the text – an arcade button.

I don’t know what time zone you’re in, but as you replied about an hour ago, hopefully you see this and reply soon. My day is working on this, so your feedback would really help.

P.S. This theme format is unique, and I think a lot of people are seeing so many more uses for it that just for blog posts. Certainly historical presentations, project timelines, and many others can benefit for this format of display. 3 years after release and you’re still making sales and updates – awesome. Do you think you will finish that ‘big update’ and will it address the features that would take this beyond the blog theme it was originally intended for?

I would love to see a page builder that lets you pick (add/remove) posts in any order you want (rather than having the order being date based only). Would that be a difficult front end to create?

long day, working with the theme – still in the dark regarding the image issues listed above. The home page I worked out (adding the ‘1’ to the post #). Wanted to add, the small title, single image, and image gallery posts appear as code in a box. same goes for the ‘purchase time travel button’. What could be happening there?

Purchased theme + support, but still got an answer to my questions! That’s not where I’m paying for!!!

Please check your ticket.

wow! nice, but have just a plugin for timeline, not a theme to inslude in my theme?

wow very nice do you have HTML version

And again: openend a ticket, 2 days ago, still no answer. This site has to be live next friday. This is not where I payed for!

Can you make a non-wp version please?

I left a question 1 week ago… still no answer.

Presale question: 1. Do you support WPML? 2. Can the timeline (eg Oct 31, 2017) change something else? Thanks!


We bought this template and need to do two changes we can’t find on the framework.

We need:

1. Show only the year numbers on timeline, not day and month;

2: Change the central hover color from gray to blue, specifically to #80A2C1

Is it possible? How can we do?

I like to buy this awesome theme. But there is a problem I need to discuss. I have a iphone 5s with Os11.1. When I go to DEMO homepage it’s working fine. Then I go into post and touch BACK button to go back homepage sometimes it’s crash or something. Black screen. Even reloading not working. Need to know about this. Can I avoid that? Is that a bug?