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nice sale!;


Side nav does not seem to be working in the demo or the downloaded code.

looks like the is_touch_device function has a bug. If I force it to return true then I the side_nav menu works

Hi, side nav works ok for me (win7, win8, ios, android), what browser and os are you using?

I know this is a very specific question, but I want to use the “select all” and “deselect all” buttons to work with the searchable one below that on this page:

Is this something that could be done, and do you have a demo? I know it sounds silly but I need those exact features on an upcoming project.


Hi, you can easily add this functionality to any 2col multiselect, please check demo at

The side menu doesnt seem to work in Chrome.

Hi, it works ok for me. Please send me more info about this issue (os, browser version) and also please check js console for js errors.

There seems to be a bug with the wizard when resizing the screen the wizard hight does not adjust. should be repairable with a jquery on window resize function

Hi, thank you for the info, I could add function to resize wizard on window resize but you probably never resize the window during regular use, anyway I’ll add this to my todo list.

No problem for any person(s) using the wizard . (replace ”#wizard_form” with your wizard id or class) this is a quick fix not the best but it should works

$(window).resize(function() { if ($(”#wizard_form”).length) { var cur_height = $(”#wizard_form”).children(’.content’).children(’.body.current’).outerHeight(); $(”#wizard_form”).find(’.content’).height(cur_height); } });

Hi, thank You for your message, no need for custom code here :) there is already a function to resize wizard content, you can use it like this:
if ($("#wizard_101").length) {
    $(window).on('resize',function() {
if ($("#wizard_form").length) {
    $(window).on('resize',function() {


On page multiupload, i want to validate the file type as it gets, thank you

there is a problem with navigation in chrome – there is a issue in windows8.1 touch devices, means tablets or desktop with touch feature – have you a idea to fix it ?


also – in chrome is no reaction on click on letter – in firefox and IE is all fine

>> mouse click is dead – touch is ok

Hi, please send me more info about this issue (please also provide screenshot if possible) to I’ll try to help you with this issue.

is it possible to hide the full side bar menu?

I mean slide hide

Hi, do you want to hide or remove this sidebar? If you want to hide it you just need to click left arrow on the top bar. If you want to hide it programmatically you can call altair_main_sidebar.hide_sidebar()

Left navigation is not opening on hover. I know this has been logged previously. Not sure is there any solution posted. It is chrome ver. 49.0.2623.87 which I’m using.

Hi, I’m sorry but I can’t reproduce this issue (win 10, chrome 49.0.2623.110). Could you check again, please also open js console and check for js errors.


foztas Purchased

We have two problems. 1-Chrome browser does not trigger on hover at main menu left side etc. components menu items. 2-Responsivity is not working when we choose mobile size. (low width) on … sidebar_accordion.html

I can’t reproduce this issue, please check