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Please advise how I add the sidebar to the Tags page?

Sorry but it is not possible.

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It has to be possible : you have it on your demo :

This is the same sidebar as on Blog page. It is not possible to have different sidebar for this section but it is the same as on Blog page. The same sidebar will be also on Category page.

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¿How can i set a transparent background color ?

No problem!

You can edit contact form in functions/theme-shortcodes.php and functions/theme-mail.php files.

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how can i translate the contact form ?

I was editing the unctions/theme-shortcodes.php and functions/theme-mail.php files but i didnt work.

You can translate it in Theme options > Translate > Contact section.

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Hi guys!

I really like your template!

i have a question, i install the theme, the xml file demo content, the slider and i customize like your demo.

but i have this ->

i haven’t got the sidebar!!! :D

Some of the users using this forum with our themes and everything works fine (as we know) – of course it won`t be styled for theme colors, etc… But default bbpress layout and settings should work. You need to test it yourself to know if it is fully compatible.

Thanks man, your support it’s simply perfect. Really fast. I installed thew plugin but doesn’t work fine, but i think isn’t a template problem but was a wordpres 3.6 compatibility whit the plugin.

Scuse me for my english, 5 stars for you guys!

Maybe that`s the problem. We didn`t heared about buddypress compatibility with WordPress 3.6 – we saw this plugin on older wordpress versions. You should contact with BuddyPress author’s and ask about compatibility with WordPress 3.6

Anyway thanks a lot for great words :)

Overall, really like the theme.

1. Would like to see more than 4 base color choices for the theme

2. It is difficult to add custom colors to the theme; you have to update the color in more than 10 places. I would like to add a new color and have the theme automatically create the gradients, instead of having to figure out and manually add the gradients of the base color

Thanks a lot man :)

1. Unfortunately we have only 4 predefined skins but you can create your own because theme can have unlimited colors.

2. Each color must be changed manually from Theme options panel. Nearly each element on page have own field in options panel and all you need to do is use color picker and choose own color. It is not possible to have them automatically.

Many thanks for your interest anyway!

Very nice theme!

Thanks a lot dude :)

I admit it… I expected this theme to be a little bit difficult to work with. I couldn’t have been more wrong. It’s one of the easiest themes on ThemeForest I’ve had the pleasure of customising.

I was looking for a client for this theme for sometime, but kept opting for other themes instead. I’m glad I came back to choose this as it really is a little cracker and extremely flexible.

Thanks Muffingroup. Five stars from me.

Thanks a lot bro :) It`s a big pleasure to get such a nice comment from you!

Hello! I just love your theme! I was wonder if you could help me? any advice would be greatly appreciated :) I installed woocommerce onto the theme and need help making the background product page match the theme

You’re welcome!

Please send us PM with more details and we`ll see how much of things you want to make and how much time it will take.

PM sent! Thank you !!!!!! YOu guys ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We already replied on your PM with more details so please check your mailbox and continue writing via mails.

hi, can you tell me how to set the slider transitions to “Fade” for all slides …. is there a global setting for this ….. I can’t find it anywhere in the backend. Thanks for a great Theme guys!!!!

cheers Rob

great! except, it should not have the /dev

Ohh :/ We missed that one thing. It has been already changed and we hope it is ok now :)

awesome guys!!!

Is it possible to assign one sidebar (created with tisson theme) to all pages automatically (by changing database or any of theme files), instead of manually assigning sidebar to each page?

I have over 1000 pages on site. Will really appreciate if you could help me.

Generally it is possible to be done manually only. However we found the other way but it will assign just one sidebar for each page. What you must to do is open functions/theme-head.php file and find function which looks like function mfn_sidebar_classes( $postID = false ). Inside this function find code which looks like:

return $classes;

and replace it with the following code:

if( is_page() && ! is_front_page() ) $classes = ' with_aside aside_right';

return $classes;

Then please go to sidebar.php file and replace:

<?php if ( ! dynamic_sidebar ( $sidebar ) ):        mfn_nosidebar(); endif; ?>

with below code:

<?php dynamic_sidebar ( 'pages' ) ?>

Instead of pages, please type the name of your sidebar.

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Hello, Really great theme with a nice metro touch! 1 question – the theme have a boxed layout? regards


this theme is already boxed – that`s the only version we did.

