TIMES - Extraordinary Newspaper Magazine Theme

TIMES - Extraordinary Newspaper Magazine Theme

TIMES is a powerful and complete package designed to redefine publishing by making content both easier to create and consume. Write, beautiful. Discover a better way to write your articles with an editor that lets you focus on getting the best words out and crafting good looking articles with live preview. Comfortable reading. We’ve put a lot of effort to integrate best typographic practices into everything you write because for decades it made reading more convenient and comfortable. Bookmark and recommend. Thanks to integrated bookmarking system your readers can collect their favourite articles easier than ever. See what’s trending and discover what your readers like. Engage like never before. We’ve made posting a comment or sharing feedback on the article easier than ever so you can engage and stir discussions in your community more easily. Your articles, on the go. Your readers can now enjoy your content on the go more conveniently and faster than ever before thanks to optimized, responsive images. Just how you like it. Experience our best efforts to streamline the setup process and enjoy further customization of your site in a well-organized and comprehensive interface.

Briefly about features

TIMES is an extraordinary newspaper / magazine WordPress theme designed to redefine publishing by making content both easier to create and consume. It combines professional looks and unmistaken typography with impressive user experience (UX) and incredible attention to details.

Enjoy your content on mobile devices, tablets and more thanks to a responsive layout, now even faster and better with optimized images and support for high-quality retina screens. This theme supports menus 3 levels deep as more than this is a burden for users to navigate. If you have more questions, please email support.


April 30th, 2017 – version 1.3.9

IMPROVED - Few visual tweaks.
IMPROVED - Main menu experience.
IMPROVED - Hero image performance.

April 3rd, 2017 – version 1.3.8

ADDED - New widget called "Category Posts" that allows you to display articles from specific category in any post-excerpt format neatly in the sidebar. You can also pick the number of posts to show as well as set the time-range.
IMPROVED - Few visual tweaks.

March 23rd, 2017 – version 1.3.7

IMPROVED - Customizer looks and experience. Biggest customizer redesign to date, we made the customizer much, much more organized, easier to navigate, less cluttered and gave it a more modern look. Every section has it’s own custom made icon and a description for easier navigation, similar settings are now grouped together to make the best use of space and each group has a short explanation to it. Words really can't do a justice once you compare the old customizer with the new one. Make sure to try it out and if find something not working properly, just go to Dashboard > Settings > General and uncheck the "Customizer tweaks" checkbox.
ADDED - Dark mode. Yes, your website can now join the dark side. To change the color scheme of your site go to the Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Change Colors and pick a dark color scheme.
ADDED - Sepia color scheme. Give your site the old-school look with subtle brown shades. You can change the color scheme in the same section as the dark color scheme.
ADDED - Option to change the default sorting for comments.

March 6th, 2017 – version 1.3.6

ADDED - New widget called "Handpicked" that allows you to choose custom posts to add to your sidebars. We created a new tool that allows you to search for posts straight from the widgets panel or customizer and then add any post in whatever order to your sidebars in all available post layouts.
ADDED - Option to pick position for comments sorting and pagination bar. You can place the section above all the comments, below the reply box or both! To customize the position make sure to visit Dashboard > Appearance > Customize and then Show/Hide section.
IMPROVED - Layout improvements.

February 26th, 2017 – version 1.3.5

IMPROVED - Comments now load ‘asynchronously’ which means articles with lots of comments will load much faster then before.
ADDED - Option to sort comment by oldest, newest and most up-voted comments. At the bottom of each comments section you will find the options to sort your comments. The theme will respect your WordPress default comments sorting that you picked in the settings. If you choose to sort comments by ex. most up-voted ones, then that choice will be remembered for this page. Please note that cookies cannot be disabled for this to work.
ADDED - Option to hide comments sorting in the comment areas.
IMPROVED - Redesigned comments pagination for better experience and better looks.
IMPROVED - Theme speed and performance.
IMPROVED - Few layout tweaks.

