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Great theme but what about some fallback for people with browsers not having js activated ? They just see a blank page, and no navigation possiblity. Not really userfriendly :)

Yep romu you are right i’ll add fallback in the next update

Bilbo – i need some help please… I have 2 existing accounts

would i need to load this one of those blogs? or start a completely new blog to upload this theme?

sorry WP novice

Hi OnPointPr, You don’t need to use new WP just upload and activate the theme. The only think that you have to do after that is to change each post positions to left or right (ofc if you want to change them) because by default they will be centered


hey – for the life of me – i just cannot figure out how to change from light to dark template option?? also cant figure out how to change background image? i see the image in the edit, but when i preview? nothing?

Finally – image scroll – cant seem to find any shortcodes or widgets?

sorry im lost


Hello, i have some problems with the image settings of posts.

Images for me are not scaling correct or maybe i do something wrong.

For e.g i am using content left and image to the right. Using the “circle” setting and size to “medium”.

So my question now, do i have to upload different versions of images to get them scaled proper for different settings like circle, quare, default?

And secondly i have those pagination arrows in there. I don´t want them.

Also i need to add a featured image to make those images even appear on the category/blog page, i can´t leave this out and only add those images in post fields.

would be nice if you could bring some light into this for me.

thanks in advance

Hi romu, can you please contact me trough my profile contact form

Hi bilbo_b

is it possible to apply the same rollover effect that you have on a square, to the circle?

I have send you email

I got it! thanks

Hi is it possible to set the images not to auto play? Currently the images that i have on a category post page change from one to another by default, and since each image is different in size, it causes problems with the overall smooth functionality of the timeline.

Many Thanks

Hello…,i noticed that you use different types of audio players to play audio on this theme. Amazon , spotify, itunes etc etc… Is it possible to have a simple HTML 5 audio player?

Many Thanks!

You should search for audio WordPress plugin. There are plenty of them.

Hi! Is it possible to get the scroll fx to work on iPad?

Regards / Jimmy

Just hold your finger on the image and then touch again on read more link ( on the index preview only second image has actual link so make sure that you’r trying on second image)


Hi! That’s what I’m trying to do. That’t the image that I touch (woman in red dress – nov 5, 2012) and when I see the link I press the link, and nothing happends. On my PC it works like a charm.

Best Regards / Jimmy

Just touch it before read more link is hidden.

Hello ...i need to have the same rollover effect as the square applied to the circle . When rollover zoom in and when clicked to zoom out.

How can i do this?

Many Thanks!

Hello ...i need to have the same rollover effect as the square applied to the circle . When rollover zoom in and when clicked a lightbox would open.

How can i do this?

Many Thanks!

Hi iacovou, i have answer you to this question on your e-mail 6 days ago

yes but you didnt explain how to do it.. Can you please send me an email with a detailed explanation, on which files i should change?

Many Thanks

I can’t explain you how to do it because is not a simple task. You have to made changes in style.css, index.php, loop.php, category.php

90 % of my content are videos from dailymotion If i’m using the iframe with a video in 560×322 , in my timeline, the video are outside the border. So i would like to use the “excerpt” in the timeline, and the full content once inside the post. How can I do that ? thank you

Ok i changed it in “the loop” and it’s ok :)

Do the changes in the category.php too

yes :) already did.. thank you

Just a quick question, since i have had a problem with another theme i bought. I need the site to have a “Back”, (a href=”javascript:history.go(-1)”) link in the top menu. Can you test it in different browsers and confirm the “Back” works?

Thanks, Stefan

There will be no problems because timeline theme doesn’t use ajax to load pages

Hi bilbo

i am having trouble adding hyperlinks on posts…i used the shortcode to add hyperlink..and i get this code

[sws_custom_underline_hyperlinks link_type="http://" link="" link_name="" line="none" border_width="1" space="0" text_color="6969ff" line_color="85b2ff" bkgcolor="ffffff" hover="hover2"] [/sws_custom_underline_hyperlinks]

but it doesnt work… nothing appears…

i also tried this code from the wordpress kitchen sink

<a href=""></a>

also doesnt work..

Can you please help me fix this?


I have send a e-mail to Philip’s mail

Can i show different timelines in the same site (maybe via categories)? Like, you have a start page where you can click one of 2 persons, and once you choose 1, it shows his timeline, that is completely different, in terms of content, from the other person’s timeline

Do you need to have different menues for each user? if not you can create for example 2 categories for each user content and add links to this categories on home page

Yes, you are right, its much simpler via categories. I have another question, i created a “back” link in the menu, and it appears under the menu line (, any ideea why?

Make sure that you have enter one link because there are 2 tags

<a></a> <a href="javascript:history.go(-1)"> Back </a>

I got a problem when I share a post on facebook . I can see no picture, and no description… Can you help ?

i just try to share for example this link: and its work just fine. I got the picture and description.

It seem that the timeline limits the amount of posts that can be displayed, is there any way to increase that or make it unlimited?

In your WP administration go to Settings -> Reading -> look for: Blog pages show at most—> change the number of post to show

Hello, i am interested where can i set the timeline to start lower, since i modified the height of the header and now the animation starts under the header.

Hi bedstefan can you contact me trough my profile contact form with more details. Please send me url to your page

I have sent you the details via the contact, from stefan@ac**, did you receive them?

Hi bedstefan, i replied to your e-mail

Nice theme… It is possible to turn off the date in the timeline, so I can use this theme as a kind of Portfolio?


This can be achieved by deleting some line of code. I can do this for you if you want

Great thanks… I bought the theme and will let you know once installed.

Why not work on iphone5 browser.

The page say: We are apologize for the inconvenience but you need to download more modern browser in order to be able to browse our page.

Did you made changes? it’s tested on iOS 6.0. Can you please check this url with your iphone5:

there is an error in the Internet Explorer browser, the navigation bar is displayed :-( Safari and Crome are ok ask for rectification of the error

es gibt einen Browser fehler im Internet Explorer wird die Navigations Leiste angezeigt :-( Safari und Crome sind ok bitte um behebung des Fehlers

Hi tekboyproject, thank you for pointing out. I’ll investigate whats wrong and will let you know

Please can you contact me trough my profile contact form with more details, screenshots because i can’t find any problem. Have you made changes in css or php files?

Hello, I need to remove the dates from the timeline and replace them with titles like, 3 months, 6 months, one year, etc. Can you help me to change this functionality on the Wordpress theme version? Thank you.