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Great job, very original!

Thank you :)

Just wanted to say, lovely work. Inspired by Path, but taken to a whole new level. Here is to lots of sales! :)

Thank you for the kind words :)

I love it! Good work and great sales :-)

Thank you misspato, you’re sweet :)

Beautiful theme. Might just have to create a new blog for this one :P

Thank you! :D If you have create it, let me know :)

What font did you use for the “Timeline” logo?

you should have that theme for Wordpress also . that’ll be awesome !

Hi primalhype,

Thank you for interest in our themes, we’re currently develop Timeline wordpress version, so just wait.


Agree with primalhype, I would love this for wordpress!

Hi hscottda,

Yes, we love too. we’re currently develop Timeline wordpress version.


Nice, then I will definitly buy that version when it gets out!

Wordpress version please! Now that’s gonna be my next purchase :D

Ps, please check out :)

I can also imagine this theme with some sweeeet Parallax effects :)

Beautiful share button and rollover effect.


Kudos! This is awesome, hoping for a WP version.

Hi. Very special item. There’s just a thing I wish to know :

What about if we make sliders with a height that’s less that your demo ? What happens ? Does the sliders get reduced or not ? Regards


The slider images height can be adjusted any size you want. But the width was designed with 100% width and can’t be less than that.

If you’re interested in buying it, and have problems in customize the slider, feel free to contact us.



How can I remove slides?

Hi Che,

Thanks for purchased our theme.

Remove slides it’s very easy, the way is go to apperance settings-and un-tick ‘enabled slider image’ – then save. here a screenshot .

if you have a problem just tell us.


Hi. Is there’s any Html upcoming version ? Regards


I’m sorry, there is no Html version, but Wordpress version will release soon.


Cannot get this to work. After adding the html, the page is white with text. That’s it. The back-end shows no options. I cannot find the Reset Default button. Please assist.


i’ve send you an email. please check.


I am interested in purchasing this theme. I had one question though:

Is it possible so that when I click “View Post” it does not open in a hover box but in a separate page?

Great theme looks fantastic.


Hi noojerz,

Thank you for interested to our theme.

As default button View Post on homepage it’s load permalink page with popup box, so if you want make it to separate page, it’s just a few line code of html, tell us if you wanna make that happens, we happy to help.


Patiently waiting for the WordPress version :) and I think they’re releasing it very soon :)

Olá, sou fascinado pelo Tumblr e fazia tempo que não vinha um theme tão bonito. Criei minha conta na Envato somente para comprar esse theme.

Fiquei muito feliz. Espero que você produza mais theme para tumblr.

Qual a fonte que você usou no logo? Um grande abraço.

Could be more beautiful than the top menu. I am waiting for Wordpress version.I hope that comes soon



Still working on Wordpress version. I won’t release it before it’s completely ready.

Thank you for your patience :)


Great job! I really like this theme and I have a pre-purchase question: when I view a post and then close the window, the site jumps back to the top. Is there a way to keep the position after I close a post, so I don’t have to scroll down again? Thanks in advance!