February 9th, 2017 – version 1.3.4

ADDED - Option to turn on and off hyphenation of the title and tagline in the header
ADDED - Option to always show comments on pages and articles
ADDED - Option to show or hide bookmark icon at the bottom of the article
ADDED - Option to show or hide "Article info" & "Related posts" section from sidebar
IMPROVED - Minor layout tweaks
IMPROVED - Gradients and translucent colors live preview in the customizer

January 29th, 2017 – version 1.3.3

ADDED - New rich-dropdown-like functionality for custom menu top level category menu-item. Once you add a category item without any sub menu items to a custom menu then the theme will load 4 newest posts from that category. Dropdown is also equipped with handy arrows on each side which can be used to navigate through posts.
ADDED - Option to disable featured image on individual posts. Once disabled only thumbnail will be shown on the site and the actual featured image on article pages will be hidden.
ADDED - Options to change every color on the page. Change the background color, primary and secondary color along with six shade colors to achieve any color scheme you want, including the dark mode.
ADDED - Option to disable parallax effect on individual pages.
ADDED - Option to hide the "Page Info" and "Share" section from pages.
IMPROVED - Content editor focus mode, few layout tweaks. 

January 9th, 2017 – version 1.3.2

ADDED - New mobile menu layout called "Compact", packs a site title or logo with a mobile-optimized menu and quick search input. You can change to it in the customizer under "Header Layout" tab.
ADDED - New page layout called "Minimal" - helps you get straight to the point, no sidebars, just pure content. Ideal for contact pages
ADDED - Specific pages options
ADDED - Optional views meta statistic for article pages in mobile and tablet views, you can turn it on in the customizer "Show/Hide" area.
IMPROVED - Site speed by reducing the number of database queries.
IMPROVED - Few front-end visual tweaks

December 28th, 2016 – version 1.3.1

ADDED - Bookmarks and comments counter in article meta on mobile devices and tablets. You can hide them in a customizer "Show/Hide" section.
IMPROVED - Few backend tweaks.
IMPROVED - Sticky sidebar performance for buttery smooth scrolling.
IMPROVED - Live article preview performance (only with bundled Dash+ plugin).
ADDED - Option to disable leading paragraph and drop cap for specific articles.
ADDED - Category color preview right in the Edit Categories panel.

December 12th, 2016 – version 1.3.0

ADDED - Sponsored posts label. You can now add a subtle sponsored icon to your posts to notify your readers about this fact. To make your post sponsored go to post edit page and tick the sponsored post checkbox in the Article Options metabox.
ADDED - New article layout called "Minimal". You can now set a predefined layout for your articles in the post edit page. Minimal layout focuses on content and removes the clutter and distractions to let your readers focus on the article.
ADDED - New footer layout called "Custom". Pick the number of columns for your footer and manage them easily with widgets. All that, of course, fully responsive.
ADDED - Option to hide slider meta text.
IMPROVED - Few layout tweaks.

November 28th, 2016 – version 1.2.9

IMPROVED - Speed by reducing the number of database queries on the homepage and loading some sections asynchronously.
ADDED - Two new advertisement positions for desktop devices. You can now place adds below the header and/or (in a basic header layout) next to your site name, tagline or logo. Simply paste your ad code and pick where you want to display the ad, the theme uses flexbox layout technology to align and center your ad and your logo perfectly. If you are using a really old browser the theme has a proper fallback for that. For now ads are only visible on desktops while we are testing responsive ads and adding new ad spots. Feedback very welcome at this point ; )
IMPROVED - Layout tweaks for some smaller devices.
ADDED - WhatsApp share button. Visible when needed, appears only on mobile devices for easy and quick article sharing.
ADDED - Option to enable page fade in effect on every page load. You can enable it in the Theme Options > Functionality ON/OFF > Fade In Page On Load Effect (last one).

November 16th, 2016 – version 1.2.8

IMPROVED - Widgets now use selective reload which means you can arrange and customize your page a lot faster. This feature is compatible with following plugins: TIMES most bookmarked posts, most commented posts, most popular posts, most recent stories, social media widgets.
IMPROVED - The UI of the customizer is now cleaner, more organized and easier to navigate.
IMPROVED - Handling of the categories sticky posts in the slider and post list below.