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Clean Design :D RocketWay

Thank you demonsaun :)

Thanks drupalet! :)

This is awesome – Thanks!

How can I modify the size of the logo image? It seems fixed with no way to modify (unless I modify the exported code?)

Thanks man :)
Haha indeed, you have to change this in the code of the exported file. Please send it to support[at]rocketway.net and I’ll change it for you.


I love the theme but… How do I edit the template? I want to change some buttons, delete them.

Cheers Carlos

Hi Carlos,

Thanks you for the purchase. You cannot remove the buttons in the ThemeBuilder at the moment. For now you have to adjust it in the code. As everything has a comment in the code you should look for “buttons” and remove this table.


hey great looking templates.

Quick question, does the theme builder have additional options once purchased? As in delete elements within sections? And are there options to edit the colours further? As in colour each section?

And is it a drag and drop from a selection of elements (testimonials, columns, images etc)?

Thanks in advance, great work Joz

Hi Joz,

Thanks! The purchased themebuilder has a full export feature, that’t the only difference with the demo version. So basically you,can check out the demo to see what you’ll get :)

Regards, RocketWay

The distributor I will be using requires the file be HTML with inline CSS only. Will I be able to do this with this theme?

Hi carafry,

Yes, all of our email templates are coded with inline css :)

Regards, RocketWay

How can I access the themebuilder? The license document takes me to this page! Then when I try to export a theme I made, it says “demo” and tells me to buy it, but I already have! Please help! I have the license key, just don’t know where I’m supposed to enter it.

Hi Dorigen,

You can find all info in the documentation which you got with your purchase. In the ThemeBuilder folder you will find a file which gives you immediate access to the ThemeBuilder.

Cheers, RocketWay


Would it be compatible with cakemail service and spanish language?

Hi mmejiag,

If cakemail supports valid HTML then it should work without any problems. And yes it accepts Spanish language. You can always ask for any help.

Saludos :)

Hi! Maybe this is a basic question but, when I send an email with this newsletter, all the animations I saw in the demo will work on the email? Or the receiver will have to open a link to see the animated version? In that case, what will the receiver see?

Thanks for your time!

Hi eleduel!

thank you for your message. This depends on how you sent it and the how the receiver opens this email. As stated in the item description:

-The bounce in will animate for Apple mail, iPhone and iPad with (other email clients see a normal header image + text without animation).
-MailChimp don’t accept CSS3 Keyframes so the bounce in doesn’t animate with MailChimp code.

If you need further info let us know please!

Cheers, RocketWay

That info is perfect, thanks and sorry if it was clarified in the original post!

No problem man! Have a great day eleduel :)

Is there a way to upload into the Template Builder, or save a session? I need to change the content of the campaigns every time but want to use the same template. I’m hoping I don’t have to redo the styling in the Template Builder every single time I want to send an email.

Hi angieluvboo,

thank you for your message. No, it isn’t possible to save a session, you have to export it to another email service like MailChimp or CampaignMonitor to save files, also you’ll able to duplicate files etc.. This builder is just a free lightweight tool to help people out with a basic design for their campaign (although we’re working on a 2.0 version, way different then the current one).


So am i right in saying in Campaign monitor i can’t add and delete content areas? Or move them up and down etc? I have to get the template right and export it, then import it to use it. This seems very long winded if it is the case.

Hi brandtashley,

Thank you for the interest. I’ve just updated the code so now you can also drag&drop modules in their system and delete them :)



I am using this template with outlook and Atomic studio html codes are not working.

Please let me know if template is compatible with

hotmail gmail outlook atomic studio

Hi Pawanpatil,

Thank you for the purchase. Our templates are tested in Litmus and compatible on all email clients. I’m not sure about Atomic studio but we did’t promote it in our item description. We’re advise to work with MailChimp or Campaign Monitor. If you have other problems or questions please email us to: support[at]rocketway.net.


Hi, is there any way to make the header area taller? I’ve set the “Titan” logo to my logo image and it is so small I can barely read the text.

Logo link I’m trying to use:


Hi taborro,

Sure, send us your index file and I’ll change the size of the logo :)
Mail: support[at]rocketway.net


Hi, I hate to be negative but I have to say I’m pretty disappointed. I spent 8 hours trying to get everything right … fighting the themebuilder, acquiring the graphics, composing the message, tweaking the HTML …

Here’s the Litmus results:

https://litmus.com/tests/17234825/versions/1/screenshots (Well, crap … Litmus wants money now … you’ll have to take my word for it.)

In particular, look at desktop Gmail version using any web browser (which about 80% of my list uses). Also Outlook via web just gives up.

I could care less about $20. 8 hours is a huge investment for something so laughable. I’m open to suggestions.

[link removed per author request]

Please mail support[at]rocketway.net for support related questions. You should have done this before struggling 8 hours, that’s why we have support :) Also you posted the source code with a google drive link, we don’t appreciate this so this will be flagged.

Hi! Great work, simple and clean! I’ve got a problem with the php contact form….it send perfectly the e-mails but I can’t see the sender’s mail….. I’ve checked the sendmail.php but I can’t resolve….can you help me?

Thanks a lot!

Hi _vestudiom,

Thank you for your purchase.
Are you able to send us an email to: support[at]rocketway.net so we can have a look in the code? We can’t give you guaranty to fix your problem because we don’t include PHP and contact forms with our email templates but we can have a look and try to help you out :) Our templates are compatible for example with MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Icontact etc to send the template.



i’m very intrested in buying your mail template, but I still have a question … Is it possible to build the email as I wish, for example to put an image on the left and text on the right, or will I be limited to the example you show on your demo version ?

Thanks a lot and congrats for your work !

Hi Alessandroo,

Thank you for your comment.
You’ll be limited to the structures as shown in the demo version. If you understand HTML and CSS you can change it manually in the code.


Hi, why does the font change in mailchimp? Help!!

HI Marcel,

Please submit a ticket to support@rocketway.net including your html file (as a .zip file please) and a screenshot of the problem so we can check and fix this for you.

Best Regards, Steve

seems like the link has corrupted file, how can I get proper package ?

I want to be able to change the color of the icons. When I open the PSD file, I can see I can change the color of the shape. However, the image in the shape is unavailable and grayed out. How do I access the image within the shape?

Hello. I sent you a message regarding the icons.

Hello. I’ve sent a message regarding the icons.

“We replied the same day, customer didn’t received the message, then I resent it and we came to a solution”


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