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Very creative! I love it :)

Wow! amazing design page! :)

Nice Colors Nice Illustration this is Simply creative

looks really good! i bookmarked it!

nice to hear :)

Cool man, really cool. GLWS :D

Nice job, glws \o/

Love the design! Great work & good luck :)

Thank you ;)

Wow! It’s really nice work! Good luck!


Nice design, great work :)

Hi, great coming soon page, love the illustration!

Having a little problem in mobile version; I edited some sections of the “countdown” page and set it as my home page. When I visit it on my desktop, everything looks perfectly fine but when I visit it on my iPhone, it works fine on Chrome but it goes text only version on Safari. Here is how it looks like on Safari:

Need help with this!


Hi, can you give me online link? I can’t help without it Thanks

Sent you a PM.

The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. please help.

yes i was able use the theme. but in the subscribe box it says API key cannot be empty, even after replacing the API key and List ID in subscribe.php, please advice

cf6953558c0a7db77405f2ea71307fcb-us8 . You are accessing the wrong datacenter – your client library may not properly support our datacenter mapping scheme.


us8 – this is your data center

replace $submit_url = “”; to $submit_url = “”;

love the theme – one problem I have a API key from mail chimp I have this error Invalid Mailchimp API Key: on the subscribe form any help would be welcome


You could lose one character or accidentally insert a space. For example, here is the structure of the API b29f7fb25794f49b7gr30et4016da488-us3. Looks like yours?

Bingo – Got it :) it was the user ID that was wrong – Thanks

Hello! I’ve got problem with mailchimp API my friend :(. Everything is OK for first look – when typping emails, my subscribers are on list in mailchimp. But where are welcome emails? double opt-in emails with confirmation? I really don’t know why this emails are not sending after send emails to mailchimp :/. Can You help me with this?


you need to open the file “subscribe.php”

and replace $send_welcome=false; to $send_welcome=true;

Sorry for the misunderstanding, have not seen this before

Great :). Thanks :).

Hi I tried changing the logo but it doesn’t show. Also is it possible to change the social media icons to the following:


Yes I agree in FF it shows but in Chrome it doesn’t, check it out yourself. Thanks.

Hey, in Chrome (43.0.2357) it works well. What version are you using?

Try add in logo style (.logo) also “-webkit-background-size: contain;”

Hi, I see your work and its amazing. I need like as this theme but for a game like as habbo. Can you make some this based on habbo? Thanks

Hi mdlfv,
Sorry but I’m not available for freelance at the moment.

Hey! My purchase code is ba5b1c3b-2d84-4506-9967-e3dfc1bcdc70. I was wondering how would i change the time count down. Where do i make that change example if i want the count down to be April 10, 2016. Hope you can help. Thank you!

Hello lifeamal, not a best idea leave your purchase code in comment :) You can change countdown date in custom.js file (Countdown options).