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Outstanding job as always!

i like it but it is possible to sort the posts by a particular custom field? The custom field would a date…

Hi ekrocker, curently post are sorted by date. Also you may see the archive widget callendar. You can create links to specific date



Good luck with sale!

wow! good luck…can I just add my portfolio to the timeline?

Hi wesleysoccer, you can use this theme to add whatever content you want.


nice work… good luck!

Outstanding work , congrats ! :)

ya Outstanding work :)

Epic theme is epic! Nice job! :)

Love it – am buying it anyway – but a few questions – how flexible is the theme -

1 – can posts be sorted by category? (eg have page links in the menu that point to different timelines with different categories of posts showing)

2 – How easy would it be to change all the purple highlites and image rollovers to red or yellow?

3 – Can larger posts open up on a separate page with the same background and style as the timeline?

4 – instead of a page suggesting a browser update for outdated browsers, can there be a simpler timeline that pulls the same data but without all the bells and whistles that is the default page for any browsers that are not supported?

Again I am buying this even if the answers are no

Hi imagu, about your questions.

1. yes it is posible

2. you have to edit some css lines

3. if i understood you right just click on the title of any post to see full content of the post

4. this is a good sugestion for future update


Thank you guys for your nice word. :)


Only me or anybody else can’t open preview on iPad? Thx

Yes there is a problem with “slect preview” page. Ill fix it. You can open the preview directly:


right, they are already sorted by the post date… but lets say my posts were movies and i wanted my posts sorted by release date – can i do that w/ this?

Hi ekrocker, currently this type of sort is not possible


Outrageous work bilbo_b!!! It’s always good to see something fresh and unusual and it’s even better when it comes from a fellow Bulgarian author. Good luck with the sales.

Thanks a lot mate, appreciate it!

I can only say: WOW !!!! Good job bro! Good luck with sales :)

Thank you bro!

Hi, can you please tell me how to use the Embed widgets? There is no mention of them in the help file. I would like to embed a youtube video in a post, but it isn’t working …


Hi Niine, can you please contact me trough my profile contact form and I’ll explain you



Great creativity!! I hope I can find a client soon that needs something like this. I would love to use this theme for a project.

I just wanted to drop my 2¢ and say, EXCELLENT WORK !! (very refreshing!)


hi, it`s possible to make the app as homepage into the fanpage?

thx for any help

Hi bisous0003, unfortunately facebook has remove this feature long time ago

Make it responsive please

hello from Greece, It is really amzing work, congrats! May i ask you if i can use it and have in faecebook my video gallery? my site ( is a video centric site with 5000 videos in standrad & h.d. quality youtube & selfhosted. I am asking because with ’’Woof’’ : i couldn’t. Regards Takis

currently for selfhosted videos i am using the flowplayer… i will be able to work properly?

I’ll create you demo post with JW Player give me a sec

you can see the JW Player in action here


wow this theme has some great animations/transitions! congrats!