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Hi…i just want to know if am i able to load more than i picture in a post ?

Hi andremkt, please check the link and if this is what you mean then answer is yes:


Hi Bilbo_b

At the risk of being repetitive with all other comments: great theme very innovative.

I was wondering if it was multi language ready by supporting wpml (

(I can test it if you want)

thanks M

Hi mvaidis, i can’t test it but i think that is not lan ready for this plugin


Great looking theme!

Really awesome …..

Great concept ….

gud luck

Very cool concept. Best of luck with sales.

Cheers :)

Thank you TrueThemes :)

Hi Bilbo_b

I have noticed an issue with chrome. The features images do not dispay (for the 1st one) and for the other they do only appear when the animation is finished. It’s the same on the template you have on themeforest.

My config is Mac OS X 10 .8.2 with chrome Version 23.0.1271.64.

Thanks for you help, M

Hi mvaidis, I’m not sure that i understand where exactly is the problem. I’m looking theme here with chrome and i can’t see image that doesn’t display

Yes I can imagine this being difficult for you to reproduce. I have prepared a screencast to show you. Do you want me to email you the link to the video?

Yes please send it to me trough my profile contact form.

Very lovely theme. Have a couple of questions.

1) The video background on the home page never loaded. Will this be repaired so we can see the effect? When?

2) Does audio play with the video if it’s used as a background?

3) If audio does play with the video background, does it stop if you play a video under the “Content+ / Embeds” column (or do both audio streams overlap each other)?

4) Rather than “dates” used in the timeline, can this be changed to anything else (for example, different names)?

Overall, a stunning theme.

Hi mlorzel, about your questions can you tell me which browser you using. Audio doesn’t play. Currently you can’t change date with something else. Thank you


Using Safari 6.0.2 and Firefox 16.0.2. Must admit that the live demo crashed Firefox, but it played fine in Safari (except no video background version, the slideshow kept reloading).

Any plans to allow changing the dates to something else?

Many thanks.

Very nice and smart. Thanks for your great work!

Thank you peter774 :)

I would like to ask, is it possible to sync facebook page’s timeline to the site’s timeline, so that I would only need to update one place, and both facebook and webpage would be updated?

Hey again, thanks for reply. Also I wanted to ask about those icons (twitter, linkedin, facebook, youtube, vimeo and etc…) do they actually work? I mean is there any addon that can make them automatically add to each or some post?

You can add links to twitter, facebook … form the theme settings and then you can choose (from post settings) to hide them for specific post.

Ok, thank you very much for the info!

hello again, Thank you for your demo…..but my question was: if i can use the flowplayer instead of JW? (The flowplayer i currently use in my site so i have to know if this can work properly for me…...thank you in advance and sorry if i bother you with my questions :) Regards Takis

This is demo of flowplayer plugin

thank you very much for the demo :) Now i will talk with my developer for the rest.

very nice theme!

nice theme but where to change the link and button colors? is there a workaround or have i to change it manually in the css?

Hi milleniumwa, for now you have to change it manually from style.css file


Thanks for the GREAT theme!

Few questions:

1) How to use it at the Facebook company account as a part of Facebook? Can you make a seperate instructions for use with Facebook?

2) Is it mobile phones (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone) and computers (iPad, Galaxy Tab) comatiable?

Hi SergeyMakhalov, i have included in theme documentation how to install facebook tab. It’s tested on ipad and iphone.


I also would like to change the colors of the menu and titles. Could you point us to the right CSS code to do that please?


I’m planing to add change color from theme option feature soon but for now you can open style.css file and search for this color: 7b6cb2 and replace it whit your color

Great thanks !

Maybe you can also answer milleniumwa as he asked the same question and I do not have the right to do so.

Stunning work ! I’ll buy it when made responsive and working on iPad.

it’s working just fine on iPad :)

Partially ! When you try to resize (zoom in) the window, it scales in a strange way, there is no perspective animation and the loading of next elements isn’t working well. Nice job anyway, this theme is really impressive (although not responsive ;-) !

What are the limitations on the display dates? Does it display the date of the posting or can I use custom dates? For example a display date that is different than the post date.

Hi alphag33k, it displays date of the posts

Awesome theme. Totally cool!

Okay, I’m lost. I can’t figure out how to change the violet button class in comments, of the “POST COMMENT ” button. I’ve find/replaced all code in all files from ‘button violet’ to ‘button orange’ but that doesn’t change that button color. Maybe i’m missing something here? Maybe there’s an easier way to change default button colors?

EDIT : Found it myself. You have to cut and paste ’#commentform #submit’ from violet button style to orange in style.css.

I really like this theme and am on the brink of buying it! I just have one question….does this theme allow video embeds from JVW player too?

oops sorry I got the name wrong!

It is JW player…this is its site:

i have add demo of JW player here ( second article)

awesome! thanks! I’m getting this :)

and well done!