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I am having trouble getting this theme to work properly. I followed the install instructions, but I only get an unformatted theme-white background with text.

Thank you in advance for your help.

I’m another one who bought this theme, but upon installing it, I only get a white background with text. Have emailed the team for help.

Okay, I solved the problem – opening the html file with text edit revealed the output code. Instead I opened the file in Coda and copied the raw code from there.

That worked perfectly. Thank you Clogish!

The theme etc. is not in the download. You must join a @# en stie, etc to actually get this template?


I just replied your email. Please check it out. If you have any problems, email me via message board.

Cheers :)

I wanna buy but have a couple questions.I am fairly new to tumblr and this stuff.

1. how easy is it to implement into an already existing tumblr site. 2. After I buy it can I try i without going live. 3. How adaptable is it. Can I tweak it.

I am doing a photo of day blog and this looks something that will really stream line the process but do not want the site to be down at all.



Hi Jack,

1. It’s easy. You just need to replace the previous HTML code with the new HTML code from the theme. Or you can read the help file.

2. It can’t. You need to go online and try on existed Tumblr blog

3. It easy to tweak if you familiar to HTML and CSS code. But it also easy to customize the theme.

You can check the website


I don’t get why browsers has to “scroll me to top” automatically after closing a post popup box :(

Hi Imoshi,

It’s also my concern. I’m trying to fixing it. I’ll submit the update if it has been fixed.


Wordpress version? :bigwink:

We’re still Developing WP version now

please wait ;)

Que pena que não há suporte para compradores. Há quase 1 mês perguntei sobre a font usada e até agora nada.

Não recomendo! :depressed:

any idea on when the Wordpress version would release ?

I’m really happy with the design. :)

However, I’m here to report two issues:

1) When viewing a post, videos are in front of the popup. You can see it here:

2) Moreover, when I leave a description for a Link post, it doesn’t appear on the Tumblr.


Thank you for purchasing our themes,

would you email me via message board here and I’ll try to assist you.



The drop-down arrow on the top bar which hides the social plugins like Facebook Likes, Posts I Like etc. – is it possible to have that banner fixated on the bottom of the blog or the sides? I want it so it is visible, instead of hidden. Can this be done?


Actually it’s possible to do, but we need extra customization for that.


I bought this theme because it said it was compatible with IE8 and Firefox 3 but it does NOT work in those browsers. All the formatting for the posts gets messed up. Is there a way to fix this or is there an update coming soon that can address this problem?

Cause as I see it now, it is false advertising to say its compatible with those browsers. That was the only reason I even bought it and now I’m screwed.

Hi Khris,

Thank you for purchasing our theme. We will check this issue and fixing as soon as possible.


Awesome theme! :)

Bought the theme, its just what I wanted. Very “Path” esq. Thank You.

changed a few things to my own liking tho.

This is awesome! As beautiful as Path app…I’m also waiting the WP version. Please consider a page to display portfolio (just an input though). Good job mate. :D

How do you enable the Twitter Widget? I added my {TwitterUsername} in the HTML but Twitter widget box does not appear in the carousel


For activating twitter widget you must sign in with twitter via tumblr Blog Setting..

1. Log in to your tumblr Blog Settings. here a screenshot

2. Click ‘Sign in with Twitter’ button and follow the next step to authorize with your twitter account.

3. Save your blog setting and you’re done.

Let me know if you still have a problem. For fast reply, you can email us via the user page contact form here


I seem to have a problem with the theme. When i try to view image fullsize they do not show up at all. I dont know why and I ave messed around with the settings a few times but no joy.

Here is the installed theme:

If you click on one of the thumbnails the image does not show large, help plz, thanks!


Your blog seems fine. This is what it look when I click on one of the thumbnails

For technical problems, feel free to email us via the user page contact form here


I’ve noticed there’s a markup error in this theme. Around line 3354 in the index.html file:

    <div id="blogpost">

It should be:

    <div id="blogpost">

As it is, the #blogpost div is being repeated in every post, causing unwanted nesting (and validation errors)

Hi adamturtle,

you’re right, we will include this to the next update.

Thank you.

just wanted to say. you did a really amazing job on this theme. and i hardly say this. as a designer as my self =P.

Hi renegadexf,

I appreciate your nice response