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Are all images show in demo included in psd.. or will i need to buy seprately.


Hello rammigill, the only image that is not included with this theme is the main slider image.

I’m still doing an internet search for the image source, but so far nothing!

Any plans for an HTML or wordpress version?

HTML version is coming soon

Not sure about wordpress yet.

Awesome! :) I wait HTML version…


Thanks JakubSteplowski the THML version will come soon.

Good work, mate :)

Cheers bud :)

It’s good to see that the item is now up. The design somehow reminds me of Silicon Valley. Great work! 8-) – Park

Thanks subwaymatch, yeah glad it’s finally up :)

love your work btw :D

Good design, waiting for HTML version. Also the image looks great, can you provide the source url for this image.—thX

Thanks varghesedxb, we are working on the HTML version, should be launched soon. The image I used for this theme was stored on my HDD for some time. I really don’t know where I got it from :D

Will do an internet search to get to the source

thanks, i tried in shutterstock cannot find this image, if you get the source pls send to me. thx

Purchased. Where can I buy the computer mockup? Can you provide a link to the exact item? Thanks.

Thanks so much and hope to see more from you!

Ur welcome mate ;)

Excellent Job man !! Keep going and Good Luck with sales ;)

Cheers, thanks for liking my work

Awesome work mate.. Good Luck With Sales !! :D

Thanks JOGJAfile :)

Very Nice theme. Where can I find the main slider image? thanks

Hi webarc, thanks for liking the Theme. I am still doing internet searches on where to find the intro image, so far no success. I have had it stored on my HDD for a while, really don’t know where I got it from lol :)

It’s really cool theme. Good luck for sale!

Like wise, awesome design. Hope you can find the image source as i’d love to use that image. Thanks :)

Thanks andyparton for purchasing Timessquare. I am still searching the Internet for the source of the image used for this theme. I have it stored on my HDD but never bookmarked the source :(

Looks like the image from the home page is found here: http://getharvest.com

Cheers SavvyProWeb, but where is the source to the page, it’s weird coming from me since i have used it in this Theme Design :)

Thanks for purchasing Timessquare PSD theme.

I’ve just sent you an email, let me know if you got it.

Yes kunfu-themes I have send you one back.

Hi mate!

Where did you get that image?

I’m just curious so i can get that picture, after i buy your theme :)

Best Regards


Thanks for showing an interest to buy Timessquare PSD.

I really don’t know where the image source comes from, I have it saved on my HDD, by don’t have the source to the image it self.

Yeah, saw it in the comments prior to mine. Damn that’s a shame, im searching for such images i tought maybe there is a good collection lurking on the internet somewhere :)

No worries.

Your welcome

Any update on Wordpress or HTML?

Hello SSol,

I recently have finished working on two private project, that pretty much took all my time. A HTML version of Timessquare will be released very shortly, thank you for showing an interest.



Hi, I just noticed that you said you would release the HTML version over 6 months ago. Did that happen? Can you send me a lik please. Thanks.

Hello BrandProsper,

The HTML version has been online for a while. The download link is here: http://themeforest.net/item/timessquare-responsive-html5-retina-landing-page/4767932?WT.ac=search_item&WT.seg_1=search_item&WT.z_author=ABdev

Best Regards, -Cruzyayo