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Fresh one.

Goodluck with Sales!

Thanks a lot man :)

wow clean design you have.. great work!

Many thanks bro!

I like it a lot! best of luck with sales :)


Awesomeness! Really Unique!

Thanks a lot dude :)

Do you have dummy content xml for this theme?

Of course we have. After purchase you can get it from any time you want or you can also send us pm and you can get it from us.

Hi there.

I just checked your theme and it’s full of html markup issues. Will these be resolved and sold as a valid quality theme?

HTML validators are not used since very long time because are unable to cope with the differences in HTML 4 and HTML 5 standards or even with parts od code which support older browsers.

For example, when we see in demo comments which looks like below:

<!--------------------------- demo ---------------------------------->

are treated as errors (You have nearly 100 of these errors which are definitely not error). The only reliable test of the correctness of the theme is displayed it in all modern browsers. Theme has been tested in IE8, IE9, IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome and on mobile devices and everywhere works without any errors.

We hope our answear is clear and now you understand why HTML Validators are not valuable as in the past.

Nice theme! Good luck :)

Many thanks vickystudio :)


Just one question before I purchase this theme – is it possible to set up a custom picture for each page in the header – that would be, replacing the sailboat picture in the demo?

Hi frtnc00k13, thanks for your interest :)

Yes it is possible. It can be done via Revolution Slider which is included into Theme. It is very easy and after purchase we can tell you how to do it.

LOVE IT!!!!! Quick question? how do I remove the ”#Subheader .sixteen .title {” I want the box / title removed ? not the subheader background. Thanks!!!!!!!

Thanks a lot SarahRKcom :)

All you need to do is paste below code into Theme options > Layout > Custom CSS section:

#Subheader .sixteen .title { display: none; }

And title for inner pages will be removed. We hope it is clear now :)

For future support please visit:

Support forum


You’re welcome :)

beautiful theme!

linking it to a plugin for real estate, which would be right?


Thanks a lot man.

Sorry but we didn`t tested any real estate plugin with the theme. You need to test it yourself. However if plugin is written properly in accordance to WP API then everything should work fine.

OH YEAHHHH Total Awesomenes$ from MuffinGroup!! (luv the smooth dropdown mobile view menu too!) On my List to show my next web client for Sure! #LuvYourThemes

Thanks a lot sterlingwilliam.

This smooth dropdown menu we did especially for you (because of your request). We’re glad you love it :)

Nuttin like some good muffintop

Thanks a lot bro :) Really appreciate your comment.

So good to see that you guys moved away from 960 grid framework which was so limiting, in particular with the sidebar width which was always too narrow for my liking.

You have stuck with it for so long, but finally made this change in the right direction.

Good luck with the sales.

Many thanks senadh :)

We did it wider, because this theme wouldn`t look good on 960 grid. We also hope this is good move in right direction.

Great Work, Good Luck For Sale…...

Hello! Your theme is great ! I want to setup my website like your demo ? Can you help me please ? Thanks

Hi nikoslefkas,

of course you can set up your page just like our demo. It is very easy and take you just few minutes. What you need to do is download xml file for Theme, upload it into your WordPress and set up few easy things after that. Please read 2 below topics on our forum and everything will be clear:

1 step:

2 step:

After these 2 easy steps you will get exactly the same page as our demo :)

For future support please visit:

Support forum

Thanks ! You are great team !

Thanks a lot and you’re welcome :)

Hi, great theme with amazing features :-) I’ve a quick questions. Can I set the slider in the header to the same width like the content or is the slider always full-width? Can I although use own icons, maybe with a image-tag? Thanks and best regards…

Thanks a lot man :)

Of course you can set up slider width the same as content. What more, you can set up any size for slider you want. You can also use own icons, of course if you know how to include them.

Is there multilingual support in this Theme ??? Regards

Yes, of course. Theme is WPML ready.

I bought the template but i could not find how i can publish my site on 2 language. Where can i write my content for the other languages ?

As we wrote above, theme is WPML (The WordPress Multilingual Plugin) ready. This is a plugin and must be installed into your theme – things like this one are never built-in into theme and must be external part of page. More info about WPML you can find on (after install you will get different fields for different languages – we tested theme with this plugin and everything works without any problems).

For future support please visit:

Support forum

Is a boxed version available? Great theme!

Sorry but we don`t have. We have only one version of this theme. This is the only right width – all other didn`t look good with this theme.

Anyway thanks a lot for your interest.


After installing the them, I’ve been trying to import the XML file and I think I’ve done it but the web is still empty without images, pages, instead of being like in the demo. Could you help me, please?


Probably you didn`t checked option for “Import All Media Files”. Did you watched video about xml importing on our support forum? Please read and watch

For future support please visit:

Support forum

Fixed, Thanks!

You’re welcome :)

Hi, I imported the xml etc. but I’m missing the image header on pages. how to add one. I tried adding slider, but it goes on top of title, I tried to add featured image and no luck. BTW. is there a ways to have diferent one on diferent pages? Thanks!

Can you explain what exactly you want to do? Do you mean this image under the menu on subpages? If is that what you mean, the you can upload this image in Theme options > Layout > General section and there is image uploader for “Subheader Image” field (this image should be uploaded with xml file so if you didn`t imported whole xml with media files, then do it again).

However if you want to get different image in subheader for each page, then to do that you must use Revolution Slider. Just create as many “image slider” as you want with right size, and then for each page in “Page options” section, please choose right image slider for page. That`s all you need to do.

We hope everything will be clear now :)

For future support please visit:

Support forum