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Hello, I need to remove the dates from the timeline and replace them with titles like, 3 months, 6 months, one year, etc. Can you help me to change this functionality on the Wordpress theme version? Thank you.

Hello. Do you offer installation service? Thanks.

Yep your theme is installed



First of all i’d like to say that this theme is amazing! Thank you!

This is sort of a pre purchase question!

Is is possible to disable WordPress Comments and integrate Facebook Commenting instead?

Hope you can let me know before i purchase and if possible will you provide me with the means of how to do so?

Thanks =)

Hi Seven thank you for your words. About your question yes it’s posible to disable WP comments and integrate FB comments but they will not have the same timeline effect as the WP. Please contact me trough my profile contact form.

Really enjoy this theme- but is it possible to turn off the timeline so I can use this as a portfolio?

Hi nateday, i’m not sure that i understand you. What exactly do you want to disable? Scroll effect or something else? Please contact me trough my profile contact form

Wonderful theme! Is it possible to display posts in the reverse order, so that the oldest post is shown first and the newer posts are further down the page? Thanks!

Yes but you have to add ” ‘order’ => ‘ASC’, ” where you have “query_posts”. I will add this option in future update

Bilbo, just a few questions to this great theme: Do I understand correctly, that we can create unlimited number of pages each with particular and also unlimited timeline posts ? e.g. One Page didicated to Christmas – there is only “Christmas timeline” (chrismas specific posts), another page is dedicated to Easter, there are only easter specific posts…and so on. And each timeline page can have its own background -video or slider…? Is it also possible to have a light version pages with backgound videos ?

Thank you Like this theme very much and i’m very curious about upcoming features with e-shop : )

Hi JHiller, You can have different categories for example Christmas and Easter and you can and unlimited posts to this categories. But you can’t set different background for each category. Yes you can have light version with background video.

Hi bilbo_b, Is there a way to add more badges? if so can you explain how I get them to appear in the admin dropdown?

Many thanks


When will the next update be?

I have a bit more work so around 4-5 days.

There still is no update. =(

Yes because iv’e got request for new features that i have to make. I hope to release it very soon

When in responsive mode on a phone or tablet, it is extremely laggy and slow. Can you fix this in the next update please? I viewed it on an android, iPhone, and nexus tablet. Very slow.

Yes in the same “General” tab set “Select Scroll Effect” to “No effect”

It is still extremely slow on mobile devices… even with those settings turned off. Any way to fix that?

I’m not sure on what device you are looking the template but i got iPhone 4 and iPad 1(which is not so fast device) and the site work just fine. Off course if you have lots of post showing it will have effect on performance. In the upcoming update you will have option to choose pagination style instead of infinite scroll which will limit the post showing per page. And after all this theme is designed for computers with mobile compatibility and not vice versa.


Hello , I have multi fashion store for men and women it’s opencart , I want a landing page if some one go my website you have to chose between men and women store becuase my store work in this way and i want some thing like you main theme preview page please i know my request is wired but if i buy the theme can provide me with this or you sell it alone ,

Thank you

Hi azdanafa, Please contact me trough my profile contact form

Hi, I have sent an email , Thank you ,

Hi bilbo_b, thank you so much for this great template. A little question: is there a way to activate video bakground even on mobile phones? I’ve searched everywhere inside php… css.. but video-bg simply won’t work on (for example) iPad/iPhone.

Thank you.

Hi! Great template. Will this work with


Hi 4054 i’ll test this plugin and will tell you if is working

Is there a way to have the images appear in the post box on the timeline instead of the opposite side of the line?

Hi ThoseMarketers, can you please contact me trough my profile contact form. I’m not sure that i understand your question

Hi, i’m interested with your theme..

Maybe you can say it a pre purchase question.

1. I want to use this theme as an event timeline, can i make the post sorted by the next coming event, no by the post date.

2. Can i make the calendar on right side of menu showing the event date and link it to the post?

3. Can i have different background for every post.

Thank you, BTW COOL theme

Hi kadegen, Sorry for the delayed answer. About 1 and 2 currently this is not possible. About 3 this feature will be included in upcoming update which will be very soon

Hi Bilbo

Love the theme – before buying I just need to know if it is possible to create “standard” pages as normal blogs (with sidebar/full width etc) or is there only the timeline option for displaying content? Thanks in anticipation for your answer


Hi Roger, It’s possible to create full width pages but there is no sidebar with widgets

Very excited to know there will be an update soon! Hoorra! You always bring code candies to the table… :D Cheers!!

I’m happy to know that you are excited for the new update (which i hope is 2-3 days away from releasing). The WooCommerce shop plugin looks great. Ofc there will be more features beside that.

One of the most expected features to come for me are:

1. As the timeline nature, being able to sort the posts by old to new, or new to old order.

2. To be able to show “future posts”. i was able to achieve this with a plugin, but it would be cool to have it native in the theme.

3. More options in the background panel. Is very rough and simple.

4. More customization options in titles and dates spaces. Toggle on/off.

5. More designed option of the LOADING CONTENT feature.

If that’s not much to ask… Thank you. :D

About this features point 1 and 4 are done but can you contact me trough my profile contact form with more details about 2,3 and 5 i’ll appreciate it. I’m open for any suggestions.


bilbo, the timeline will be able to be aware of the custom posts?

Why is this template not able to be viewed by internet explorer? (Or at least an older version) Is there a way to make this page work with IE?

Hi ThoseMarketers, unfortunately because the older versions of the IE doesn’t suport lot’s of the theme features. It’s working just fine with IE9+

Just my opinion: Wider range of compatibility is more important than any other feature suggested.

hi!.. I installed the theme as explained in your help file. Installed the options framework plugin too..)The available ‘options framework’ plugin is version 1.5.).. imported the data.. but the content does not show up in the site.. it looks empty. The menu does not show any submenu too.. pls chk what would be the problem..?.. need help asap..

Thanks in advance

Hi aasheesh_singh I have send you e-mail

Hello man, do you have date for releasing v1.6? Thanks.

Yep i’m ready. I just need to beautify the code and the update will be in queue for approval later today.

Great news. Thank you Bilbo! I hope you sell a lot with the new woocommerce feature!

Hi netjmt, the update is live. Thank you for the features suggestions .