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oops sorry I got the name wrong!

It is JW player…this is its site:

Hi there, first of all: Great work! I’m thinking about buying it but here are my concerns:

1) Will i be able to set the default appearance of the homepage full width? (just like when i press the upper right corner button, without timeline i mean)

2)Is it possible to have just one picture for each post and make it full width too?

3)Can i add two more buttons near the “view project” button, such as a custom outgoing link button?

4)Is it possible to disable the tags seen homepage on each post?

thanks in advance

Hi ardakar1,

1) if you want to set page for home page the answer is yes, you can do that.

2) You can set posts top bee full width you can see here:

3) You can add buttons trough shortcodes.

4)About tags you mean category, author and comments number section? You can remove them form post settings


Hi, I wanted to use this for the iPhone & iPad, but the demo doesn’t load more articles when I scroll to the bottom and the nice animations of the image and article coming together on the timeline don’t work either.

Is that something that needs to be fixed or will the load and animations never work on an iPhone/iPad?

Hi gabyan, the load of more articles doesn’t work because of themeforest iframe header. Just close it and infinity scroll will work just fine. About the scroll effect in the theme option i have add feature to disable/enable scroll effect on mobile devices for 2 reasons. First scroll effects require more CPU second scroll in touchscreen devices work differently then desktops. What i mean is that scroll have to stop scrolling in order to render animations. So there is no sense to activate scroll effect on touchscreen ( never the less you have option to activate it from the theme option)


Hello bilbo_b

I am trying to create a page with 3-4 centred content blocks with no animation like you did here :

If I create a page I only can have one content it seems.

Can you tell me how you did it please? Thanks M

Just set content position to center from post settings

Hi bilblo_b

The center position is not the issue. Also it’s not a post on the blog page it’s a text on a page.

How can I create 3 texts blocs on a page?


If you want to crate 3 text rows just use short codes menu

Hej bilbo_b

Very creative theme!

I am probably going to buy within the next month, but I have two questions:

1. In Chrome, when using Mac, the pictures doesn’t show up correctly in the timeline. I can send you a screendump if you don’t have Mac. Are you going to fix this?

2. Are you going to make the theme fully responsive? (i am thinking about the menu etc.)

3. Would it be possible to make it work in IE8 ? I haven’t tested it in that browser jet, but the theme-info says, that it only works in IE9 .

Thank you in advance!

Hi zulee,

can you contact me trough my profile contact form with more details about picture display. I’m using mac with chrome and everything works just fine. i’m thinking of make it responsive but i’m not sure when. It’s possible but it will be with less features and effects.

Hi, thank you for the awesome theme! I’ve got a question: - Is it possible to show an animated GIF as featured image in post list?

Now I can see animation only when I click over the image

I’ve another WP theme who works as I want.

To understand better what I mean you can see this 2 links:

Old Theme (works):

New Theme (not works):

Thanks very much Alessandro

Good idea the one with the timeline. However the theme is still too unprofessional and has too many errors. You have to improve your work until it gets sold many times. For mobile as well. Too many things are like they don´t work fully. I just buy highest quality.

Hi Germanthemes, Thank you for your opinion. Strange but i can’t get any errors. Please feel free to buy highest quality themes.


hey bibo_b, i’m intressting for your cool template – great work! so i have a few of questions….

is that only a wp-version – that handle like a normal wp-template? or does wp only manage for fb-timeline? or must i buy for fb the html-version? is there an tutorial for fb-developers? so many questions… :-)


Hi BrandBull, this theme is handle as normal WP theme. You can use it as facebook page or/and normal page. I have included in the documentation how to install it on faccebook


Hi, is it possible to add images and embedded video to the toggle (short code) fields?


I’m running into a few problems, Maybe you can help.

If I add an image (a thumb 150×50) the text of the post doesn’t wrap around it – it’s pushed down. Am I doing something wrong?

Also, the columns seem to cause problems. For example, if I add 5 lines of text to the first 1/3 and only 2 lines of text to the last 2/3 the text or short code immediately under the two columns is replaced – pushed outward under the last 2/3. This problem shows up on your short code example page – see tabs. Can you fix this?


Hi, it’s me again.

Is it possible to inset a video as “featured video” instead of a “featured image”?

And the titles of pages are clickable – just like the shortcodes page in your preview – can I disable this?


Hi JillKramer11, i have receive your e-mail and i will get back to you.

Very interested in your theme. When do you plan to make it iPhone compatible?

