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When im on page “About me” the hover effect didn’t worked. Worked only when im on the page “Home”. (background color white).

Hello, That is because you are on the ‘Active’ page and we had set the active pages not to have any hover.

If you want to change the way that operates, in the widgets panel you should see a ‘States’ panel. You will be able to change the way the way hovers are seen when any button is selected.

Could You Make The Code Clean a bit ?

Haha. You might try asking Adobe to do that ;) Since they control how it exports. But hey, its not meant for that. Its meant to simply work!

beautiful page

...unfortunately the wrong platform for me. Any plans on a wp version?

To be honest I’ve had some friends try to get this ready last year, but time wasn’t on there side (no pun intended). We would love for a WP developer to help us out :) But until then, we’ll keep saving until we can get that up in the near future for all of our themes.

A lot of id without any meaning … What is “u141” ... “u152” ?! The design is not responsive at all, regret my $13. Really not convenient to use. I’m used to work with design from Themeforest, and it’s usually convenient. The “Adobe” excuse is a bit easy… Hopefully, when i go to the restaurant, the cooker don’t tell me “this dish is not really good cause of my microwave …”. You really should clean it, cause i doubt customers want to spend time to clean the code they just bought… It’s not our work, that’s why we buy a design …

Willing to buy this but it’s true that the code is really ugly and not even boostrap’d..