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It´s possible to export for use in one Admin HTML + CSS dashboard ?

Hi brunodanielborges84, I’m not sure if you ask me for permission to do it or if this is possible. I have html version of the timeline with a lot less features and styles but you can check it here:

I want to use the HTML + CSS + JS of this timeline in one HTML page (without Wordpress). Is possible if I buy ?

looking for the theme in html version also

any recommended sizes for images ? Backround/feautre images etc ?

Hi eliasregas, all featured images are automatically cropped and resized but you should use images bigger then 600×600px. For background the best size is from 1600×900 to 1920×1080

Hi there, is it possible to make the timeline start at the Earliest document and go through the timeline that way and not the last document?

Yes. Just go to Appearance -> Theme Options -> General tab -> Order posts by

​Hello, I have a problem with the main menu on my website. It seems updating the site the menu disappeared can you please check it out and let me know what I missed or how I show the main menu on my website? I have attached some screenshot in order to indicate the problem.

Can you please send me your email to send you some screenshots

Thanks in advance, Costas

Hi Costas13, can you please try to open support ticket at

Hi. I need to know if you don’t sell this structure as html? I know you will recommend the version with fewer features but a client needed this same version with all effects but in html version. Is it possible to buy the HTML version? We are willing to pay $ 49 for the html version. Thank you

Hello, can you answer me please?

Hi rgaleano, i don’t have Time travel version with fewer features. Currently the HTML version is not ready yet.

Hi. Im using the theme as a history timeline, is it possible for the date to show just the year?

Yep, just as i thought. The issue is caused by this Sticky HTML5 Music Player WordPress Plugin. Once disabled everything works just fine. there any other way to input background music ?

Hi Cray Themes, love this theme, its been used in for the history of the club. One thing i need your help with, is to show to every post on the circle below just the year, not the month. As i m using post year by year, and it shows wrongly the month day that post was written. Can we please change that ? Thank you so much!


Great template, Awesome & Elegantly Designed. I like to purchase this theme but I have a question. I just want to Use it on my Facebook Page. So Can I link my Website (with other theme) to this theme Facebook Tab? Like is it possible?


Great Theme! Totally impressed by it! But it working very slow! I want to purchase it but it seems very slow!

Hi! Id like to know if there’s any demo to download and test. We have some setup requirements to be done to see if this theme fits to our visual project. Thanks in advance!

Hi, I have a question. Video doesn„t work in posts and background pls help how can i fix it. Thank you!

Thank you, solved ))

Hi pre sale question….Can i choose a publish date in the future…like 2020 for exemple? and choose a password protected blog for exemble? thx


yunzane Purchased

Hi, I have a short question need quick reply. let say i have 20 posts of pass 50years of events how or is there a possibilities for user to skip/ jump to the post/year/date? for example from the demo site i see year 2016 comes 1st what if i want jump to year 2009? i can’tfind the place to quick jump to the specific timeline.


yunzane Purchased

Hi, could you please reply if there is a jump function (not using Search)? Thanks!

Hi there

I have purchased Amy Slider from you and still very happy with it. A pre purchase question, can the posts be ordered by random? Also how difficult would it be to have a post number instead of the date showing on the timeline? Can the menu tab be made sticky so that it is visible all the time on mobile view?

Many thanks in anticipation

sorry meant to say Amy theme, one further question? Can i increase the Post excerpt to 100 words? How would this affect the timeline visual effect? thanks again

Hi, Great theme!

One pré-purchase question if possible.

Is possible to add captions one PrettyPhoto?

Thanks and great work!

If i buy it, i need some support…

Hi sotnasdesign, yes the theme comes with standard support which doesn’t include customisations or installation services. You can check here for more details

Thanks, But captions is a good upgrade for your theme… I think is a good advise to.


yunzane Purchased

Is there a multi-tier carousel style archive by years and months? that can be place right above the menu button.


anchors is a great idea! If you have a long timeline, is more easy have some anchors links…

You can make anchor link from?
I try in your demo site, can´t target any post.
An if i have a timeline with more then 70 posts?

hi , it is possible to show only posts created by current user?