I think a good option will make a default centered view in small screens. :)

Hi netjmt, the template is iPhone compatible, it’s not optimized. I’m planing to optimize it but i’m not sure when.


hi needed quick help, first and foremost, can we get Page titles or the site name as the site title instead of currently just showing the link name in the title bar.

Also, i have been trying to alter the css of the theme to suit colours that i need, you can see the same at on the first post on the homepage the big rectangle image has a hover effect which comes in purple, where can i change that colour, havent been able to find it in the css.

Also the date shown does nto show the year of the post, can that be shown somehow, it thows on months where the month name is small eg: first post shows march 2012, however for november it just shows november 28 and no year, can this be extended.

Your help will be much appreciated.


Hi bigblackshark, about page titles i’ll fix this. About image hover effect color search for ”.h-style .mask” in style.css. The color is in RGB format in order to be transparent:

.h-style .mask { background-color: rgba(122, 116, 164, 0.8); } About date i think you have fix this.

Hi, where in the css can I find the background color for the round images (/* CIRCLE STYLE IMG /)?

I can’t seem to find it where I think it would be – under / CIRCLE STYLE IMG */.


Firstly, amazing work on the template. But for the moment I’ve got two quick clarifications to make before purchase.

1.The social icons under each post are share icons? Or are they just meant to link to your social pages?

2. It is possible to have a text only post that would serve as a stand alone page at a top level menu, yes?

Thank you D.

Thanks for the quick reply. Is there a way to add a share button to the content posted? Even via a third party wordpress plugin? or will that break the layout?

Or maybe I can swamp out the div with the default social icons links with share buttons? Would that be an option?

Hi dimitrim, i think there are plugins that can do the job.

Yup I shall play around. It would be interesting to see how you expand on this one. Hopefully you won’t just stop here. Purchased the theme either way (: Too good to pass up.

I think iNspirion is trying to do the exact same thing I’m attempting . I will drop you a line if I figure something out before you do.

Cheers D.

Hello bilbo_b, Very nice Theme, I love it! Although I have a question. I just installed the “Shareaholic” Plugin. Well The plugin works very fine with the Theme. The problem for me is, that the plugin is Shown directly under the Post Content, but i want it to be shown in the Bar, under the content, same place where the social icons are. How can i Do that? – i dont find the plugin embed code to relocate it into the Grey Social Bar..

Could You help me please?

Thx again Constantin

Hi iNspirion, i’m not familiar with this plugin i’ll check it

I’m enjoying my first stabs at using this them and a question for you.

Would it be possible to either remove the dates or have them display the most recent (or later date) last.


+1 on Phillip’s comment.

I just purchased the theme and also want to try to attempt an oldest to newest sort option. I will post back if I manage to figure something out.

bilbo_b that might be a feature you might want to include in the future or even a simpler option of having a button/link (similar to the scroll to top) to scroll to the bottom of the content in the infinity scroll.

A jump to start kind of thing. That would definitely make things top notch. In fact is there a code that can be used to achieve that I can try implement on my own?

Cheers D.

Love this theme and I am seriously consider buying it for a client!

Can you send me 2 or 3 URL’s of sites using this theme, other than your own demo, which I have already seen? This would make it a quick decision for me to buy or not to buy!

Let me know! Rob (Amsterdam)

PS: Do I have to use JW player, or can I use YouTube / Vimeo?

Hi robelings, only one user share url with me and the link is You can embed youtube and Vimeo videos


that’s great; what I’m looking for though specifically, is a website created with your theme that loads in Facebook as shown in your demo:

thanks for the quick response! Rob

Purchased this a month or so ago, but gave up on it.

From the installation help file:

Your website doesn’t load (the page is empty)

“Please see screencast if you want to skip reading of some steps in this help file “”

The screencast doesn’t exist.

I started adding some content but had difficulty in getting more than one image to show on the post. Figured out how to do this by removing the title. Selected to change the text to the right and then refreshed website to see the changes, only to be met with a page saying:

“We are apologize for the inconvenience but you need to download more modern browser in order to be able to browse our page”

That’s with internet explorer 10. Also tried on Chrome but the same.

I thought the idea was to get websites to work on every browser, rather than force the end user to upgrade their browser.

Hi tubbylad the screencast please copy url and paste it in your browser. If you have difficulty to config your page or site please feel free to contact me. About browser check i’m not sure why you get this message can you please contact me trough my profile contact form with more details