Thanks for your interest anyway!

You say for list we write

/> item 1[/li]
item 2[/li]

instead of [ I use

Please ignore this message. My question in the next post

Of course dude. We already replied on your next question.

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I have added a subcategory of Portfolio but I see it listed with others main categories like. My categories are

Websites -> Local -> International Design SEO

And it is displayed as

Websites Design SEO Local International

What is the easiest way to filter/display them as menu or something other rather than listing them all together?

Also, when I select portfolio as template, how can I choose if its 2 or 3 or 4 columns?

About your category we need to have a look on it because we don`t know how it looks like and what`s the problem. We need url to your page and access to wp dashboard. You can send it to us on PM.

However to change portfolio Layout, you can do it in Theme options > Getting started > Portfolio section.

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A quick pre-purchase question -is it possible to have a sticky header?


Sorry but at this moment it is not possible. Anyway we`ll try to include this option in the future.

Thanks for your interest!

Hello, I’ve purchased your theme. It looks great.

How can I change the home page slider image so it fits within the box? I don’t want it to stretch 100% width.

Page is built on 1200 px width. So please set up also your slider to 1200px width and it will be the same size as the rest of page.

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The documentation says: In package downloaded from Themeforest you can find slider-demo folder that has included uploads folder and slider1.txt file. In first step please upload content from uploads folder to your wp-content/uploads folder. I’ve downloaded the latest version, but it’s missing the ‘uploads folder’. It inly contains 5 txt and 1 css file. Where do I get this folder?

P.s. I’ve downloaded it on the clients account, that’s why it doesn’t says ‘Purchased’.

So get the purchase code from your client and register on our support forum. Only then we will be able to help you with your problem.

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How can we change the colour of the Slider Buttons (go left/go right)?

If you mean background color, then you can easily do it by pasting below code into Custom CSS section:

.recent_works { background: #FFF; }

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We mean the Portfolio Box on the Startpage. Here is a Screenshot:

So we gave you code to change background color above for that. However if you want to change font color, then you need to use also below code:

.recent_works { color: #FFF; }

or instead of both of them, you can use one code:

.recent_works { background: #FFF; color: #000; }

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Hi, great theme!

I want to change the “© 2013 . All Rights Reserved” Text in the Footer Area but i dont find it!


You can do it in footer.php file dude.

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Hello muffingroup Team,

we have a big problem with the theme. When we change anything in the content boxes, for example on the Startpage, the boxes change there position. Here a example:

The next problem is that the Colors do not sync with the Color Admin Panel. In the Panel is choosen for the Content Text the color grey. On the Homepage the Text is displayed Grey and White. Why ?

Some Problems in the Blog: 1: The Sidebar disappears from time to time. 2: We cant set a slider in the blog.

thank you

Hi JanoschG,

It changes their position because you didn`t closed editem item before you update page. So generally at first when you finished edit item, you should click “Save changes” button for item and then click “Update page”.

You are not able to change colors because you probably work on predefined skin. If you want to use own colors, you should change skin to “Custom” in Theme options > Colors > General section.

About sidebar, do you use any special chars/characters in Sidebar title? If you do it, then that`s the problem. WP doesn`t allow to use special signs/letters/chars for sidebar title.

We hope that we answeared on all your questions :)

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I have purchased your theme, i entered my purchase code at your support forum but it says invalid. Please create an account for me at your forum.


You are not able to register on forum because probably you used wrong username (in your case should be nahid29) or probably you pasted purchase code with empty spaces. Only these 2 things can make your problem.

Anyway if you want to get xml file from us, then please use contact form on our profile’s page (right bottom corner) and we`ll send you it.

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I found something to fix on your theme. If you go to a page like Testimonials page, breadcrumbs are not well-optimized.

You got Home > Pages > Testimonials.

I want to remove “Pages”, which is useless. Go to Pages and have a look.

Thanks for helping me asap.


So what`s the problem to remove this page? Because we really don`t understand. This is our demo page and shows only possibilities. You can do your own menu where you can have “Testimonials” page without “Pages”. That`s not a problem and it is not an issue :)

OK. needed to change the button more link in the homepage testimonies widget. Thanks

It is a way out also :)

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