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Just a quick question for you.. What font did you use for the logo?

Hi zcoleman,

I can’t remember what the font name is.. but we made a custom font for the logo..


Oops I guess I have a couple questions…

How do I get the Ask page to display? Is there anyway to create a Contact page with a form?

Awesome theme BTW .

Hi zcoleman,

Thank you for purchasing our theme.

to display Ask Page, it’s easy, go to blog settings and tick ‘let people ask questions’ then save.

if you want to create a contact page, go to customize – pages – add a page ( )- then write contact form code in here

if you have a trouble and for fast responses feel free to contact-us via message board.


I am really having problems with installing this theme. I follow the instructions in your provided pdf, but once I preview it noting but text appears. None of the appearance settings or any of the other features appear. Please Help!

Hi nonapplicablemedia,

Thank you for purchased our theme, i suggest you to try another text editor, if still same result, just send me message via message board on my profile.


Hi Tofu Staff, congrats for amazing tumblr theme. im just have 1 question… i would like delete the dribble icon on the social links at the start of the timeline… its possible?

thanks a lot! Renato

Hi Renato,

The answer is Yes. You can go to your customize page, find “Dribbble Account” at Appearance setting and leave it empty.

Thank you for purchased and enjoy the theme! :)

Hello Tofu people, first of all, congratulations on this amazing theme! Now, I’m having a hard time trying to change the sidebar color… you know, when you click “View Post” and it opens in a pop up window… that sidebar, which background is set to #e8ecef by default, I want to change the bg color but can’t find where to do it! I actually found some #sidebar code hidden in the HTML , but changing that bg color won’t work… any help? Thanks in advance

Hello.. Thank you for purchased.

You can try to find #sidebar { background:#e8ecef } at CSS Media Queries part (its around the line 2410).

If you still have a problem, please email us via message board here


Hi guys, I have another question. Is it possible to change fonts? For instance, I’d like to change Armata for an .otf font I customized. It’d be way better if I used the .otf file, or replacing it with Cufon. Any ideas? I have no clue how to do it… Best regards

Hi, I really love this theme and I’m thinking of buying it but I need to ask first if it will be possible for it to have adsense adds?

looks like the audio post will not play (ask you to get flash 9) if endless scrolling is active

Is it possible to know how many times a post has been shared in twitter or in facebook?

I’ve no idea. As I know, Tumblr doesn’t have control to show number of posts that has been shared in twitter or facebook.

Like others I have had some serious issues installing this theme. I’ve tried opening the index.html file in various text editors and copied it to the html code to no avail. Can anyone help me out??


Thank you for purchased.

You can open the index.html file with any Text editor. If you using Mac OS X , choose TextEdit to open the file. Before that, please follow this step below:

1. Open TextEdit -> go to Preference..

2. In New Document section choose Plain text

3. And then switch to Open and Save section, select “Ignore rich text commands in HTML files” like this

Now you can open the index.html file with TextEdit and copy paste the code. Or if you using Windows OS, you can open the file with Notepad.

I hope this can help :)


Hi, is there a way to stop the theme from stretching/resizing gifs to 500px?

Hi, can you tel me more specific.. which post type do you used to posting gifs? or, may I know your tumblr URL ?


I don’t know if it does it to all of them, but definitely with replies. And my tumblr URL is the same as my name on here

You can try to add this code below at Custom CSS setting:

.timeline-content img {max-width: 500px;}

I hope this can help :)

Updates for the Wordpress version? How long must we wait? :smitten:

WordPress version is currently in improvement. Previously it was delayed because we were working on some other website projects. We’re trying hard to make it launch ASAP .

Thanks :)

Hi, I love the theme and it’s very easy to install.

I have one question, how do I hide the TAG icon and post TAGS from showing up?


Hi, thank you for purchasing.

For not showing tags, you can find “Custom CSS ” box in ADVANCED setting at Customize page and add this code below:

sidebar ul.tagged {display:none;}

see the screenshot

And for not showing Tag Cloud widget, you just need to uncheck the “Enabled Tag Cloud Widget” at APPEARANCE

Don’t forget to click “Save”.


Thank you Tofuthemes,

I did as you said and it worked perfectly.

I have one more question! What do I need to do so that when clicking, “View Post” the post shows completely instead of having to scroll down to fully see a post.

For both the pop up window post and the no pop up window view.


Hello, This is an awesome theme. I want to use this theme for our website and not tumblr. Would you have a generic html web site timeline theme. If not then would you make one for us. We will obviously pay for your extra work.



I’m french blogger and this theme is so interesting but if i buy it i don’t know how install it ? Somenone, to answer me ? Thanks.

I really don’t know how to get the Audio Player to work… I’m on a Mac, tried on all browsers… No go at all.

I guess I’ll wait for the Wordpress version (which I’ve been waiting since February) and stick to that…

Any ETA for that?

Ps, please add and configure Retina Support. It is highly needed…

Wow, this theme looks great. I’ve been looking for a way to get my Path into a blog format.

One question, is there a way to import my previous Path posts?

Thanks, Shane

Hey, awesome theme! but i seem to have a problem :/

I can only see images in full view with chrome, not in firefox or IE, is just darkens the screen, but no image appear when i click on the thumbnails.

Could you please help me fix that :)

Hi madsjorg, thank you for purchasing :)

About this issue, have you tried to reload your browser and click the View Post button again?

I’ve tried it myself and it seems fine. This is how it looks in IE and this is in Firefox I have been tested it too in both Windows and Mac OS.

If you still have problems with this theme or find any bugs, you can report to us via email for faster respons.

Thanks :)

Thanks for the quick reply :)

It seems to be working when it is a single image, but when i try and upload more than one, like in this test i did here: When i click on of the images all i get is this:

I’m using the latest version of firefox on a mac, it worked fine when i tried it in chrome, unfortunately most of my friends and family who is going to follow my travel blog use IE and firefox. :/

I really hope theres a fix for this, cause i simply love the design and layout plus the easiness of tumblr :)