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Nice template one issue though, in your about us sections the social icons are not transparent. You have small smudges of black coming through. The black goes away when you slide over the image though returns as you slide away.

Thanks for your comment.

And many thanks for letting me know about the issue. Actually I made a rush in this item somehow! So, I just put some text (Facebook, Twitter) inside the social icons ‘a’ and using css I made the font size .1px so that it should not visible :P

By the way, I will fix it right now. I will use ‘span’ for the social icons text and make hidden and on the mobile view they will be shown :)

Thank you very much…

The Problem is now fixed. Thanks for letting me know :)

The navigation links (on the left) don’t seem to work on iPad. Any idea why?

I checked it on a Galaxy Tab while I made it and it worked well. By the way, I will check it with my friend’s iPad today and will let you know the solution asap.

Thanks for purchasing by the way.

Thank you, it’s a great template and so far very easy to work with.

I isolated the iPad problem a little better. If you click/tap one of the navigation links, it scrolls there. But to use the navigation again you have to manually scroll a little bit first. It’s like the iPad “locks” your position after using one of the links.

Maybe a little javascript to scroll 1px after clicking a link will fix it?

You’re welcome and thanks for your appreciation :)

I think I got it! YES ! If you want to use the navigation again you have to the first again BUT NOT MANUALLY . There is a “GO TO TOP ” link at the right side of the window which will help you to reach the navigation again. Got it buddy???

Only problem I have is the site seems to have flaky scrolling, slowing the browser window down or something…? I love that the site works somewhat without JS. Nice job.

I will try to improve the smoothness of scrolling as much as I can.

Thanks for your comment by the way :)

Kindly, please check the demo now. I have slow down the scrolling speed and now it scrolls very smoothly. I have also added a new script that loads the images of the site in a very smooth and interesting way!

Hope you like it now without and with JS :)

Very Clean and tidy design, I wanted to know if i can do something like gallery view as in light box with left and right arrows ?, currently it is required to click and each image individually which is kind of difficult for the user, also can i include youtube and vimeo videos in the gallery section

Right now, it doesn’t runs on Lightbox. It is based on Fancybox but YES ! There is enough option on Fancybox to do so. Kindly have a look at fancybox.net and I think you will be able to set it up.

Unfortunately NO. There is no way right now to add YouTube/Vimeo videos.

this looks very nice;