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Lovely work! Good luck with sales :)

Thanks Chris

Great work my friend!!!! ;)

Thank you

Great stuff! :) good luck with sales

Thanks Tom

Good luck with sales :)

Many thanks

nice work gud luck :)

Many thanks

Many thanks

Nice work, GLWS :)

Many thanks

awesome work ! GLWS !

Thanks very much!

Can this be used for a Blogger-based personal blog? Sorry for the silly question. I’m not avery technical person and would like to be sure before I purchase. Thanks!

Hi, this template is just static html, you will need to add the necessary code for it to work as a Blogger theme.

We have just released a WordPress version if that is of any help… http://themeforest.net/item/tipi-responsive-personal-wordpress-theme/7922192

Two questions: (1) Is this theme going to be updated along with its WP sister? And (2), does this static theme and the WP theme have the same features? If not, what’s missing?

Hi, thank you for your comment.

This is an HTML template, not a CMS theme. The template is for developers who want to apply it to a website or any CMS as they see fit.

Any HTML, CSS or JavaScript fixes applied to the WordPress version we will update the HTML template as well. In regards to features, these are all seen in the demos and listed on the item description pages.

Hope this answers your questions.

Kind regards

It does thanks! I haven’t decided whether I want to go for the Wordpress or basic theme yet. I’m a developer and I’ve been using a static site blog solution for years, but I’m considering migrating to Wordpress.

If I bought the Wordpress theme for the full price, could you also send me the static version? I want to experiment with the theme and wordpress to see if its worth switching over.


Unfortunately we are not allowed to do that under the terms we agreed to become a ThemeForest author.

If you were to purchase both we would pin your name up on the office wall under “Most Awesome Customer” ;)

Kind regards

No comments section in the template


The template uses Disqus (https://disqus.com), so you will need to set up an account and then add your forum name to the code in the html.

Regards, Michael

Hi the share button for facebook and twitter don’t seem to work in the live preview I was trying it in one of the article of the blog will it be corrected in a next update ? Another question when i want to view a picture the cross to close the picture and the arrow to go from one to the other disappear too fast is there a solution I want to buy this theme but the people I’m doing the website for are old and they will not particularly understand that you have to click another time to make them appear again thank you

Hi, thank you for your interest.

1) Which article was you looking at, as the share links are working fine for me. They do open up in a new window.

2) The lightbox is a jquery plugin (http://brutaldesign.github.io/swipebox/) which is using the default settings. If you wish to change the settings then I would advice you to install a child theme and then duplicate and edit the scripts.js file.

Hope that helps.


hi, I would like to know based on what you create “Fun Facts”.. how do you calculate the visited city or photos taken? thank you!

I’m here again! :) sorry asking too much but i found out that my “facebook” share link on the article doesn’t work. It only opens facebook page but there is nothing like post something. I suppose the url should automatically show up, and we just press “post” to make it appear, right?


1) Fun Facts: You need to edit the html and replace the ‘data-to’ e.g. data-to=”50”

2) As this is a static html template I’ve only added the links for demo purposes. If you submit a support ticket at https://wearesupa.ticksy.com I will provide you the code to make them functional. You will need to know html & js to be able to edit the files.

Many thanks Michael

Hi! Is this theme -or any html theme suitable for blogspot?

Hi, I believe it will require additional coding to use for Blogspot.

Thank you for your interest


Hi, is this HTML theme working with tumblr? Thanks!

Hi, no it isn’t. Sorry!