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Hi there, thanks for the theme its great!

I was wondering if theres anyway I can add social network icons to the header, like next to the pages menu?


Hi pettifer91, this will require editing the header.php file

Can you change the width of the post and image containers? So the theme is over 1000px wide?

I have found the css code that handles the width (ss-stand-alone .ss-nav). But i now want to only make the front page, the one with stickies, a larger width (or i can set all posts to a “large-width” category). How can i have only the posts in the homepage larger in width?

Thanks, Stefan

What i did till now: 1. add a new css ss-stand-alone-home with the desired width 2. change the index.php header area to add if (is_front_page()) { get_header(‘home’) 3. create a new header-home.php file that uses a ss-stand-alone-home div.

This accomplishes what i wanted (only the front page has a different width), but creates a new problem, the menu is now unaligned.

If you add left: 50%;margin-left:-410px;max-width: 810px; to the ss-nav, the issue is solved.

Hi there,

If I wanted to use this for a standalone WP website as well as a Facebook tab for a singular camaign, would the Facebook version simply pull in data from the WP upload? Or would the data need to be entered twice at all?


Hi moonblob, The theme support 810px width (facebook tab width) size. You need just to link the theme when you create facebook tab app. So data is entered only once


How can you change the link for the lightbox for some but not all of the posts?

Thanks, Stefan

Hi bedstefan, i’m not really sure what you’re trying to achieve. There is not such feature in the Timeline theme

I sorted that one out too (my intention was that some posts have the zoom animation, and when you click it it opens the gallery, but on a few of them clicking will get you to another post/page).

Hi, i’ve the same problem than “kaduperret” :

I have a problem with my embed video on my website. The site is crashing on IOS mobile due to the videos. Any solution ? Thanks ! bilbo_b AUTHOR 2 months ago Hi kaduperret, i have send you e-mail

Can you advise me also by mail ? Thanks a lot,

I have send you e-mail

The facebook app displays content published on wordpress? Is it? The administration of the site will be taken by wp-admin?

How to insert video in background and how ti change themes from white to black very nice work, congratulations!!!!

I Found :)

hi there bilbo,

i wanna ask you about the sticky posts… i made a home page & set all my posts as sticky post… but none of them showing on my home page… what’s wrong ???


hi bilbo,

yes, i knew about that…but that’s not what i want…

what i want is, i want to use any regular page as a home page (not a blog), but with the sticky post feature, i can show any posts i want on the home page, right ? and it’s not working…

the “contact form” page template is not working either…

please help me out, mate… thanx,

hello ??

Hi vulpecule, no it’s not right. The page is page nevertheless that is set to homepage. You can have page or posts to homepage but you can’t have them both

Now then! A grand theme! Really lovin the options on posts. If I were to use a ‘future post’ plugin, where posts dated in the future appear, rather than scheduled, could I adapt it so the most recently dated (closest to current date) post appears first? You’d then scroll up to ‘future’ posts. Hope this makes sense? Thanks!

Hi xianbailey, just change the post order trough Theme Options -> General tab -> Post order by

Hi Bilbo, thanks for the reply. But i don’t have a ‘Theme Options’ option in Wordpress. I have Setting -> General. But there is no mention of ‘Post order by’. Have I installed the theme incorrectly? I just uploaded it and then chose it thought the theme section…

Ah… I didn’t install the options framework…. Durrrrr!

Hi Bilbo,

Great Template, Everything worked Perfectly. I’m Having trouble removing the Wordpress Comment Box from pages where it is not needed like About Us & Contact Page.

Is there a way of doing this please?

Thankyou !

I’ve got a clean install of your theme setup but when I had navigation items to the menu, the menu renders below where it’s supposed to. It’s almost as if the logo and menu aren’t floating properly. Currently I only have 4 single word menu items and it’s still breaking below.

Hi figit, you have to set your menu to be “Primary Menu” just go to Appearance -> menus and at the bottom of your menu you will find the “Primary Menu” check box


Is it possible to show the date of each post in the timeline for the standalone version? Because in the posts examples I don’t see it…


I have not been able to resolve the issue of no results found when searching for media in the wp-admin. I have tried turning off all plugins and it does not help. I can get it working again when I switch themes. Has anyone else reported this issue? It makes it impossible to reuse any of my images.

I have done a test by installing this theme onto a brand new wordpress site, added an image and the media search does not return the image. But again, when I switch to the default theme, it does.

Hi mageguild, can you please open function.php file and locate this line of code

if (!isset( $_GET[‘post_type’] ) ){

and replace it with this

if (!isset( $_GET[‘post_type’] ) && !is_admin() ){

Let me know is this fix the problem

hello, Is it possible to remove the top menu bar ,how can i do it? thanks!

You need to edit header.php and to remove div that has header-white class and div that has ss-nav class

it work, thanks a lot! =]

I just felt by two of your WP projects/themes. I must say that look and work VERY WELL! Such good job, need more of your kind.

I bought a few other well looking a new thinking themes earlier, they were very buggy, but this seems to be good thought :)

GL with sales, I might buy it anytime soon :)

Is it possible to use the slider as a background rather then just at the top??

Also is there a horizontal feature??? like it goes from left to right rather then from top to bottom…

Answer these 2 and ill buy it right now! lol

works with wordpress 3.9.1 ?

why we don’t get an answer here for more than 1 month ?

great work!

but I lost my menu background, my site :, could you teach me how to fix it?

thank you.

I am thinking about buying this theme. I would like to use it as “single page timeline resume/portfolio”. So I am wondering if it will be possible to customize the timeline and replace button at the end of timeline and footer and completely remove menu? .... so the timeline will end up with something like “Contact form” Thanks for info.